Located in southeast Ohio, quiet and remote Burr Oak State Park has a rustic country charm in its 2,593-acre scenery of wooded hills and valley farms As one of Ohio's resort parks, Burr Oak offers a wide array of overnight accommodations with its lodge, cottages and campground Burr Oak blends modern conveniences with the wilderness spirit of Ohio

trail running
12 days ago

Great trail and one heck of a challenge if it has recently rained, this can be one of muddiest trails I’ve ever trail run and just bring sandals I ran the whole loop in my bedrock cairns!

Did the 5 mile loop today. Roads leading to trailhead parking are gravel and smaller width so be mindful. Is a smaller parking lot with a bathroom at the trailhead. The trail starts at the furthest end of the parking lot. It was marked decent in some areas and not for others but with the alltrails map we had 0 issues. Quite a few creek crossings along the 5 miles but the water was very low. Boots are a must if it has rained! 98% of the trail was super muddy and very deep in places. A lot of slipping and sliding. I brought my trekking poles just in case and it definitely saved me tons from falling in the mud. My trail running shoes were severely caked in mud and at times were completely encased in mud. It took us a lot longer than our normal hiking speed to complete the loop with all the mud we encountered. Overall it's a very nice trail with plenty of spots to camp. We definitely want to complete the 15 mile and do an overnight when it has dried up some. Also some areas were overgrown and a few trees were down. We bought a can of picaridin for $5 and sprayed ourselves for tick protection knowing there may be some overgrowth. Pack plenty of water to drink especially if it's hot out. Was very humid. Will definitely return.

1 month ago

I hiked the 15 mile loop yesterday for the first time. Easy to follow the white blazes, except once around the oil wells it got a little confusing but easy to backtrack. It's muddy right now so definitely wouldn't recommend just gym/running shoes.
Overall a great trail and good hike. Finished in about 6 hours with some breaks for lunch/water. Saw deer, hawks, and wild turkeys. The camping spots look great and next time I'll be spending the night.
Make sure you have a car that can handle the gravel road in/out, nothing bad but worth noting.
Also there was "water cache" leftover from trail angels but don't count on water resources on the 15 mile loop.

2 months ago

Great beginner trail.

Late March. Great day trip or overnight trail 90 min from Columbus near Nelsonville and Glouster. The trail was easy to follow, mostly woods with nice pine groves. The trail was dog friendly and we saw no other hikers other than at the lot. Google Wildcat Hollow pdf to find a posted map and trail notes. Thanks girl scout troop 84.

Going clockwise, we followed the approach trail to the short loop creek trail and went past the loop connector to the old school then down hill to the long trail and old oil rigs. Then we backtracked to the short loop return ridge trail to make about 8 miles. We averaged 19 min miles so you could do all 15 in a day if you start early and have experience.

Tons of camp sites especially in pine areas. There was water in the streams in March but I read it’s pretty dry in Summer. Trail is pretty easy though so water carry or luxury carry would not break your back. Tons of camp sites near the lot and literally a guy was camping in the lot, but anyone who ventures out a couple miles will find a nice site to relax or test your gear.

I plan to return with my hammock gear - perfect area for hammocking.

There were many trees down on the trail but that was ok with me as this adds to the challenge and is nature at its finest! Would like to do the long loop one day! With that i may give it 5 stars.

I guess I consider this my home trail. Beautiful year round. I wish the map here showed the big loop, 15 miles, instead of the small inner loop.

3 months ago

not a big fan of the expense to go out here

Very nice trail with lots of campsites. I use this trail for training for the upcoming season of backpacking. Highly recommend this park.

8 months ago

A beautiful trail, well marked and well cleared. There was even a team of volunteers clearing trails while we hiked. We hiked the perimeter of the lake, simply called the backpack trail. Plenty of places to camp, very scenic lake views that always insisted on a nice break. A great place for anyone just starting out or veterans. Very relaxing. Can be pretty dry during the fall and looks like it would flood semi-easily during a rainy season. Water at every camp site and dock (except for dock #3, the fountains didn't work there). There weren't too many streams flowing, but granted it is fall (There was an extreme abundance of streams, they were just dry). Overall a beautiful place. Couldn't recommend enough.

I hiked from the dam to dock 4 and back and wow, this trail is charming. Beautiful views, quiet, lots of birds and the forest smelled so sweet and piney. Nice little rock formations, decent changes in elevation and a few steep places. I suggest trekking poles as the trail is already covered in dead leaves. It took me three hours exactly and that included several stops for photos and water. This trail is so much better than Wildcat Hollow which is right next door. There are several places to take a dip in the lake or filter water. A few trees blocking the trail but they’re easy to get over and the blow downs looked recent so I’m sure they’ll get cleaned up soon. I’m not sure I’d rate this section as easy, it’s more moderate. Loved it!

8 months ago

Since my last visit to WH the trail has been extremely well blazed with white diamonds. Super easy to navigate. I did the big loop overnight.
I made a water drop at the 7mile mark which was so helpful since there is no potable water on trail.
My only complaint is that I camped 2/10 of a mile from the road and the locals woke me up at 11:30 pm being very loud on atv’s and yelling for almost an hour. Not ideal. Try to camp away from the road crossings. I heard generators, many dogs barking and a lot of road traffic on a Friday night.
I suggest going on a Friday. Saturday there were a lot of people to pass on the trail. Please pack out all of your garbage and leave no trace.

Great 2 day hike. Campsites in pines were great. Wouldn't recommend after a few days of rain

I started at Jenkins Dam and went to dock 1 and turned around. 6.8 miles. A few fallen trees and some places vegetation was taking over, but considering tail end of summer it was really nice.

9 months ago

Great trail. Started at dock 1 to Burr Oak Cove campground which was 3.8 miles due to a late start. Great views of the lake and wooded setting. Most of the trail is on the edge of the lake therefore the bugs and spider webs were everywhere. The trail to the campground is well traveled but only semi marked, but was worth the uphill journey to get to it. Was a perfect spot for a first solo backpacking trip.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Backpacked here on a overnighter. Trails were well maintained and pretty easy to follow except a few spots just like others have noted. it rained most of the time I was in the woods, but it was still a great hike. Campsites were nice. Plan to hike this trail again soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Did the shorter loop. Fantastic trail. No other hikers in it during our hike in the middle of a week day. Trail does need better markings in some places but we were able to find our way with a map and limited cell service.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Did the long loop trail. About 17 miles total when added to the smaller loop. Felt like the trail was very well marked for the most part - at some of the road crosses it can be difficult to find the trail but manageable. Lots of rain so it was easy to follow the tracks. Only saw a couple of people on the short loop, nobody on the long loop. Very quiet, peaceful and great views. Plenty of campsites to choose from. Cold of water at streams if you have purification available. Enough elevation change to keep the heart rate elevated but not a strenuous trail. Very happy this trail is so maintained and close to home. Great 1st backpacking trip. Long loop offers incredible solitude and an ability to connect with nature. Looking forward to bringing the family out on the short loop. Good gravel parking lot and be trailhead, also had a bathroom.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Easier trail to hike but still had a good time. Even in winter (though 50s out) there was no water from maybe mile 6 to mile 10 so anytime you see water stop and get some. You cross a lot of raods so there's always options of stashing water as well. The campsites are decent but most had trash on them (the one I stopped at had a bit and I ended up carrying it out) and right off the trail, literally right off the trail. I saw only one other person on the big loop but a ton of people on the smaller loop or in the campsites. I'd go again, next time I'd take my 9 year old since it's a good trail to do with kids.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

this is a family favorite, my kids like crossing over the streams in the early portion of the trail. Lots of established camp sites, lately there has been more trash left by other campers. we usually grab a creekside site and the boys cool off in the summer. you will see a few hikers on the trail, some day hikers and some overnighters but everyone seems friendly.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Much more beautiful than expected! I went in the fall and it was great!

Monday, October 24, 2016

great trails. well marked.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Very nice places to camp

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Great trail.. went with my wife about 15 years ago, and just hiked it for a second time with my 13 year old daughter. Plenty of primitive camping sites available. Several had stacks of firewood left from previous campers. Trail was well marked.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hiked in late, bathrooms at trailhead. Trail crosses the winding creek about 4 times before ascending up a ridge. Plenty of established camp sites along the way. Went early March, only one other couple there camping near the trailhead. Great trail!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's very relaxing

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