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What an adventure this trail was! Well marked, saw six or seven hikers with their dogs. The map was a lot of help because of the various forks in the trail. A little loud from the turnpike traffic, but the trail leads you right up close to it which was pretty cool!

The last mile or so is currently closed off from a landslide. When you hit the abandoned road the second time, go back to where the trail spit you out the first and take it all the way back.

I stupidly wanted the challenge of climbing up the landslide, which was incredible to do, but so so dangerous!! The soil was incredibly loose, so please dont attempt it!!

Awesome trail. Would hike again!

This was a very fun trail, especially in the mud. There are a couple of good climbs that will give a nice workout. Compared to some of the other trails around here it could be considered hard but I didn't think it was too difficult. Beautiful hiking and will repeat.

This hike I found to be easy at parts and difficult in others. We attempted to go down the hill where the mud slide was but the trees were so bad and the trail was destroyed on the other side of the creek. So listen to signs unless you want to fight through some trees or make the walk back up the hill. Other than that everything was awesome. The trail gets super muddy at parts even when it hasn't rained. There's a part where you end up by the highway and it gets loud. It was very beautiful overall and a challenging hike.

A beautiful trail! Part of it is “closed” due to a mud slide but when you get to the caution tape if you go to the left of it over the creek you can find a new path and way to the main trail. A good workout and only saw three people.

27 days ago

This was a great trail it is harder for the area mostly because of the ups and downs but certainly not difficult. There are a lot of opportunities on the trail to shorten your hike from the 4.4 miles which was nice. Currently part of it was closed due to landslide so we had do the last quarter of our hike back on the beginning part. We started the loop clockwise from the parking lot.

Excellent trail full of climbs, beautiful scenery, and creek crossings. Enjoy!

Not hard. Moderate at best. Definitely has some beautiful areas, and mostly through woods. However there is a lot of highway noise near the turn around. A good trail, for sure.

1 month ago

Park at the Pine Lane Trailhead. Definitely a workout (especially for people just getting back into hiking) on the outward segment of the Buckeye Trail. Be prepared to hike to the top of the ridge. I used the bridle trail to loop back around and hiked back in on the Buckeye Trail. Also be prepared to cross a section of the creek. It was shallow enough that my boots didn't get too wet, but I can imagine after a heavy rain it could get a little trickier to cross.

Wow. Just wow!!!!!!! I love this trail because it makes you sweat and breathe. Grueling in some areas but this trail has it all. It’s quiet and you feel that you are alone in the wilderness. This is definitely for someone who loves to hike and has experience hiking.

1 month ago

popular for horses but plenty of scenery change to keep it interesting

2.5hours of early spring beauty. We’ll do it again in 10 days.

us there went on a hike here at buckie trail. It was beautiful and very pretty. Even when there was snow on the ground the trail was still visible.

2 months ago

Walked this trail. Well marked Buckeye Trail for first half clockwise to furthest point north, then need to follow the bridle trail which takes a little awareness of direction! Second half went quicker than first half until we came across a bridge out and had to get creative to cross the Creek. Fun scrambling in the undergrowth in the winter. Can imagine in the summer if the bridge isn't fixed it won't be so great....

The stream crossing on the way back, not even a mile from the end, had a lot of trees down. There looked to be 3 or 4 huge trees down right at the crossing and that was more challenging than the stream. It was definitely a good work out with the mud on the bridal trail portion.

Went on a group hike - a bit muddy and slick in places. Trekking poles are a good idea right now. Definitely bring a change of shoes

3 months ago

Good trail but muddy and a bit hard to follow. I’d say it’s more moderate than easy due to inclines and declines.

3 months ago

Just hiked the inner loop today. The extended loop was closed off due to storm damage. There were quite a few trees down in that area and the trail became unrecognizable.

It is definitely muddy and challenging with the elevation changes. Luckily it was still colder today, because when it warms up the mud will be crazy! I’m not a huge fan of bridal trails when the weather is warmer and wetter.

3 months ago

I would not call this trail easy by any stretch of the imagination! We hike often and this trail kicked our butt! There are frequent elevation changes, and with spring and mud upon us, making your way up and down the hills can me treacherous.

I enjoyed this trail and there were quite a few technical challenges, such as downed trees and streams to cross. Just please be careful with the muddy terrain. This trail will be easier in dry season, but still challenging.

Good trail. Two places where the turns could have been marked better but overall a nice trail and a decent workout.

Not bad. Not sure I would rate as “ hard “ though. Very muddy this time of year so bring a change of shoes !

Lovely. Muddy today but we only saw one person in five miles. Perfect for the dogs. Several stream crossings. Some good hills. Not for when the knees hurt.

Beautiful, awesome trail !!!

4 months ago

Just hiked the loop today. One needs to cross creeks/runs about 5 times, which can be a challenge during winter months and wet seasons when the ground is muddy. Portions of the trails are muddy and slippery. The trails have many up/down hills and is a good exercise in that sense. Overall, the trail can be maintained/designed better.

Just got done. Very few people and wet but I expected so.

just did the hike. I didnt see a single person on the trail and I loved hiking across the frozen creeks and over the hills.

loved this trail

This trail had a lot of hills so it was a great workout. There are multiple areas that crossed creeks which was nice that our dogs could cool off and get a drink.

I wouldn't call it easy! Definitely has some good hills!

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