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Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah is one of the strangest, weirdest, most beautiful National Parks in the Southwest. Bryce Canyon is a giant natural amphitheater along the Paunsaugunt Plateau created from millions of years of erosion. The unique area has hundreds of tall hoodoos (tall, thin spires of rocks). The region was originally settled by Native Americans and later by Mormon pioneers.

Out of this world landscape - a must see for anyone. Pities don’t do it, you must hike it!

Fantastic hike that gives you plenty great views of what Bryce Canyon has to offer

For a one mile hike, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The waterfall was beautiful, we saw it from the top and hiked down into it. The background of the hoodoos and arches is a nice contrast to the clear water.

Gorgeous! Get there early to avoid the sun and the crowds. We arrived at sunrise and the lighting was perfect, had the trails practically to ourselves. Amazing hike

Hot! Clockwise has steep climbs

I did Navajo - Peek-a-boo - Bryce Point and then back down to Peek-a-boo and Navajo to loop it all together. Peek-a-boo was absolutely the highlight of my trip to Bryce Canyon. It's definitely a 'moderate' hike with a decent amount of elevation gain but it's incredible. I had never seen rock structures so weird in my life and I got some great photos.

I did Navajo - Peek-a-boo - Bryce Point and then back down to Peek-a-boo and Navajo to loop it all together. Peek-a-boo was absolutely the highlight of my trip to Bryce Canyon. It's definitely a 'moderate' hike with a decent amount of elevation gain but it's incredible. I had never seen rock structures so weird in my life and I got some great photos. I would probably recommend not going up to the tourist trap that is Bryce Point. I didn't realize that you could drive there so after walking through the canyon all alone for hours, I head straight up to Bryce Point and there's hundreds of non-hikers taking selfies and being obnoxious. Kind of ruined the vibe and on top of that, the view is amazing but your eyes can't really fathom the vastness of it all so it's really an experience to walk through it.

I did Navajo - Peek-a-boo - Bryce Point and then reconnected with Peek-a-boo and Navajo on my way back to loop it all together. Navajo was a beautiful trail that allows you to see the heart of the canyon. The problem is, which I've seen in other reviews, is the amount of tourists. We're talking busloads of tourists who are obnoxiously loud and have no trail courtesy. It caught me off guard so don't let it happen to you too. Just continue onto Peek-a-boo and you'll be amazed.

2 days ago

It’s short, do it. Nice viewpoint, even if you’ve already stopped at Inspiration Point or Bryce Point along the way. Still beautiful, very short, accessible walk to the viewpoint. I honestly liked the scenery opposite of the viewpoint, a very foresty feel, you almost forget it’s a desert with the light shining through the trees.

Easy hike. If I looked to the left of the trail were great views of Bryce since the path is kind of walking near the cliff of a mountain. If I looked to the right of the trail were nothing but dead and burned down ones. I wish my group and I did go during sunrise or sunset time. I bet it would've looked amazing.

Minor hike but the views are awesome!

3 days ago

Well worth the drive!


Just keep going and the crowds thin out and you get some great views!

A good trail, but incredibly busy in the summer. It was not very challenging except on the final switchbacks on Wall Street (I went clockwise). The views were pretty for sure and Wall Street was a great sight. It was just way too busy in the summer.

Great hike! It offered great views of the hoodoos, windows, and well marked trail. I would rate this as a moderate hike. Some of the switchbacks on the way up are a bit tough, but altogether it’s not a difficult hike. My Fenix tracked it at 5.6 miles in and out, and total elevation gain of about 1400 feet. I would recommend going early to get a parking spot at Bryce Point and to beat some of the crowds. The whole trail took me just under 2 hours and it had a lot of great photo ops!

Absolutely gorgeous! I’d recommend starting at Queen’s Garden and then go through Navajo Loop. It’s a more gentle hike back up. Hiking down through QG was direct sunlight and the rocks were lit beautifully. Ending with Navajo Loop was a good recovery so we weren’t hiking back up in the direct sunlight. Loved it!

6 days ago

Amazing backpacking hike! We did Bryce Point to Rainbow Point since the Rainbow Point Tour bus was full for the day. (Call at least 24 hours in advance to secure a spot on the bus!) Did the trek over one night. The lady who gave us the permit thought we were crazy. This trail is tough! One night was hard but it was awesome. We stayed at Swamp Canyon campground and holy crap, best camp spot on the whole trail. It's up top with amazing views of the valley! Water was hard to find (which the visitor center told us), but we ended up finding more than expected. We carried what we should have in case we didn't find small water spots. E. Coli is present in the water so you must filter and use iodine tablets or boil all water. We did see a bear in Swamp Canyon. The visitor center offers free bear canisters as hanging your food is not enough! We started at noon on Friday and got to Rainbow Point at 1pm on Saturday. The last tour bus leaves Rainbow at 3pm and takes about an hour to get back to your car, so be patient. Overall, this hike was a 11/10! You will be sore if you complete it within 24 hours :)

Amazing! Go left at the Fairyland trail head for a perfectly timed bathroom break at the camp store at about 5 miles in. Dress appropriately, there is little shade.

Wow, Bryce Canyon is absolutely breathtaking. I loved this hike and found it to be nice and leisurely. Plan lots of time for stops and pictures, because the hike is very scenic.

Amazing!! Bryce Canyon is one of the most photogenic NP in Utah. The best time to go is early January or February with the contrast of the red rock and the white snow!!

Started the trail around 11:30am. Took the advice of others and started at Sunset Point instead of Sunrise. Hiking back out at Sunrise was still a bit tough, especially with the extra weight of kids (I was carrying our 12.5lb baby and husband had our 35lb toddler) but it did seem like a gradual climb and we made it out alive! Lots of sunshine but enjoyed many areas of shade along the way. The views are absolutely breathtaking. Definitely recommend!

7 days ago

5/10: Day 1 we started the hike at Rainbow Point and ended the day staying at Right Fork Swamp Creek. There was no water from the start of the hike until we found some about a mile before camp. The E. coli warning had not come out yet, but we filtered and boiled the water and didn't get sick. The next day we hiked to Bryce Point. We underestimated how clear the trail would be. There were a lot of fallen trees that covered the trail. Overall, it was a fun backpacking trip but DO NOT underestimate the difficulty of this hike. We are in really good shape and struggled through parts.

This is the hike to do in Bryce. Unreal views, nice moderate challenge, and quiet without any crowds. Did it on 6/10 at 8am and wasn’t too hot. Took exactly 3 hours without breaks. Went counterclockwise which I think affords better views. Love me a good loop like this one.

Did this trail (counterclockwise) in the late afternoon on 6/9. Aside from the crowds, the descent down on the Navajo Trail was out of this world. Feels like you’re on another planet. A must do in Bryce.

Watched sunset. Great view of colors on the hoodoos and west to see sun setting over trees.
Steep incline up to views.

8 days ago

Might be one of my favorite day hikes of all time. Spectacular!

My husband and hiked the Navajo loop and Queen’s Garden 6/6/18. Temp was 75 deg with a breeze. We had a late start (11:00AM) due to me having altitude change symptoms. The views were spectacular!! Getting down to the base and seeing the structures up close is the best if you can manage the walking. There are many up and down switchbacks which can be tough on the knees, thighs and butt muscles. We both found our breathing tough at times due to altitude. It took us about 3 hours with many short stops as well as having a sandwich. Water is a must!! We both had our camel backs (3 liters) and drank most of it.

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