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Ohio Map

Nice little getaway from the city view. Lots of trees and good views.

1 day ago

Very pretty! Carried my daughter and she loved it! She passed out toward the end because she hadn't napped all day! We will be back!

Relatively easy even for a beginner once I was able to locate it. Most challenging part is getting in and out of the unmarked trailhead. Prepare to get wet!

2 days ago

In my opinion this is the hardest section of the BT in the CVNP. I have done this section a few times because I like the challenge and it a good workout if you make it one. Some of the climbs are pretty steep and relatively frequent. I would say that this be rated hard because this should not be in the same category as other moderate rated trails in the area that is for sure. Love the challenge of it though. I have done harder trails elsewhere but this one is one of the harder in north east Ohio.

This is a nice section of the BT, very few road crossings so you can get some solitude. Good for trail running as well. I did it out and back.

This is my favorite trail to take new hikers on. I Take my friends and we park a car at the winking lizard in peninsula and then start in Boston. Then hike the 4.5 mile section of the buckeye Trail to the Winking lizard, grab some food and a cold beer and that's that. Along the way there are some nice overlooks of the valley if you can ignore the turnpike below you. It is the easiest section of the buckeye train in the CVNP outside of when if follows the towpath. There is a gradual uphill at the start and then is flat for the rest until maybe mile 4 and it goes down and back up. and that is it. ez pz

Fun Little day hike. I did this loop and where the Buckeye trail branches off i followed it out to the towpath to the chippewa bridge to take some pictures. Then headed back and finished the loop. Added maybe 3 miles to the day but it was well worth it. The loop by itself would be maybe a bit lackluster as the feature was not what i was expecting. would do it again though with family or friends. Would be a good trail run as well.

2 days ago

I have hiked to blue hen falls many times doing day hike along the buckeye trail. My person favorite time to go was a really cold day this winter and Blue Hen and the other waterfall were all frozen. The stream was frozen too and made for some great pictures. Would recommend going during a weekday. Weekend nights the lots are packed for it.

trail running
2 days ago

I started using this loop when I went back to running. Also have been known to take my rod and reel out here and find a nice eddy and sit back for a while along the east branch waiting for a fish to bite my line. Cute little trail along the East Branch. Easy and nothing to it really. Nice after dinner stroll before you take the family for ice cream or after dinner walk on date night.

2 days ago

Love that they added the trails here to the metro parks. I live very close by and it is nice to have somewhere other than a bridal trail to do a short day hike. Take the kids, the dog, the girlfriend, take anyone. This is an easy trail that can be used for trail running, mountain biking or hiking. I run or hike it if i don't have a lot of time but want get out in nature for a bit. Would recommend to anyone in the Strongsville, Brunswick, North Royalton, Parma, Middleburg area to check it out. You will not be blown away by any scenic vistas but it has a nice slice of scenery with some streams flowing along and some cliff faces.