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Excellent trail full of climbs, beautiful scenery, and creek crossings. Enjoy!

Not hard. Moderate at best. Definitely has some beautiful areas, and mostly through woods. However there is a lot of highway noise near the turn around. A good trail, for sure.

2 days ago

Loved loved loved this trail! It was a fun place to explore and beautiful

Fairly easy hike, stopped on our way from MI to PA.

Overall an easy and scenic hike - not too much challenge here, but beautiful scenery. It can get crowded, so visit on a weekday if possible!

3 days ago

Park at the Pine Lane Trailhead. Definitely a workout (especially for people just getting back into hiking) on the outward segment of the Buckeye Trail. Be prepared to hike to the top of the ridge. I used the bridle trail to loop back around and hiked back in on the Buckeye Trail. Also be prepared to cross a section of the creek. It was shallow enough that my boots didn't get too wet, but I can imagine after a heavy rain it could get a little trickier to cross.

7 days ago

Great trail for running/training. Nice few sceneries to be seen on the 4 seasons of the year!!

Very close to my home but had never done this trail till read awesome reviews on this app!
Fun trail varying terrain added to the fun ! We saw the sunset and it was a good satisfying workout
The falls are so pretty

one of our favorites to revisit & see how much water is up there. we find it easiest to hike thru the water once you go up where the mud catcher is

Probably one of my all time favorite trails. I spend so much time here. I love the wildlife. There’s owls. There’s ducks. There’s herons. This trail is amazing. Be aware that the bridge in back of Szalays is out so you have to take a little detour. This is my running trail as well. I wish I could give this place 6 stars. So many wonderful memories here

13 days ago

The lake is pretty. There are great opportunities for some pretty cool wildlife photos but other than that, nothing special. There’s always lots of people. You can hear traffic. It’s just not a very calming trail. Keep your eyes out for perverts. They like this park. It would be one thing if they were cute but it’s usually old men making gestures that make me embarrassed for them.

Wow. Just wow!!!!!!! I love this trail because it makes you sweat and breathe. Grueling in some areas but this trail has it all. It’s quiet and you feel that you are alone in the wilderness. This is definitely for someone who loves to hike and has experience hiking.

So I would like this trail more if there wasn’t so many people out there all crowding around the falls. It’s hard to take pics when everyone else is taking photos and videos and live tweeting and Instagram and tumblr and whatever else they use to show their friends what they are doing. I just walk through the river to get to the Buttermilk Falls. Just make sure you wear non slip shoes and don’t mind getting wet. It’s very beautiful here. Here’s a tip. Climb to the top of where Buttermilk Falls are and you will get to the ski lodge. There’s no one there so it’s interesting to see when it’s empty. Great photo opportunities too.

13 days ago

One of my all time favorite trails. It’s quiet and peaceful and so beautiful. There are lots of photo ops here. There are 2 rows of trees that are perfectly aligned. Everyone loves taking photos here. There’s also a mysterious home hidden in the woods. You will have to go off the path. There’s a beautiful pond as well with some beautiful wildlife. This trail isn’t too hard but it’s a little longer than most so just make sure you have the time to do the whole thing.

So this trail says hike and bike trail so be aware that the cyclist feel like they own the path and yell out that they are passing you while giving you dirty looks. I love to hike and take pics but I’m always respectful of everybody on the trail. This path is paved and it would actually make a fantastic running path. It’s flat and long and you still get to see pretty things. Birds are everywhere. I really like it out here.

13 days ago

This trail is beautiful and so peaceful. The river sounds and looks beautiful. There’s lots of people on this trail. The views are gorgeous. I would watch where you’re walking though because there are lots of rocks sticking out of the ground. I will definitely return.

15 days ago

popular for horses but plenty of scenery change to keep it interesting

on Plateau Trail

16 days ago

Great trail for runners! Numerous options for side trails to add on to your run/hike. Minimal mud and hills.

Nice trail, well groomed with moderate elevation changes.

19 days ago

Good, flat hike to start off the summer season.

only hiked about first half mile or so. a lot of the trail very muddy with some parts leaving trail to walk around standing water. we left because we going late but also because it was so muddy from run off. spring beauties, Colt's foot, and trout lilies are out. beautiful spring day.

2.5hours of early spring beauty. We’ll do it again in 10 days.

Difficult to find a trail and I’m still not sure if the waterfall was dry or if I didn’t find it... cool path anyway :)

great but a little muddy.

on Ledges Trail

22 days ago

Nice, easy kid and pet friendly trail for a great family outing.

23 days ago

Was a great outing and even though it was a bit chilly and wet everyone still enjoyed the views!

28 days ago

good hike only hard part about it is the somewhat uneven terrain and some log/stream hopping but a beautiful waterfall. I'd like to see it when it's going full volume!

a little confusion with signage. we took "short loop" instead of "Boston trail". trail l is named "Boston run trail". this caused a double back and we didn't complete the "Boston run trail" for this reason.

A great hike that has some hills but beautiful scenery and views too!

Make sure you go past the "End of Blue Hen Trail" and out another mile to the even better falls. Even today with all of the rain and snow lately the path was fine, but the water level was a bit higher than normal so we had to find alternate path.

A bit difficult (in comparison to other paths around) and muddy but an awesome trail!

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