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One of Ohio's largest state parks, 4,870-acre East Fork offers a great diversity of recreational opportunities and natural history only 25 miles from Cincinnati The park's terrain includes both rugged hills and open meadows, setting the stage for a wonderful getaway

Great trail system in the northern sections of Eastfork. I’ve yet to find the Bald Eagle’s nest but I will say the cliffs on the lakeshore are a must see! It’s probably the best area of the lake to see the depth perception of the bottom on clear Sunny days in Spring and Summer.

Took my teenage son for his first trail ride. It was a great beginner trail. It was appropriately challenging for a new rider.

muddy. .. never been on it without trudging though mud . ..some of it, I imagine is/ always has been swamp. a bit confusing and camp sites not well marked . never found camp 2 and had to return ..

Easy to get lost and spider webs in your face EVERYWHERE. A poorly kept trail with little memorable places, someone just decided to carve a trail around a lake because it was there. Also the trail is very uneven and covered in horse crap.

1 month ago

This is one beautiful trail that is right next to the beach. it is tight in some spots but I guess cozy would be a better word lol. Around July this trail has a large amount of chanterelles and is my go to for this delicious mushroom! the trail is easy to follow and the loop is just enough for a quick hike. sometimes the beach is closed and I feel uncomfortable parking in front of the gate, if better parking were available I would be happy but still 5 stars for the trail itself.

This trail is amazing and by far my favorite in East Fork. It is a muddy trail and difficult to get through at some spots but the views and scenery are gorgeous on the trail. If you like open trails in old forests then this is the trail you would want to do! I have to remember that this trail is used by horses and not be upset about the muddiness. this trail is very well marked and almost 1/2 way in there is an eagle's nest high up in a sycamore. You can spot it in winter and early spring... so cool! found lots of edible mushrooms on this trail. other than the mud pits I can't complain

This has always been one of my favorite trails for runs. Usually not too many bikes out here. The trail is marked as 3 miles on the park map, and my Garmin showed that also.
Good hardpacked trail, pleasant woods. Saw a lot of deer and a red hawk today.

The trail was pretty sloshy at points and completely underwater around 1.5 miles (heading NW away from Park Road.) Beautiful scenery and still very fun.

BRUTAL! Poorly marked in many areas. Some areas not marked at all. The 2 maps from ranger station don’t agree and are both wrong. Thank God for “All Trails” the GPS on the trail map saved me. Lots of horse traffic made trails very rough and i never found the designated campsites. Last 2 miles i had to do on the road because the trail disappeared into nothing. Road crossings need arrows, i walked 1/2 a mile multiple times to find where the trail picked up.
Beautiful scenery, lots of water sources, convenient location but lack of trail markings and inaccurate maps made for lots of bushwhacking & a very discouraging trip.
Closer to trail head nice markings and maps. This is definitely a good day/short hike area but 3-5 miles out it gets rough. I don’t think this trail is backpacked much.

Started out on this trail and somehow ended up on the Buckeye & Perimeter trails. The trail marking at East Fork could use some upgrading. Other than that, was a great relatively easy hike.

nature trips
2 months ago

Very under managed and muddy. However, there are some amazing views on this trail.

Parts of the trail are not maintained very well, some parts of the trail are also very muddy. However, there is alot of unique wildlife that can be found.

2 months ago

Trail was very enjoyable, has been awhile since the trail has been marked, a lot of the time we had to follow the permitter trail (blue) markers because the red was so faded or nonexistent. We set up camp about 2 miles prior to camp 2 so we could do some fishing on the lake. The trail wasn’t so bad aside from the lack of markings till the loop, neither side was great but when it came to the south/west portion it didn’t look like it had been maintained for a long time. Was full of thorns, and downed trees.

Friends I was with decided to walk out to the road before we even finished the whole loop. I dropped my gear off near the road and ran the trail back to the trailhead. Doing both I would have to say I think using the trail for a day run instead of a backpacking trip would be more enjoyable.

amazing short walk. beautifully maintained.

3 months ago

Not a bad hike. Minimal views of the lake, mostly just woods. The path isn’t very clearly marked. We would have gotten lost had it not been for our map. Overall, just OK. Probably won’t be doing this one again.

Entire hike forested with plenty of shade. Occasional lake views through the trees. Pay attentuon to where you're at on a map... couple of opportunitues for a wrong turn to make a 5 mile hike turn into 10 or more... and some of the trails are NOT clearly marked

needs maintenance

the trails aren't marked that well but we are familiar with the park. They are nice clear trails. It was a great hike for us and our dogs

3 months ago

This was a nice hike. more traffic than I expected. the trails were clear. it was about a 2 hour hike with our dogs

4 months ago

All the trails at EastFork are great, the only request I would have would to add more trail markers as some of the trails share common links and its easy to get off course.

Nice trail. Trails aren’t marked all that well in places, so this app came in real handy. Just open it up and make sure you are on the right path.

Fun trail with great views and wildlife. It’s longer than the 4.4 miles the app says.

5 months ago

This trail was a disaster. I'm nonetheless giving it two stars because it would be a very nice trail if the ODNR expended any time or effort improving it or at least properly maintaining it, and also because I wasn't able to finish and can't fairly judge that part which I didn't hike (see below.)

I recently went for a day hike on this trail, on a hot summer day, after it hadn't rained for several days. I parked in the lot just north of the park office and set out eastbound on the section that runs concurrent with the 28-mile perimeter ("backpacking") trail, counterclockwise toward the lake.

The trail immediately seemed a bit muddy and not particularly well-traveled (except by horses apparently, because there was sh*t and indentations in the trail everywhere.) It was intermittently so overgrown that it was difficult to discern where the trail even was in spots, but I made do and thought little of it at the time--these things aren't exactly unheard of.

Approximately two miles in, the trail became a literal swamp. Not just mud, but six-inch deep standing water, twenty or thirty feet on each side of the trail, covering thick layers of muck. At my own peril, I declined to turn back, figuring this had to be a passing phase and I could work my way around it. Nope. The swamp lasted a good half mile. My waterproof boots were simply no match and my feet were absolutely drenched after a few misplaced steps on seemingly solid ground put them down in the muck. I concurrently scratched the living hell out of myself on brambles while walking off the trail to avoid the mud as best I could.

Soaked and literally bloody, I finally came to a four-way intersection with a more groomed, gravel trail approximately three miles in. The problem, of course, was that there were no markers aside from spray painted arrows on trees marking the various directions I could travel, and the utterly useless trail map I picked up at the office provided no additional context concerning my location.

I eventually managed to finagle my way to a road; I also found what I'm assuming was the back end of the trail, but my good sense finally got the better of me. I decided to forgo the remaining five-ish miles-- because not being able to walk for a week simply isn't worth the low-impact workout--and guessed my way back to my car.

Had a great day hiking with my son

This was our first time on the trail. We absolutely loved it. From the car down to the creek is just a few minutes. The views by the creek are just beautiful. We decided to go off the beaten path some to get to the playground for the kids. Some spots we had to climb over trees nothing too difficult. Plenty of places to wade in the water. Possibly our new favorite trail.

I attempted one single trek of this back on Tuesday May 1st. The weather couldn’t have been better!! Check out my most recent group of photos. Some portions of the trail were still soggy muddy from horse tracks, especially near the campgrounds area. That’s my only dispute on the trail as a whole- the perimeter should be strictly hiking only to keep from the large puddles and dips from lasting. There are plenty of horseback trails in the park: Cascade and Red Fox trails to name a few. I didn’t complete the entire trek on Tuesday. I stopped at the turnaround on the dam at Slade Rd. I had severe stomach and kidney pain on top of my feet killing me. It was tough! Lol I began at the park office at Bantam and went east, around the lake passed camps 2 and 3 and then to the campgrounds. I did deviate from the trail then and walked southwest on Park Rd 4 to the the North Shore boat launch. After resting the Sun had fallen over the trees with night approaching and I walked the lake shoreline around the north cove (a total bitch!!) of Slabcamp Run and then around to the Slade Rd turnaround where my girlfriend graciously picked me up. It was black night by then. Roughly 30 miles in all and 14 hours later! Next time I won’t be so stubborn and cut down on the pace and camp overnight along the way. I love Eastfork though and make it a must to take care of the trails and nature.

Love this trail!

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