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Arches National Park, located in the Moab region of eastern Utah, is a highlight of any trip to the Southwest, especially for families with children. The park is also a haven for adventure travel and adrenaline junkies. Compared to other National Parks in the region, the highlights can be seen within a day or two. The bright red rock against the deep blue sky is an iconic southwestern sight enjoyed by all ages. This National Park features 2,000 sandstone arches, the worlds highest concentration of natural sandstone arches, including the most famous arch in the park, Delicate arch. In a desert climate, millions of years of erosion have led to these structures, while the ground has life-sustaining soil crust and potholes. Other geologic formations are stone columns, spires, fins, and towers. If you are short on time, you can take the scenic drive past many viewpoints to snap a quick picture. With more time, make sure to to check out the various hiking trails the park has to offer. There are plenty of short hikes that are great for including the Delicate Arch Trail and Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail (the iconic arch on the Utah license plates), the Park Avenue Trail, and trails in the windows section of the park such as Turret Arch Trail, Double Arch Trail or South Window Viewpoint. If you are feeling adventurous (and energetic), try the Devil's Garden Primitive Trail. Along this loop trail you will see such wonders as Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Double O Arch, and Dark Angel. Landscape arch is the largest arch on earth and should not be missed! Other notable features in the park include balanced rock, a large boulder that appears to be balancing 128 feet in the air and is a quick hike off of the road. Fiery Furnace, named such from the reddish glow at sunset that resembles a furnace is another great option. This ranger guided tour requires a permit from the visitor center. If you are hoping to avoid crowds, Broken arch is a less frequented spot in the park. The park is undergoing major road construction in 2017 so visitors should expect road closures.

One of the most unique hikes I’ve been on. Can be tough with the heat. Go very early or late afternoon. Bring plenty of water

5 hours ago

Planned to hike this in before sunset to catch sunset at the arch and then hike out under the moon. Unfortunately got a late start and hiked up around twilight. Wound up getting lost during one of the more open slick rock areas. Had enough of a signal to pick up GPS and map my way back to the trail. Stupid moon didn't rise until 1:13 am after we made it back to camp lol! Was still a ton of fun. I'd repeat it in the daytime anyday.

Amazing. Did it with kids 10 & 13 on a VERY hot day. It’s difficult in my opinion, but I think that had a lot to do with the heat.

22 hours ago

Multiple arch hike. After passing Landscape arch this get interesting. Plan for some climbing but nothing to crazy.

22 hours ago

A fun hike to this iconic Utah arch. Try to make it during cooler parts of the day. Shade to escape from the heat is slim.

Beautiful hike. Did it at the beginning of June. We tried to start early, around 7:30, but took us a while to get our park pass at the main entrance. They need to figure out how to expedite that a little better. The trail is pretty exposed the whole way, so plenty of sunscreen and water are a must. I had 3 liters and it was enough. Plus a couple small gatorades. We went to dark angel at the end of the loop and came back the same way. Left side with Navajo arch. What an amazing place. Beautiful landscape.

was too tired to hike the real trail so i did the lookout

Great and challenging trail! This is not a difficult hike, but there are definitely some “sketchy” parts if you’re afraid of heights (like me).

We went counterclockwise (so, started towards the right side) and it was the best decision we could have made. It’s much easier going up than down when you’re afraid of heights... we still got nervous in some parts, but only enough to make you feel proud when having gone through it!

Took us 4 hours and we stopped at all arches.

Sweet hike. We arrived in parking lot at 730 am. lots of people. wouldn't recommend going much later than that!

very easy hike. amazing spot to get into the shade and have a snack or lunch. nice breeze. relaxing !

really nice hike. keep walking through the arch to continue to tapestry arch about a half mile further.

i went layer in the afternnon and there only two families enjoying the arch. they were on their way out so I got an awesome pic

1 day ago

I went to this but part of the loop. it would be pointless to go all that way withoit seeing all of the other sights along the way. By the way, fun fact: this was originally called the "Devil's D@*k"

amazing time in the park! beautiful!

Wait! What? what is this advice of going counter clockwise? i did the loop this afternoon and it was hot as wonder they call it the devil's garden.
the arches were great. Despite it being hot and much more difficult there is peace in having a trail all to yourself. I only brought two bottles of water (and truth be told an ipa I drank on the way up). I had to conserve. The primitive portion was hotter than the rest due to less breezes. It was easy to overheat there walking in all that endless sand.

quick and easy. cross the street and do the other one too. be patient with parking, spors were completely filled around 11 and I assume most of the afternoon

awesome stuff. parking is the only downside

It was a great hike, especially the way up to the Partition and Navajo Arches. not too hard except for one steep climb

Great shady trail with a lot of surprises and places to explore. A must do hike. We went counter clockwise on the trail. Make sure you find the arch located in the area before the true steps in an area marked dead end. Arrows on trail are a little (lot) misleading at times making exploring easy. Have fun!

We did the extended primitive loop and took everyone here's advice to go clockwise. That was a great choice! The arches were nice, but nowhere near the experience of delicate arch. The views were nice, but not for the work it took to get there. I didn't think the heights were that bad and I'm not a fan of heights.

Short, easy stroll from the parking lot. Loved how the views of the rocks change as yuh walk around them, can get right up under them. Neat!

Spectacular! Description is accurate, harder hike getting to the arch and the return is pretty easy. We were even treated to a flute player under the arch!

Our kids were little at the time and it was a great trail for them. Next time we will definitely explore more places!

Amazing at sunset. Took 35 mins up (we maintained a pretty constant pace). Could be tricky to see trail when walking up the sandstone but you can easily follow the crowds. It’s popular for a reason - don’t be deterred by the number of people!

only 0.2 miles one way. so there and back 0.4 mi total if you go directly there and don't do the loop. very cool petroglyphs.

cool view for minimal effort!

Absolutely wonderful! wear chacos or hiking sandals. you walk through a lot of sand but also climb rocks. also bring PLENTY of water. at least 32oz for yourself. lastly bring a face scarf. the second half of the trail (towards campsite) gets windy and it whips up in your face. AMAZING!!!

on Salt Valley Road

4 days ago

Great road for first time easy off road drive let 13 year granddaughter drive entire road to highway

This hike was amazing, but be warned: if you have a fear of heights (at least when it comes to places you could be seriously hurt if you fell), this hike could cause you to face your fears! Although it was really mentally challenging for me and I had to sit down/slide and crawl through 2 sections, it was a joy to see so many arches up close.

on Klondike Bluffs

4 days ago

13 old granddaughter drove from the park today good drive with nice views no other cars on trail

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