Angels Landing Trail

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Angels Landing Trail is a 4.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Hurricane, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from February until October.

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Angels Landing is a strenuous trail in Zion National Park with steep drop-offs and very narrow sections. This is a very popular hike in Zion. Start by parking at The Grotto trailhead, or taking the West Rim Shuttle to The Grotto shuttle stop. Begin by crossing a bridge over the Virgin River, the first 2-miles of the West Rim Trail are a well-maintained, paved trail. Most of the path is sunny, but Refrigerator Canyon offers shade and often a cool breeze. The trail takes you up Walter's Wiggles, a set of 21 steep switchbacks that take their name from Walter Ruesch, Zion National Park’s first superintendent. The last half-mile (0.8 km) follows a steep and narrow ridge from Scout Lookout to Angels Landing itself, a fantastic observation point 1500 feet above Zion Canyon. Anchored support chains are attached along some sections of the sheer cliff. You are rewarded with an excellent view of the main canyon at the top. Avoid standing near the edge at all times! Do not hike the trail when it is wet, storming, or when high winds are present. If you are afraid of heights this trail is not recommended. This is a good early morning hike to check off your bucket list - it will surely be one of you favorite hikes! Make sure to allow time to be off the trail by dark if starting late in the day.

1 day ago

amazing mental and physical challenge. easily one of the most memorable hikes ever..... worth it!

3 days ago

By far my favorite hike in any National Park so far. Definitely not for the faint of heart but if you can manage steep cliffs and strenuous climbs it's absolutely worth the effort. It's a difficult hike for sure but well worth it in the end as the views are amazing from the top. Heavily trafficked trail so the earlier the better.

9 days ago

This hike was by far the most difficult I have ever attempted and it was well worth the effort. The view from the top is among the best I've seen! A deep valley can be seen that stretches for miles, it's a quite a site. Along the way there is a chain you will have to hold onto so that you won't fall. It's definitely risky but well worth it if you are visiting Zion.

11 days ago

great trail, had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks. The chains are there mostly as a safety net and it helps a lot while walking up the cliff and narrow parts

Amazing hike. Couldn’t finish the chain part of trail because of a previous arm injury. You need all your leg and arm strength for that part of the trail.
My hiking buddy continued and said it was a good thing I stayed back because he needed all his strength for that segment.
We did continue on for a few miles on up and over the western rim trail. Just awesome!

14 days ago

Angels Landing is such a mental test. I don't think that it's very strenuous but the fear of heights creeps in for someone like me who isn't very comfortable with them. Packing light is a good tactic; fun conversations a must.

16 days ago

Visited zion first week of December. Not many people. Decided to start hiking up at 5:30am with a headlamp to avoid any people and catch the sunrise at the top. If you have a good headlamp it's worth the early wakeup. Probably saver than having to share the narrow path with others.

The views of the valleys and canyon walls from this trail are amazing. The trail itself is also an attraction, with its beautiful switchbacks including a passage that seems to have been carved in the mountain. The upper part is exposed and offers some risk, but still assessible to anyone used to heights and to walking on irregular rocks.

19 days ago

My husband and I hiked Angels Landing the day after Thanksgiving. My family members who are local said the park fills fast, especially on holiday weekends and with the road construction in Springdale, parking is limited. We arrived at the park at 6:45 am before the ticket booths opened and parked at the visitors center with no problems. We were on the first shuttle at 7:00. It filled up within ten minutes and many people at shuttle stops above ours were not able to get on. Once we reached the correct stop, we were able to get to the chains in about 45-50 minutes. We were within the first ten people to the top and stayed for about 15 minutes before heading down. The view was awesome and worth the sore muscles. We were able to get back down without too many people crossing our path. By the time we got to the bottom, there were a ton of people heading up and the line for the shuttle was likely a two hour wait, not to mention the cars waiting to even get into the park. We were up and out by 10:30, which was perfect for us. It’s totally worth the effort, but I suggest going early to avoid big crowds.

20 days ago

Angels Landing is an iconic Zion hike, but it is absolutely packed with people. My husband and I started around 7:45 AM on Friday 11/24. We were on the 3rd shuttle of the morning. It wasn't too bad on the way up. We are pretty quick hikers, and it took us 38 minutes to reach the chains. As other reviews say, it's definitely steep, but the trail is paved and easy to follow. Going up the chains takes a while but also wasn't bad on the way up. 1:06 to the top, where we spent around 10 minutes. By the time we were coming back down, it was a nightmare. Many people coming up did not seem prepared for a hike like this, and they did not wait to allow people coming down to use the chains. I can't imagine what it must have been like later in the day. I think this is a dangerous hike just given the volume of hikers. I'm glad I did it, but I don't think I'll ever do it again. If I do, I will be on the trail at first light. If you're unsure, consider checking out Observation Point instead, which I think has better views and doesn't carry the risk Angels Landing does.

20 days ago

Amazing hike, a little strenuous but you will be rewarded with views that you will not forget! If your going to do this hike start early because this hike gets crowded.

21 days ago

Very, very cool place. That being said, there are far better Zion hikes and it is way overcrowded. I’ve done it once and will never do it again most likely.

22 days ago

Good view. not really a hard trail until a platform and start using chains to climb. Kind of dangerous for those who fear the heights or lack of strength, but that's the best part of the trail!

22 days ago

The best hiking experience ever. Definitely wanna come back someday!

23 days ago

One trail that’s a must if you’re an avid hiker. Some parts are pretty scary but worth the effort.

24 days ago

lots of people, but worth it!

24 days ago

Amazing scenery. Moderate hike until you hit the switchbacks then you gain elevation fast. Once you get to the top sandy part you can relax there or continue following the support chains to the top. BE patient if it’s crowded as many areas only one person can go at a time. Well worth the exercise.

25 days ago

The crowds were moderate but this trail was a highlight of my trip to Zion.
The chains are helpful to get up and not be overcome by vertigo. I wish I had brought gloves!

25 days ago

Stunning hike. As a regular hiker, the approach to Angel's Landing was quite easy. Lots of switchbacks, but nothing crazy. Wish the trail wasn't almost completely concrete. I don't usually consider myself afraid of heights, but I was terrified walking the last half mile to Angel's Landing. Your life is really in your hands; one false step can have you tumbling 1,500 feet to the canyon floor. That said, it was well worth the trip. The views are spectacular. I found it much easier to walk back too- I was completely comfortable and could enjoy the view instead of gripping the chains for dear life.

26 days ago

The view is completely worth the stairs!!!

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