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Superb views along the way. Challenging elevation changes with heavy pack but so worth the hike since the views are spectacular along the way. Map distances are inaccurate when using GPS. Bring water!

beautiful but a struggle to hike

One of the best hikes I've done. Took our time and spent the entire day in the Narrows. We also did the side Orderville Canyon. Not as heavily traveled but you will run into obstacles that require some climbing and getting a little more wet. Made it all the way to The Big Spring so with side trip it was an 11 mile trip. Fun and amazing every step

This was a great and unique hike. It was so cool to be in the river that cut so deep into the canyon. Rent the boots, socks and stick.
There’s less crowds early in the morning, but better colors as the sun reaches into the canyon later in the day.

One of the reviewers commented that the Emerald Pools were a big disappointment. We agree. The water flow was minimal. But once we advanced on the Kayenta trail we were really pleased at the views down canyon. Note, on the Kayenta Trail the trail makers call it The Grotto. The Grotto takes you down by the river which I think would have been a great relaxing finish. Unfortunately, it was in the 90s and we weren’t in to it at that time.

Amazing, the spectacular views will keep you going and the water in your feet it feels so good. Don’t leave the park the without visiting this place..

We started the Trans Zion Trek here about 430 the 26th of May and were able to get to campsite 5 by 730 that night. Saw a wild Turkey, lizards and beetles. The stream there is beautiful- you can hear at it site 5. Very pleasant hike for day 1!

This was an excellent hike. We rented gear from Zion Outfitters upon recommendations online. It definitely made our experience better. You could do it without gear, but the people we saw without it were cold or struggling and most didn’t make it very far.

We started out very early got to Zion Outfitters right when they opened geared up and basically got one of the first shuttles out to the Narrows. It was mostly in the shade for our walk in because we started so early, on the way back we were in the sun.

It is not like walking on slippery bowling balls. Please ignore that if you’ve read it. It is typical stream/river walking, if you’ve ever done that before you’ll be fine. If you don’t rent gear I would recommend a walking stick at the very least.

We walked a couple miles in and made it to Wall Street and a little beyond before we had to turn around. It was an awesome hike even going early though there were still loads of people. By the time we walked back there was not a single second we didn’t see someone else. I can see why this is one of those must do hikes in Zion.

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Great trail overall. The descent into echo canyon is steep with fairly rough terrain. There are various spots in the canyon where you scramble a bit, but it’s a lot of fun. For those camping on the East Rim or doing this trail in reverse, perhaps coming from the West Rim, here is a water update. Stave Spring is flowing at 0.00013 cfs - imagine you accidentally left your faucet running and there’s a straw sized stream coming out the pipe. There is an additional water pool that is flowing at least as much as Stave is. It is just south of the junction with Cable/Deertrap Mountain trails, about 1/4 mile up South on that trail and off to the left!

Amazing! The Virgin River is cold. Be sure to wear good shoes & take a walking stick. Watch for obese squirrels tying to steal your food! This is one trail I'd do every day forever if I could.

Very unique hike. You walk in the river at the bottom of a canyon. Spectacular views all the way. Water was cold 46 but cold water gear kept us warm

I did this hike with my roommate after completing Angels Landing and Emerald Pools earlier in the day as a kind of "let's just see how far we can go" type of hike.

We started around 3:30 pm and went about 2.5 miles down The Narrows before having to turn back because my companion's sandal broke. He had to hike back barefoot (ouch), but my Teva sandals held up well against the elements.

The water was relatively warm for being late April and not incredibly high, which made it somewhat easy to river-cross back and forth to dry land throughout our journey. We saw people from all walks of life attempting The Narrows (some well-equipped, some not so much). We were relatively equipped and may have completed the trek in it's entirety had we not been a time crunch or had the proper gear.

I would love to come back and complete this trek when we have a bit more time to complete it and have all of the proper gear! That being said, dependent on water levels and time of year, I would feel 100 percent comfortable attempting this is my sandals again. Hopefully I get to return for completion!

I hiked a portion of this trail with no special gear and oh my it was cold! It also was difficult depending on the water pressure. I only went some of the way but it was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend getting gear and doing the whole thing. I hope to come back one day so I can finish!

24 days ago

I definitely recommend starting with this trail for some rad views of the park. This trail in connection with upper and lower emerald pools made for a decent hike. Kayenta was my favorite part though.

Absolutely loved this river hike! The water was so beautiful and canyons were impressive! The day we went the ranger informed us that the water was only 46 degrees and hypothermia was a risk if a fall were to happen. So we decided to spring for some rented gear. Which allowed us to comfortably hike in about 3 miles before turning back out.

The hike itself didn’t seem to difficult but that could change based on the pressure of water you’re walking against.

Would do more of this trail in a heart beat!

Awesome experience. We went to Big Springs and down Orderville Canyon too. Beautiful place!

Awesome trail! A very challenging hike as you are working against the current. It actually can be quite exhausting once you pass the Orderville Canyon. A dry suit in spring is recommended. Start first thing so that you can beat the crowds & hike the whole trail before dark. Dress in quick dry layers if it’s cooler. The water can get quite deep & this is where the crowds wean & it takes on a whole new meaning. The hike back is much quicker. Fabulous hike.

26 days ago

Took this to go to upper emerald pool and came down the emerald pool trail. Pretty views all the way to the top. Middle pool was disappointing but upper pool was nice especially with some rocks to scramble on.

Good hike. A bit chilly when the sun goes down so I’d recommend starting early. I’d recommend renting water boots and pants if you don’t have any, but when I did it, this was my last hike for the day so I wore my hiking boots and it went just fine. It’s also a very easy hike :)

Great hike! Start early and add angels landing! This, and observation point (and the narrows) would be the MUST hike in Zion. I did this in a day hike - decent gain and decent distance but the trail is for the length quite easy. You can't lose the trail, and it is well maintained. The gain is steady. And most importantly, the view is awesome, those gray mountains! Amazing. If you do it from lava point and need to choose telephone vs west rim -> do west rim! Much nicer view

That is quite a unique experience. I don't know why, but there is something satisfying about going knee or even balls deep in this hike. It is a hard hike, not so much because strenous, but mostly because it is very "technical" and you have to watch your steps not to roll an ankle. Most of it is in the water, so bring proper footwear. They rent shoes and pants for that at the entrance I think. I was wearing crocs sandals with socks, and it was OK (although a bit cold). Bring a jacket - it won't always shine so you can get a bit cold. I don't know what's up with the 4000 feet gain - it must be a problem with the gps.
Also, at first the hike is annoying crowded with people having no clue how to walk in river - but don't worry: it gets better quickly.
I'm assuming that the water level varies depending on time of the year - I've seen pictures with much less water. Anyway, just be smart about where you walk. It takes a lot of time to do despite the distance - reserve a lot of time to do this. And you can turn around before the end anyway.
Conclusion: definitely a must hike in Zion, I"d say it's very special.

Awesome trail and view!!!

Went last week and water was only up to mid thigh at deepest point. Made it to Orderville canyon. Awesome hike with amazing scenery

This is not only the most amazing place in Zion, but it’s one of the most amazing places/hikes in the country. The Narrows isn’t something you need to do in Zion, it’s a MUST if you visit there. Clear your day and make this an all day adventure! Find yourself by loosing yourself in the Narrows! Zen magic.

Completed this route via East Rim Trail, tagging on Cable Mountain - much of the hike was not that scenic, but the final views are epic. They look down on Zion Canyon, including an awesome view of Angels Landing. Much less crowded than any of the regular Zion Canyon routes - saw maybe a dozen people all day. Note the route from E Rim is ~20 miles round trip, ~23-24 if you add Cable Mountain.


on Kayenta Trail

1 month ago

We hiked from the Grotto to the Emerald pools great canyon views and little congestion

on Kayenta Trail

1 month ago

Great views not too strenuous

love love it! must do when your in Zion.

Loved this hike and would definately do it again!

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