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This park along the Cuyahoga River has waterfalls, hills, trails, and displays about early rural living. The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail follows the Ohio and Erie Canal, where mules towed canal boats. The park has numerous historic homes, bridges, and structures.

2 days ago

Great place to go sledding w/ the family. Lots of hills. Put skiing for activity cuz np choice for sledding.

2 days ago

Awesome trail. This is an all season trail for hiking and running

Very enjoyable trail that goes through many different environments.

Nice easy hike...not strenuous at all except for walking in a bit of snow. Won't be going back till the temps are sub freezing and more snow.....EXTREMELY muddy.

Nice and easy, little ice, lightly packed snow today. pretty much as exciting as you'll find in the area. Did it as an out back in under 5 hours.

two great falls... one clearly marked, the other is a more rustic trail. you can simply walk the stream to get to the other. wear waterproof boots!

The buckeye trail near the start was great, and brandywine falls was very impressive, but this route itself was only mediocre.

If you look on a satellite view, you'll realize it routes you directly through the Boston mills ski resort. During the winter this was seemingly impossible, and during the other seasons, it seems to me that it would be trespassing. Perhaps I'm missing something? We ended up doing the buckeye trail side of this first loop both ways, and it was the best hiking of the trip.

The next leg is on the canal path trail, a nice easy walking path. Or the other side of the loop was the bridle trail; this went through some flooded low land, and we ended up turning back and walking along the road.

The final loop was at brandywine falls. The falls were quite impressive, but the trail was very crowded, and we were here in the off season.

We got a good 8.5 miles in, but much of it was on walking paths or along side roads.

on Pine Grove Trail

15 days ago

Nice wooded trail and the parking lot is less crowded than the Ledges parking lot on a cold day during the government shutdown. I saw one other person on the trail. Hilly in places and muddy after recent rain/melted snow. Beautiful area with some pines and many other trees and plant life.

on Ledges Trail

15 days ago

Love this trail! Visited after Christmas, during the government shutdown. Very popular trail, the parking lot was crowded on a cold day and I encountered probably 15 other hikers on the trail itself. The ledges are stunning and the trail runs both above and below them. The scenic overlook is beautiful. The trail is hilly and rocky in a few places. Even with recent rain and melted snow, the trail was not muddy. I did see people exploring off trail and climbing on and in the ledges, even though signs advise against it. Connects to other area trails as well.

Great trail with alot of history Im sure. Trail starts at an old farm that the park service probably made the people leave. Some old run down huts along the trail also. It got busier than expected but not bad. Has some options of getting on other trails also. You could also park at Crows Foot Gully and cross the street to access the trail.

16 days ago

The little brother to the famous Ledges Trail, this is a nice flat trail with changing scenery. Our 5 Y.O. Hiking Princess kept up like a champ, and there were plenty of twists and turns to keep her interest. Landscape and trail conditions were both impressive considering it’s the 5th day of 2019, it’s 50 degrees, and the government has been shut down for 2 weeks. A perfect start to a year full of adventure here in our Home Park and across the USA! Credit to my wife Amy for the photos. #SummitTrailBlazers

Good hike. This time of the year it was not busy at all but it was muddy. I agree with others the noise from the turnpike takes one star away but I very much enjoyed the rest of the hike.

Great winter hike, a little slippery but still great! Hiked all the way to the Buttermilk Falls.

22 days ago

A great trail, fun for the whole family, including dogs! We took the time to explore off of the trail and do some scrambling in between cracks in the ledges.

Pretty and diverse trail. Varied landscape.

This is a fun trail with lots of variety! Saw lots of Bluebirds which really surprised me here at the end of December. I started counter clockwise as another reviewer recommended. It was VERY muddy.

24 days ago

Our family really enjoyed this walk. Absolutely beautiful scenery and the seven and nine year olds loved climbing and adventuring!

26 days ago

Went with a group ranging in ages 7-70. Great hike for everyone with so many rocks to clamber over and through or stay on the main trail. Also a beautiful view.

27 days ago

It was a nice hike. Very muddy. Going clockwise is the way to go. I read that in a review before we went and Thanks!!

The Pine Grove section of this hike is very nice and quiet. We had the trail all to ourselves. Big contrast to the Ledges with all it's rock outcroppings and people! The view from the overlook was outstanding, even on an overcast day. The distance is probably closer to 4.2 miles per my GPS.

Nice trail that can get a little muddy (nothing wrong with that) that wasn't very busy at all.

Well marked trail with a great hill and gradual elevation changes. Some scenic parts, but nothing too memorable. The noise from the turnpike is unpleasant.

1 month ago

Loved this trail, perfect path for dogs too. Went after it rained mostly dirt and woods path so make sure to wear proper water proof shoes. Also some trees down along the bath but nothing we couldn’t get around

1 month ago

Best hike around if you love pines, did a moonlight hike and a coyote let us know we weren't welcome.

This trail was a great surprise. Secluded & scenic. Hiked with my dog this time, but can’t wait to come back for a run.

1 month ago

Many stairs. Iwatch counts it as over 40 flights. Not long but
Mighty. Can be steep and slippery in icy weather wear traks

1 month ago

Long trail, but overall very nice and secluded. Signs can get confusing. Lots of different environments that you get to experience and walk through. A few pretty waterfalls. My pup and I take a nice nap after this trail. I uploaded a photo that is either at the beginning or the end depending on where you start.

not a difficult trail, nice views probly better when it's nicer out

Was a very busy trail, lost count how many other hikers and walkers we passed. The hike was well worth the views of the falls at the end. Don't forget to take a camera.

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