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A good early morning hike and one that you don’t need the shuttle. Full sun by midday. Great views at the top.

3 days ago

Hiked from the South Campground. Great views of the lower part of the canyon. Stayed for sunset then hiked back to camp. Trail is easy to follow. Some steep drop offs. Great shorter hike close to the entrance without needing to get on the bus.

5 days ago

Lovely view, good cardio, solid easy to follow trail but too crowded for my taste.

a little more crowded than I like but beautiful views

Hiked in early September out to Big Spring. DCF was 35 and ambient temperature low of 60 and high of 85. Water got thigh high in one location about half a mile from Big Spring. Conditions were great and the rented shoes, socks and pole were appreciated. Started at day break and had the trail mostly to ourselves after Orderville Canyon. A must do if in Zion NP. You will be wet and tired at the end but awe inspired

It was very good but gets to be more of the same pretty quickly. The walking stick turned out to be important.

Amazing hike. Make sure you rent boots and a walking pole from Zion Outfitters right outside the park. Best $24 I ever spent

We went in September. It was not too crowded or too cold. Water flow was low. Watch our for the rocks and sometimes the water was waste high but a great hike. You can go for as far as you like and turn around. There is a fork in the trail to the right as you go up. It’s a narrow canyon with little water falls and huge boulders. Worth the detour

The Narrows was one of the more rewarding hikes in Zion. I thought it was more difficult than the Subway hike due to the strong current and cloudy water, but that’s just my opinion.

There is beautiful scenery the entire length of the trail and you should definitely complete the full route. You’ll know when you get there by the views. There’s some light rock climbing involved, but nothing a moderately experienced hiker can’t handle. Standard hiking shoes and a walking stick will be all the gear you need.

Definitely start EARLY because it is one of the most popular routes and it gets quite crowded and you might stuck behind other slower groups.

11 days ago

This was our first encounter with Zion and we loved it. If you start by 7:30am you will be in the shade the whole time.

LOVED THIS! No need to spoil your experience by telling too much. I am in fairly good shape and have experience in hiking, did this in my nikes with a walking stick. I saw people do it bare feet, but I can't recommend that. Prepare for a lot of work and wonderful views!

Beautiful hike. I suggest going super early like we did to beat the crowds. We caught the 6am shuttle with 6 other people. Way too many people when we were coming back from Imlay Temple. Glad to have started earlier as we hiked alone for about 2 hours with no one else around. Super peaceful. Also we rented the shoes, socks, and sticks. It was worth the $24 in my opinion. Did the whole 10miles, and the further you go the less people you will run into.

This is a MUST for Zion. The views are unlike any other, and this is one of my favorite trails. I am in average shape, and was able to complete about 12 miles roundtrip in 8 hours.

Trail Tips:
- START EARLY! This is an iconic Zion trail, and therefore gets crowded quickly. I went Labor Day Weekend 2018, and it was especially crowded because Angels Landing is closed.
- Bring a walking stick. Even if you don't need it for balance, it is a good tool to gauge how deep the water will be.
- Make sure electronics are sealed in waterproof bags. I saw several people slip in the river, and you want to be prepared in case you become fully submerged.
- Check the visitors center for water temperature and potential for flash floods. DO NOT use this trail if there is any potential for flooding. Because the trail is flat and between canyon walls, there is nowhere to go if flooding occurs.

- Take the shuttle to Sinawava Temple (stop 9).
- Follow the Riverside Walk. This is paved for about a mile, and then it shoots you out to the Virgin River.
- The way is pretty flat, and therefore not very strenuous. However, it is slower wading through water compared to walking on land, so allow extra time for this.
- About 5-6 miles in is Big Springs. This is three waterfalls to your left along the canyon walls/plants. I believe after this point you're required to turn around.

Incredible and unique hike that is a MUST when visiting Zion. Start early. Check the visitor center the day before you do this hike to check the weather and probability of flash floods, as the trail closes if there are storms. But if you are already in the Narrows and there is a flash flood warning issued there is no alert and you don’t want to get trapped in the narrows because there is no where to go. This hike is extremely busy but it does not take away from the incredible hike! The further you go the less busy it gets. We wore hiking shoes with good ankle support and we were glad we did. My best advice is to rent or bring a hiking pole!! The hiking pole will save you from falling into the water from all the rocks hiding under the water. The pole also allows you to go a little faster and be less timid. There were lots of people that rented shoes and hiking poles from outfitters in town.

20 days ago

A nice shorter hike from the visitor center. We did this in the afternoon after doing a long hike in the morning. The views at the end are great of the main portion of Zion. Very little shade, bring plenty of water. The short loop at the end is worth doing for the views!

Views were okay. Pretty easy hike, decently flat but pretty rocky. Cool to see a different part of Zion. Took about 3.5-4 hours.

Did this backpacking trip with my daughter a few years ago. We backpacked it late spring, which I recommend due to the lower heat and availability of water. I carried way too much water to make sure we wouldn’t run out and had a 60+ lb pack. Wasn’t necessary as late spring had all water sources running well.

We did learn to hate sand and I lost my favorite pair of Oakley XX ‘s, but it was a great trail. Loved coming down from Angel’s Landing in full pack toward the Grotto to get stares and whispers of, “He, how far is it to Angel’s Landing...” from those heading up.

So, keep it light. LOTS of water. Stop and enjoy the views!

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22 days ago

23 days ago

Gorgeous trail! A great warmup as our first hike of our Zion trip. Went around sunset, not crowded and nicely shaded the whole way.

27 days ago

Short hike with great views of the park.

Nice steady up to a plateau with gorgeous views. The song of the canyon wren is a treat. Best before the sun gets too high.

Pretty cool hike. Would definitely recommend it. Angel’s Landing was closed but this was a great alternative. We were limited on time so we hiked 3 miles in and 3 miles out (6 total). We got to the parking lot around 7:15 and were in the shuttle by 7:30. Would have loved to drive ourselves, but this is not an option since parking is very limited. We started our hike at 8:17. It took about 20 minutes to walk the river walk (a paved path). Then you enter the water and start to meander back and forth zip zagging across the river bed. We hiked up for one hour until we got to the start of Wall Street (where the small river comes in on the right into the larger river). We walked another 10 minutes and then turned around. We would describe the hike as moderate. Felt our 6/7 year old nieces and nephews could do it, no problem. Round trip took us 2:52. Stopped for a few photos but mostly kept a steady pace. You can rent shoes and walking sticks but we didn’t. Water came up just above our knees. Closed toe shoes are essential though. People have also left some decent walking sticks by the entrance for others to use (where river walk ends and the narrows water starts - look right, they are leaning next to the wall). There is a bathroom at the beginning of river walk and a shoe washing station that came in handy at the end to get sand out of our shoes. It was possible to go another 2 miles down Virgin River and/or turn right down the smaller river, but we didn’t have time. We were in shorts and T-shirt’s and were fine (88 degrees outside). A sweat shirt wouldn’t be a bad idea since it’s cool and not sunny in the canyon (no sunglasses needed). The time we went was perfect (7ish) a few people, but not too busy. When we came out around 10:45 it was getting very busy. Bring water.

28 days ago

This is a beautiful hike just inside the park entrance near Springdale. Great short hike that is easy to do first thing in the morning before breakfast. Easy to get to, ample parking, no stress. Just beautiful Zion scenery and a peaceful energy. Loved it.

Highly recommend this hike, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience! Rent the boots, socks and walking stick from Zion Outfitters for $25. More than worth it to make it much easier and safer to maneuver through the moving water and hidden rocks. We hiked in mid August and the weather and water temperature couldn’t have been more perfect. Start early though, because it gets hot and crowded in the afternoon. We hiked all the way up and back in 4 1/2 hours. Best hiking experience I’ve had, and the most incredible place I’ve seen! I will be back!

I just got back from doing this hike. It was absolutely unbelievable!!! Stunning breathtaking views. I highly recommend water socks and shoes with ankle support. The water was refreshing and we hiked about 6-8 miles round trip. A must for everyone.

Hiked a week ago. Started hiking pretty late, around 11 am at Riverside walk. Very crowded. BUT, as we were returning, we were the last who made it to waterfall. It was very good, as on the way back there were no people at all and because of that water was very clean, not muddy at all. The level of water rose compared to the morning. We were hardly able to make it to the last but, well worth it.

1 month ago

Best part is you can hike straight from the parking lot, no waiting in line for the tram (1.5hr wait all day on a Tuesday). Wonderful photo opportunities. Not the most interesting hike in Zion but still worthwhile.

Second time in the Narrows confirms my belief that this is an experience to not miss. I used 2 adjustable walking poles and which seemed to make me balance and move more safely than those with one or none. They say water shoes are not recommended. I found my water shoes to be just fine. Unless you have bad ankles I don’t think you need ankle support as long as you are cautious about foot placement. Go early (before 7:30) to avoid the crowds, and don’t miss this hike!!

Absolutely worth it. The crowd gets less and less the further you go through the canyon. We took the shuttle at stop 3 to avoid the awful line at the visitors center. We all wore water shoes we previously got for rafting. Made it all the way to the fork and tried climbing up those water falls, but eventually grew tired; we were not prepared to hike 10+ miles.

We started at the visitors center at 7:30 am. It was so busy we had to wait for a bus. The entire shuttle was heading to the narrows so be prepared for traffic. We hiked all the way to the spring which was pretty, however not sure it was completely worth hiking all the way out there. Tons of people paid $25 for waterproof shoes however my sneakers worked just fine. It is worth hiking in about 2-3 miles early in the morning when the shade it still covering the water. It took us 2.5 hrs to get to the spring and about 2 hours to return. On our way back, it was like an amusement park trying to navigate through all the crowds. Go early!

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