Beautiful trail, pano views of the park. Loved the pool at the top, very rewarding! Well marked, a few scramble spots but overall moderate hike. Felt like more elevation gain but we did hike at 1pm which was super hot in June. Also, we took our chances and waited by the gates with our car around noon. As people leave the park they do let more cars in!

Shallow pools to chill. Can go farther if you go a bit higher over the canyon to get over the small waterfall area.

Very busy hike. Be prepared for crowds. Recommend having a stick for stability during all the river crossings. Beautiful and the water is refreshing in the heat.

5 days ago

This trail was pretty boring, the canyon isn't too narrow and there aren't cool obstacles either, just a 50/50 sand/slickrock. You can go past the route end but it then narrows up and starts to get pretty vertical. You can get past some boulder chokestones but then I turned around. I would expect that you would eventually get hit with a vertical obstacle you can't climb up but unsure as I didn't try. There are other hikes that would be better choices than this one, although with younger children this one would be good

5 days ago

I did this as a combo with the Cockeye Falls trail and also the Triplets. I first went out to the hoodoo in the slickrock southwest of Lost Peak. While cool, I wouldn't say it's necessarily worth doing this. I didn't research well enough to see what I was going out too. After the hoodoo, I decided to ascend the South side of lost peak to save time/distance, however there were some sketchy sections on the slickrock. This was similar to a south Ariel Peak ascent. I then descended the north side (the main route) of Lost Peak, and it would have been much easier to climb up as there were no sketchy slickrock sections, just some vertical downclimbs and a sand slope. I then cut east across slickrock (easy) to the base of the ascent up the Triplets. This ascent sucked, as there is plenty of bushwacking and sand. After you hit the saddle it's pretty easy getting up the rest of the way. The descent down the sand slope was quick and easy though!

Fun short hike with beautiful pools and a small waterfall at the end. There is a bit of bouldering just before the falls but we managed just fine with our four boys 3, 7, 10 and 12.

Wow this is an awesome trail! Bring a swimsuit as there are a couple of dammed up pools by the waterfall that are deep enough to fully swim in. Awesome tadpoles all along the way. A bit sandy so wear some water shoes like chaco’s. We took our three year old and 1 year old in hiking packs and were able to make it the whole way with no real problems.

off trail
over grown
8 days ago

Great place for sunset

The Lower Emerald Pools Trail is under construction this summer but the upper pool trail is open. However, it is still a beautiful hike with gorgeous red rock views and a beautiful pool at the finish to splash around in.

9 days ago

I did this hike on 1/3/2020. This hike is absolutely amazing (even in the winter). You do need a permit, but in January we were able to go to the ranger station the day before we wanted to hike and there were plenty of permits available, in fact only my group and one other couple were on the trail. We rented dry pants (not the whole suit) and boots. I wore micro spikes over my boots. You hike down a very steep cliff face and then scramble up the river to the subway. The trail got lost quite a few times because of snow coverage but as long as you follow the river you can’t get lost. There are dinosaur footprints along the way and waterfalls. Overall a beautiful and must do hike in Zion.

Hiked 6/27/20- We got to the upper gate around 5:30 and the line was forever long! We didn’t make it into the parking lot but parked in a little pull off area and walked on the road to the Grotto Trail and from there to the bridge that leads to the Kayenta trail. We had 6 adults and 8 children. The 3 year old was carried part of the way but the others ages 4-11 were able to hike the whole thing. There are cliffs that will spike your anxiety with the little ones walking so don’t let them run ahead of you, just keep right next to them. Loved the hike! Amazing views especially during the 2nd half! Take more water than you think you’ll need. It got super hot!

over grown
10 days ago

Did this back in September of 2018, was short and sweet. The views were incredible! Pictures never do any justice.

Drove from San Diego to Zion Utah. Arrived Zion Gate lodge around 11pm and just parked and wait there till gate is open around 6am. We started hiking 6:30am from the narrow thru the river all the way to the end to the waterfalls. We are the 1st people arrived in the waterfalls. Total hike was 9.5 miles. It was amazing and unexpected hike. Totally worth it. If you love nature and walking in the water non stop. Then go for it.

Went a few days ago on the 22nd and it was a blast. Rented a pedal assist bike at the local Zion Outfitter at 9 am then rode 8 miles in. It was a pretty hot day but the hike was worth it and leads you right up to the narrows which will cool you off.

Be sure to get in line before 5am if you want to make it in the gate. It also makes the hike nice because it is shaded the whole time. On the way back down it started to get a little crowded but everyone was respectful of the social distancing. Take some extra time at the mid pools. The window view is beautiful. A lot of stairs to get to the upper pools but over all short hike and worth it.

With covid restrictions arrive before 4am and drive in on scenic drive and get in line. They maybe let 200 cars in - first 99 get to park in narrows parking lot, others can hike in a max of 3 miles. Depends on where you are in line. Hike is on the road and flat and well worth it. No need to rent shoes if do what mist do and hike up 1-2 mules. Farther up rocks get slippery. Use hiking poles, make hiking much steadier. Enjoy

13 days ago

We just walked the entire road up to the narrows because there was no parking. Waste of money. Waste of a trip. Awful day. Awful walk. Awful mood. Would not bother coming back here.

On June 24, we were able to access the Scenic Drive at 6pm. It has been well documented that it is impossible to access the trails along the Scenic Drive unless you go before dawn (during this current phase). However, what is less advertised is that the Rangers remove the road blocks at 6pm and do not police the area until dusk. We were able to do this trail and enjoy some time in the Narrows with very little fuss and pretty ideal temps!

Amazing hike. Especially if you go past the quoted 1.9 miles. You know you’ve made it to the good stuff when you hit a fork in the path. We were able to do it with our 14 month son on a pack, so definitely navigable with the right equipment (walking stick/poles).

beautiful. fun hike with little swimming holes

Very easy walk along the river. You may wade into the river to enjoy the water and cool down as well. It is very crowded!

Very irritated with Zion National Park today. Drove all the way here from Phoenix to hike The Narrows and even stayed in the Zion Canyon Lodge. I was extremely excited to complete this world famous hike this morning and it's full. We were there at 6am but they were already full and we were told that they start lining cars up at 5am, only take a certain amount, and take them in waves. HOWEVER, when we were asking yesterday NO ONE WOULD TELL US ANYTHING and we even had two park employees tell us they "WEREN'T ANSWERING QUESTIONS?!" Ugh. What a disappointment. I'm torn between coming back another time to try again (since I've always wanted to do it) or just refusing to support an area with such incompetent employees. At the bare minimum I feel that the process of lining cars up at a certain time and only taking so many should have been included in the brochure they provide outlining all the trails and things to do. Otherwise we're coming here and spending money just to leave disappointed.

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