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Arches National Park in eastern Utah, is a highlight of any trip to the Southwest. The bright red rock against the deep blue sky will help even the most amateur photographer take stunning photographs. This site features more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, including the Delicate Arch. In a desert climate millions of years of erosion have led to these structures, while the ground has life-sustaining soil crust and potholes. Other geologic formations are stone columns, spires, fins, and towers. Located near Moab, Utah, it is also a haven for adventure travel and adrenaline junkies. Compared to other National Parks in the region, the highlights can be seen within a day or two. If you are short on time, you can drive past many scenic points to snap a quick picture. With more time, make sure to hike to Delecate Arch (the iconic arch on the Utah license plates), and if you are feeling adventurous (and energetic), try a hike through Devil's Garden. Along this hike you will see such wonders as Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Wall Arch (which recently fell), Double O Arch, and Dark Angel.

Really is spectacular!!!! I had read lots of things about people who are scared of higher shouldn't go on this hike. I am terrified of Heights, but this wasn't even bad at all. Just go you won't regret it in the slightest. But go early, cause it gets hot!!!!!

8 hours ago

Short easy hike. Super crowded because it was so short and easy. Neat to see, worth it for the quick walk.

8 hours ago

Just like Disneyland. Lots of people but well worth the hike. Full exposure so go early.

Great hike. full exposure and a little sand but great views.

Great views! Really easy hike.

Easy hike, fantastic for trail running. A fairly consistent elevation the whole time--great if you don't want an all-uphill hike. Views are okay, but if you're just going to see stuff, there are cooler things to see in Moab.

12 hours ago

Amazing. Spectacular. Hike up the mountain to see the most iconic arch. The hike is hot on the open rock, but so worth it.

14 hours ago

15 hours ago

Short easy trail with amazing views between the rock walls. This is a must do at Arches.

20 hours ago

Nice trail with a good amount of shade & riverbend. I plan to do it again the next time I'm in Moab. Hopefully it will be cooler then.

The view is beautiful but what you see at the lookout is same as what you see down the trail. Not worth the time to hike down unless you have time to kill.
We made the mistake of thinking this is just a simple trail and we could just run down and back up with no problems. But let me tell you that was the biggest mistake we ever made. Although the trail is short we went out around 3pm and with no water on that trail. We've done many trails before but nothing prepared us for the horrid desert like heat! I almost didn't make it up those last steps.
Don't mistaken a simple hike like this. You must be well prepared with sun protection and water even for this type of trail.