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Hocking Hills provides a variety of recreational opportunities in a splendid natural setting. The 2,356-acre park has towering cliffs, waterfalls and deep hemlock-shaded gorges to lure the hiker and naturalist and serve as a backdrop to popular facilities and accommodations.

As the parks name the trails we did Hemlock, Whispering Cave, Cedar Falls, Lower Falls/ Old Mans Cave, and Gorge Overlook it was right around 7.5 miles(just over). Lots of fun, but parts were super busy. We had to go off trail to keep from waiting in line(walking narrow paths).

The new bridge that is part of Hemlock Trail is fun. Especially if you have time to get it swinging back and forth.

1 day ago

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous

4 days ago

The hike along the valley floor between Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls is 5 stars. Beautiful and fun terrain. The hike from Ceder Falls to Ash Cave is 3 stars at the most. The hike along the rim coming back from Cedar Falls to Old Man's Cave/Visitor's Center is 3 stars. It's a car wide, stroller friendly gravel/dirt road. Rose Lake made the rim trail worth walking.

Hiked Old Man's Cave to Whispering Cave to Cedar Falls and then up to the Gorge Overlook Trail and back to Old Man's Cave. About 9 miles in total. The route along the Buckeye Trail through the gorge from Old Man's to Cedar Falls was fantastic. The side trip to Whispering Cave was worth doing once but will pass on it in the future. The Gorge Overlook Trail is your standard stroll through the woods without much else. Overall had a great time.

15 days ago

Excellent trail. Parked at the southwest corner of the trail around 9 am. Just a few cars. When we got back around noon the entire parking lot was madness! Get here early!

The scenery was beautiful, but it is definitely a heavily used trail. I felt bad trying to pass people and it wasnt very peaceful because there were so many people. It was a good hike but Id recommend doing the trail on top of the gorge rather than the one inside it if youre looking for some peace.