Although a small park, Nelson-Kennedy Ledges provides a thrilling experience to visitors with its rugged cliffs and diverse plant life typical of a more northern climate. A day-use park, Nelson-Kennedy Ledges is popular for picnicking and hiking.

1 month ago

Awesome park. lots of high cliffs, water fall ,and narrow paths through the rocks. I highly recommend a visit.

Nice easy short trail. A quick trip from NLQP, if you're camping there.

4 months ago

Great I loved it. You can do easy or climb rocks which is harder.

The trail was too boring to follow so my friends and I just found some deer paths to follow it was awesome but dangerous.

hiked here with my brother-in-law and nephews. Lots of climbing and tight places.

9 months ago

I love this place, I see it more as an adult playground than an actually hiking trail. You can climb on things and explore dark watery caves. The trail isn't marked very well, but it doesn't really matter, it's not a huge place. It's not a place to bring small children, people have died here. Instead, bring waterproof boots, some good pants and maybe a flashlight. It's really a beautiful place to see during mid October.

Wonderful trail; no lengthy preamble from the parking lot to the trailhead—the action starts right away. Lots of fun scrambling over, under, and between rocks. On the red (difficult) trail, some crevices are too narrow to pass through with a backpack (or child) on your back. Oh, and the red-trail markers just disappeared at (what I assumed is) the end.

1 year ago

Nice little area to explore. My husband and I joked that someone painted the trail markers while drunk - some don't make sense at all! The loop isn't 2 miles, you need to do basically every tiny offset of the trails to make it a full 2 miles.

I came here to hike with my 1 year old, my friend and her 2 young children. It was a little scary for young ones as they wanted to run ahead, and being on top of a cliff, that wasn't a good idea. It was very beautiful though, and just enough of a challenge to make it fun with my son on my back. This is close to my home, I would definitely go again. We camped at the quarry park, I would want to bring a raft or kayak next time to take it out on the water as well.