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If you’re planning on spending some time in Snow Canyon State Park, this is an excellent extension Trail. It is a fee Trail for the park but has an excellent view of the top of Snow Canyon. It is not difficult but you can add challenges at the end if you like.

Nice easy trail that ends with white rocks to scramble up. Gets pretty windy but really beautiful.

13 days ago

nice easy trail

Such an awesome fun hike. Beautiful white petrified sand hills - fun to scramble along. At the end of the trail there is a white sand dune hill that the kiddos loved playing on for hours.

Super fun trail. Mostly rock and cliff trail - follow the arrow markers and use them to motivate and power up the energy for the kiddos.

20 days ago

20 days ago

20 days ago

Short walk to the lava caves. Fun scramble into the lava caves. It’s cooler temperature inside the caves, and dark. The kids had a fun time. Bring glow sticks, but please don’t leave them behind.

23 days ago

great geology to share with kids here! lava beds turn into navajo sandstone & the arch is very cool.

24 days ago

Some great scenery! The trail was not particularly difficult (was mostly flat) but the dimension that I didn't expect that made it a little more tricky was that the actual trail was literally sand. Good hiking boots are helpful, as those of our friends with just running/tennis shoes ended up with a lot of sand in their shoes. We went in November and the weather was perfect with a little briskness in the air.

Really fun to walk and scramble on the petrified dunes. The trail traverses the trails and is not always smooth (which makes it fun but can be tricky for those who may be a little unsteady on their feet). The trail is a little tricky to follow in some parts but watch for the upright/skinny signs and the half bowling balls with arrows. Really fun place for photos! The overlook is worth the short extra effort.

Great hike! Beautiful! The loop is really cool too... don’t miss it! Lava tube and amazing red rock!

Absolutely beautiful and unique geology. Has a white sand hill to play in too