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I've never heard this called the Ohio river trail before. Friendship park is a favorite of mine. Interesting park/path design that keeps your interest. Would be fun with small children... with a bike, or bring crayons/paper to do rubbings on lots of interesting things. Smale is new and impressive. Lots to keep kids busy - giant chimes, a flying pig to ride in, family size swings, water fountains to run through. Dress small kids for water, b/c they will want to get in! It's downtown, so you have to deal with traffic, events, parking. That's what keeps us from visiting more often.

This trail attracts a lot of adult walkers. It's also a nice location to take family pictures. But, it is not interesting enough for my kids to enjoy the walk. And no playground. They enjoy the highfield discovery garden that's also in glenwood gardens (but, separate admission required).

This trail has an inner and outer loop. I've been walking the inner loop with my 3 year old on his balance bike and my 1 year old in a stroller. It's my favorite place to take my son on his bike. There's only one place where you cross a road, so I don't have to worry about traffic and safety. Nice gentle hills for him to coast. It's a parkour trail, he likes to stop and try the exercises. Pretty interesting for a paved trail... small stream, parkour, people walking dogs, etc.

16 hours ago

Hiked this trail with my husband, 3 year old, and 16 month old. It was perfect for us. The beginning (inner loop) was easy so baby could toddle and wear him self out. My husband carried baby in a pack through the harder back half. We got our exercise in the back half with hillier terrain. 3 year old made it through the whole hike with just a few minutes of piggy back riding. Bridges, hills, fallen trees, slugs, mushrooms, and toads gave the trail lots of interest. Shaded the whole way through. Bathrooms with running water right at trail head. Great family hike.

16 hours ago

Good trail for a run, or follow the run/walk prompts and do the 20 exercise stations. Nice park in the middle of the city. I use this one regularly. Nice hills.

As the parks name the trails we did Hemlock, Whispering Cave, Cedar Falls, Lower Falls/ Old Mans Cave, and Gorge Overlook it was right around 7.5 miles(just over). Lots of fun, but parts were super busy. We had to go off trail to keep from waiting in line(walking narrow paths).

The new bridge that is part of Hemlock Trail is fun. Especially if you have time to get it swinging back and forth.

20 hours ago

21 hours ago

21 hours ago

Will look to go again, not following a line of storms. Low points cause some muddy terrain.

21 hours ago

Awesome trail and picnic area.

22 hours ago

22 hours ago

23 hours ago