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Great fun with kids but attention you‘ll get wet. We did it very spontaneously and we had a lot of fun even if we had to walk back with wet shoes and clothes. It is extremely crowed - we started it at about 10:30 am. However we really enjoyed itt.

1 day ago

This trail is so short and a nice way to cool off under the weeping rock, I'd definitely do it again. My kids 10, 8 and 5 did this fine with moderate whining since it was steep. If they realized how short it was, they probably would have whined less.

Maybe even 3 stars just because it was so crowded. I usually avoid Zion in the summer side to the heat and the crowds, but decided to do one last hurrah before school starts. I forgot how pretty this hike is with the hanging ferns and columbines. Very easy trail my 2 year old could do. My kids loved wading into the river at the start of the narrows. Next time I want to bring gear to walk up the narrows just even a little ways with my kids. Looks fun.

We completed this trail in Chaco type sandals and didn’t have a lot of issues there (just banged my toes here and there) as the bottom is entirely made up of rocks. Could definitely see the benefits of having a walking stick, however at the parts with faster currents my friend and I just held hands for extra balance and didn’t fall. We went midday so the sun was definitely on us and the water felt great. Beautiful views, definitely crowded but is very wide so this wasn’t an issue. On the way back off the river walk side walk there’s a swimming hole that we climbed down to and got in which was super fun! Worth it for sure.

Go as early as possible. we got the 6:15 shuttle to the trail ( if you go early you don't pay for parking or entry fee ). most of the bus got off at this trail so there were a bunch of people to start the hike, but overall it was quite. when we came back the crowds were ridiculous and I was glad we got up early to start it. definitely rent a good hiking stick, do not use regular hiking poles. As for shoes do not use water shoes but use hiking shoes. it was hot so they dried out quickly after leaving in the sun at our hotel. I will definitely come back and do this hike again at some point. Nice going in the summer with temps around 95 degrees, we just wore shorts and t shirts in the canyon,even at 7am it was fine. the river water was comfortable and not at any time we were cold. I don't think I would want to do this hike other than in the summer.

Wonderful river hike. Make sure bring extra clothes and sandals if you don’t want to wet your car.

First, bring poles!!! Second, wear close-toe shoes with good support. Third, bring a light long-sleeve shirt because the sun doesn’t make it into the canyon very much. Lots of fun and deceptively serious exercise walking in the water and always balancing on rocks. Be sure to start no later than 9:30am if you want to do the whole hike. We started too late and regret that we didn’t have time to make it past Wall Street. The crowds thin out as you progress and if you go with the attitude that crowds are unavoidable then they really aren’t a bother.

Make sure you have a hiking stick and good water shoes and socks as your feet get cold walking in all that water! Tons of people but still enjoyable

Easy flat land and wide path for two way traffic that takes about 20 minutes from the shuttle stop to the part of the narrows to get into the river.

6 days ago

Super easy and barely anyone out there

If you ever walked through a river bank this is basically just like that. The water is about knee high most of the way. It’s fairly easy, even kids and elderly people can do it! I did it in my chacos (hiking sandals) and had no issues, although most recommend wearing hiking boots and using a walking stick.

Great hike but get to the trail head before 7:00 if you want it to be peaceful. On our way back, we encountered thousands of people, it was crazy! An amazing hike though regardless.

Great little 5 minute walkway to a nice sight of the Patriarchs!

Started around 9, a bit chilly but got really sunny towards noon.

First off, if you have good athletic shoes that aren’t all worn out and still have good traction at the bottom of them then you’ll be okay to wear them on this trail. I would recommend, if anything, a walking stick. This hike was very beautiful. Was in amazement at some of the spots of the trail. Definitely worth your while. Oh yeah the water was cold. Even just walking to the part where is splits off is beautiful.

Among my favorite hiking trails ever. Make sure you bring sturdy shoes since the rocks get really slippery! When you reach the fork in the river, take the path on the right for more the more exciting route :)

We walked about a mile into the virgin river in October the water was little chilly! It was easy but than again it had its part of being the rocks were slippery as to be expected!

I’ve been around the world. This trail is gorgeous. It was worthwhile to arrive at 6:30 AM. There was a lot of traffic later as we returned.

12 days ago

Very Unique to say the least

Gorgeous trail beautiful scenery

Super short trail, be ware of how steep it is. Come here for the views at the end, not the water.

13 days ago

Fun and easy trail.

We went all the way till wall st of narrows. it took us easily 3+ hours just to get till wall st. time of the day matter as we left late (around 10 AM) and saw a huge crowd. nevertheless, the views are spectacular. I wore a vibram five finger and I was fine with just hiking poles. While coming back it was easier as you are not against the flow of river and can complete within 3 hours. The views from 10 AM to 3 PM are spectacular esp with all the changing light.

This was a very fun hike. We ended up walking 6 miles into narrows then turned around. The water was comfortable walking in it. It is extremely popular hike the further we went out the less people there were. Most of the water was ankle high and at times was waist high (I’m 5”6’). The pictures are amazing and seeing the sheer height of the canyons was awe inspiring. We did not rent the water proof boots but you can outside of the park if you wanted. It’s an easy route to follow because there is one way in and one way out. Before you go check at the visitors center for possible flooding because you are in a canyon. We did this as our last hike in Zion. After 3 days of hiking up cliffs it was a nice reprieve to walk on a very easy path

Visited in early August. The time estimate on this trail is accurate, it only took us an hour to the end and back. The views of the river are amazing and it was lovely to sit and enjoy the water. We were lucky and saw deer running across the trail and into the water. This is a high traffic trail with tons of people. If you like peace and quiet, this won't cut it in the summer. Because of this, it's tough to take pictures without someone in it. Still a beautiful trail.

We walked the trail with my 9yr daughter and 11yr son. Got in line for shuttle at 715. i would not wait any later than that. The line was already long. Once at the narrows the crowd dispersed and was a nice walk. We walked in a bit over 3 miles when the kids got tired and we made our return. Coming back, the last mile was filled with people. the majority of those people were not hikers. Some may have a hard time walking through a parking lot so needless to say they were a mess on this walk. We scrambled through the last mile to get out of the circus. other than that last stretch through the crowd the hike was fantastic. Renting shoes is not necessary. We walked in old trail sneakers without issue. A walking stick or pole is very helpful.

Our family of 6 had a great time. From my wife and myself to my 13yr old, down to the 4yr old and the others in between. So many places to cool off. Beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. A few more people then we’d prefer but don’t let it discourage you. You’ll be sorry. You don’t want to miss the riverside trail up to the narrows.

15 days ago

Beautiful views and great stream running alongside the paved trail. I believe it's the only dog friendly trail so is a must if you have a dog or want an easy bike ride. It's near the road which is the major downside. Plan to take a dip in the stream about 1.5-1.7 miles in.

15 days ago

A nice amount of water weeping and fairly cool. Aug 8th 1pm.

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