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An early addition to the National Park Service (park #10), Glacier National Park in Montana turned 100 on May 11, 2010. The park is immense, with 1 million acres (4,047 km2), 300 lakes and a reach of 1,584 square miles (4,103 km2). The park is considered the centerpiece of a vast region of protected land that includes some 16,000 square miles (41,440 km2). The park features some 700 miles of hiking trails and supports all manner of outdoor activities, such as biking, boating, fishing, and horseback riding. There are 13 campgrounds that allow for roughly 1000 campsites. Other accommodation options include hotels, inns, lodges and motels. Part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, this park has over 50 remaining glaciers and 130 named lakes under the tall Rocky Mountain peaks. There are historic hotels and a landmark road in this region of rapidly receding glaciers. These mountains, formed by an overthrust, have the world's best sedimentary fossils from the Proterozoic era.

3 days ago

Only downside was the smoke closing the view from the wild fires in Sept.

One of the most beautiful hikes I've done and favorite that we did in Glacier. It's a fairly long hike and the scenery is great. You truly get to experience everything from crossing creeks on log bridges, trekking through the woods and then the final approach to cracker lake is a breeze. Make sure to plan accordingly and you MUST go the extra ~1 mile down to the lake shore. Gorgeous blue that I've never seen before nestled below the Glacier and surrounded by mountains on all sides.

6 days ago

First few days of August my brothers and I did Redgap Pass to POIA. The trail up to POIA is pretty heavily wooded, passing a shallow marshy lake. Right off the bat we came into contact with a bull elk that moved off through the bush. This section of the trail had an unreal amount of scat on the trail that wasn't bear other wild animals. When we made it to camp we realized that another camper had pack llamas, which was where all the scat came from. Stick your head right through the bushes at tent site and you have incredible views of POIA lake and the valley. Next day was from POIA over Redgap Pass and back to Helen Lake, a little over 15 miles. You will definitely earn it on the way up to Redgap. Also take note that there was only 1 legitimate fill up for water about halfway up from a small waterfall. The views of Elizabeth lake, Crowfoot Mountain, and the Ahern Glacier were incredible from atop Redgap Pass. Second night was at Helen Lake, definitely the most dramatic views from camp. Third night was at Elizabeth lake which was the nicest campground setup we saw. Ample "tree benches" and food prep area. All of the campgrounds had an outhouse. We did not see any bear on the trip but we did see another cow elk near Helen Lake, and then a large bull moose at Elizabeth campground. We exited out through the Ptarmigan tunnel.

Gorgeous hike, seemed like a well maintained trail. It got snowy in the afternoon which made the trail a little harder on the way down. Be aware there's a decent distance between the parking lot and the start of the trail so it will probably take a little longer than expected. The switchbacks were long with a relatively constant small incline, which made going up challenging, but the view at the top was so worth it. Breathtaking spot.

18 days ago

18 days ago

22 days ago

Got a late start and had to turn around, spur of the moment thing. I will try again in spring and get a much earlier start.

The steeper part of the trail has long grades between switchbacks and although altitude is not a problem for me, the constant climb was had on my knees.

Amazing and Beautiful


24 days ago

Beautiful trail to a waterfall and the lake.

24 days ago

Spectacular trail. A must do in Glacier.

one of the best hikes in my life!!

Busy trail, but the lake at the end is worth it!

Amazing! There were still icebergs in the lake in August

1 month ago