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John Bryan is the most scenic state park in western Ohio. The 752-acre park contains a remarkable limestone gorge cut by the Little Miami River which is designated as a state and national scenic river A portion of the gorge itself is designated as a national natural landmark.

25 days ago

Trails could be labeled more clearly.
Walking along the water is always great.
We all enjoyed the blue skies and mild weather.
Clean trails, not over crowded.

The trail is well managed and is as good as it gets for the area. Do yourself a favor and get there early to avoid the crowds since this is a heavily trafficked trail. Try it out in the fall when the leaves are changing.

Great trail, amazing views, nice terrain with just enough technical challenge to make it fun for the whole family.

3 months ago

A bit rocky but beautiful hike. Saw a rainbow across a waterfall.

Great trail. Bridge across for loop is out at this time for repairs. I will soon return to check this out.

Nice contrast in terrain from relatively flat along the river, to a rocky ascent to the rim which features moderate ups and downs. Entirely under hardwood canopy. Beautiful any season.

Great hike. Nice scenery.

Gorgeous trails, foot traffic gets a little heavy around 10-10:30am.
Going early is always really nice.
Will walk this trail again and again, never gets old! Simply beautiful.

5 months ago

This was a beautiful shaded trail for a Sunday afternoon summer hike. When we used the link for directions on the app it took us to the Boy Scout camp on Swimming Pool Road and there was no trail. We went back and followed the signs to the state park and went past the mountain bike trail to the next parking lot and stumbled upon the trail. Of the hikes we have done in this area, this has been our favorite. There were some hikers, but not as many as other spots in the area. We will definitely be back.

great trail. great water.

This is a beautiful trail. Some flat surfaces and then lots of rocks and roots. Walking along the water and the deep gorge........very shade covered. We went on my husbands 77th birthday and took our 17yr old grandson. We all thought it was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Hiked this after visiting Clifton Mill. So amazing!!

Easy hiking with beautiful views and the sound of the water was all around. Very peaceful and not very crowded for a weekend.

on John L. Rich Trail

6 months ago

Nice trail. Beautiful scenery, however it is not a 5 mile trail as stated in the app. It is a 1.3 it does connect with other trail but this particular trail is only 1.3. still very nice but just be aware if you are looking for something longer.

A really good park. Our first time here and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We didnt walk the hole trail. It was a gorgeous day today after having temps with heat indexes over 100* and a lot of people were taking advantage of it. The foot bridge on the West side was closed. We would have liked to have been able to go that route but for our first time out, we have no complaints. The trails were well maintained and I made mention to my husband that I only saw 1 piece of trash during our whole trip. that makes for an enjoyable experience. Looking forward to another trip out that way to travel another trail !

very nice park, clear uncrowded trails!

Went yesterday, hadn't been there in years. Gorgeous views, caught some awesome wildlife sightings (huge fish and turtles, snakes, baby groundhog, butterflies). I'd forgotten how rocky parts of the path are, so definitely watch your footing. Wasn't busy at all when I got there (I was only the 2nd car in the lot) but picked up through the day. The only downside...the sign at the start about it being a high crime area is right on target. As I was leaving, someone else in the lot found himself the victim of a smash and grab. Don't leave anything of value in your car.

NO PETS!!!!! The trail description says dogs on leash allowed but at the head of the entrance there are signs posted everywhere saying “no pets” on this trail. I’m sure it was nice but as we hike with our hounds we didn’t get to see it. Was a little frustrated because this was one of the larger trails in the park that we wanted to see

beautiful scenery but lots of people

Beautiful views! but lots of people on the trails

Easy hike. Some nice views of the river and the gorge. Probably quite nice in the fall. The park has little trail maps posted on wooden displays that are very unhelpful. LOTS of social trails in the area as well. It was a little bit muddy when I went. Definitely worth a stop though.

on John L. Rich Trail

8 months ago

Followed the directions from this app that says dogs on leash are allowed however, got to the trailhead and it says no dogs allowed $50 fine. We drove an hour to get here. With our dog.

Nice trail, I'm here at least once a month. Bottom next to the river has very little elevation gain, can get pretty muddy in spots. The top rim has a few ups and downs and a little 'rockier'. Great views, especially before the summer foilage is out. Get there early, this trail gets busy!

My teens I and had a fabulous day trip here! The river was overflowing and made for a really interesting hike!

pretty good trail with little things all over to see! we went while it was flooded and the river/creek was pretty wild.

The scenery is great. It’s a pretty easy hike that takes you along the river. If you go after a good rain, a lot of small waterfalls reveal themselves.

Nice, easy hike. The lower part of the trail by the Little Miami was especially pretty and had great views of the gorge. Most of the fall leaves are gone, but it was still a beautiful walk. A little muddy in places, so wear your hiking boots.

Fairly easy trail, but excellent scenery especially with the fall colors starting to pop, a lot of trail runners and families with children

Easy little hike, awesome scenery especially with the fall colors and after a rain, you can do the South Gorge trail but 1 of the bridges is closed so it's not a loop, just take the Rim Trail instead to create the loop.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Beautiful hike, it was so peaceful hiking along the stream. Definitely less traveled than Hocking hills.

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