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Sixty-seven monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes accentuate multi-hued sandstone layers revealing 180 million years of geologic time. The color and beauty found here prompted a 1948 National Geographic Society expedition to name the area Kodachrome after the popular color film.

This is an amazing hike through a few slot canyon narrows. We drove out in our rented Yukon, but I saw a few sedans. I have no idea how those folks got their car back to the trail head.

Definitely bring water shoes. The creek wasn't super high, but you'll be walking through it on several occasions. We hiked to the confluence, and if we had more time, probably would have gone farther.

We only saw a handful of people on the trail, but had it to ourselves for most of the hike. Would definitely hike this again.

Superb fun hike. We drove from Bryce Canyon in a 2WD stationwagon loaded with people and luggage. It had rained a little in the morning which had settled the dust some more after the thunderstorms of the previous afternoons. We arrived around 10am to the car park at the trailhead. The road was passable if a little daunting with some deep sand/ dust and a few washes and some steep inclines and annoying corrugations which slowed us down to 15 mph in parts. (After the hike we continued down Skutumpah road which improved after a few miles as we were headed to Page AZ.)

We started in regular trail shoes and brought water shoes in a backpack as we had read that the trail might be passable without getting feet wet. However, it soon became clear we had to swap to our water shoes as the delightfully brown water was around 6 inches deep between the narrows. We should have started with the water shoes and not muddied our trail shoes!

On the walk down to Sheep Creek we had the place to ourselves and only started to meet others as we were nearing the car park on the return.

There were 2 small waterfalls we needed to detour round.

The water and air temperatures were perfect and the whole trail delightful. One of the best and very much worth the drive.

Cool views. Similar to Garden of the Gods in CO.

Short hike, easy to the arch and then it gets slightly more difficult. There's not a lot of shade on the trail. Views were awesome! This is a neat state park.

Everything that is mentioned on AllTrails about this trail is accurate except the location that says Kodachrome Basin State Park! We drove all the way to the park and paid the entrance fee only to find out it is not there! Close though? Yes! The 6mile dirt road to the trail was so worth it, dont turn around!

Dirt road leading to the trail, glad we had 4 wheel drive. Nice slot canyon with a creek running through it. The creek was completely dry after the 1 mile mark or so. Definitely worth doing if you are in the area.

Started to feel like more of the same view after a while. But it was a quick easy hike with kids.

Hiking to Shakespeare Arch is fun but the hiking afterward was my favorite part. All kids (ages 5-14) loved it. Beautiful views on the hike. Did it in the evening and enjoyed the shadows.

Clearly I'm the outlier here with my three stars, considering the reviews and the recommendations I received from two different park rangers to take this hike. Maybe I should have lowered my expectations. Maybe I should have paid more attention in geology class. Maybe I should admit I've become a dreaded hiking snob. Maybe I should have taken the creek all the way to the end -- but I didn't, having no desire to continue after halfway. I felt like it was just more of the same. I do think it's the perfect hike for a family (friendly brother-sister splashing included) and the creek/canyon provide some respite from the heat. Just not my jam, unfortunately.

1 month ago

Interesting trail that goes into two different box canyons. If you want a medium length trail this is the one.

Trail climbs to a bench that have great views. The ranger told me this trail was her favorite. After hiking all of the trails in the park I agree.

Easy .3 mile to the arch. Hiked the loop. There is cutoff trail that climbs to the top of the rock. We stayed on the main trail.

Revisit from February. No mud or snow to slog through this time. Great trail but missed the water fall in cool Cave. Hikes at the break of dawn while it was still cool. No one on the trail.

The kids loved this trail! Wear your water shoes and they can splash in the creek the whole way.

Easy day hike with numerous shallow stream crossings. Out and back hike that only takes a few hours. Go as early as you can, it is cooler and less people.