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An early addition to the National Park Service (park #10), Glacier National Park in Montana turned 100 on May 11, 2010. The park is immense, with 1 million acres (4,047 km2), 300 lakes and a reach of 1,584 square miles (4,103 km2). The park is considered the centerpiece of a vast region of protected land that includes some 16,000 square miles (41,440 km2). The park features some 700 miles of hiking trails and supports all manner of outdoor activities, such as biking, boating, fishing, and horseback riding. There are 13 campgrounds that allow for roughly 1000 campsites. Other accommodation options include hotels, inns, lodges and motels. Part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, this park has over 50 remaining glaciers and 130 named lakes under the tall Rocky Mountain peaks. There are historic hotels and a landmark road in this region of rapidly receding glaciers. These mountains, formed by an overthrust, have the world's best sedimentary fossils from the Proterozoic era.

What a feeling of accomplishment completing this hike! The views are tremendous and well worth the work. You will be sore. It will be worth it.

Still had some snow up at the top, but not enough to deter you from reaching the lookout.

19 hours ago

19 hours ago

Felt like four wonderful journeys packed into one. A trek through wildflowers, woods, along the rim of a valley and over snow to get to an ice covered Iceberg Lake. Well worth the journey with plenty of waterfalls and wildlife to see along the way.

Beautiful easy trail. Well marked and easy to hike in and out. At the end is a lake and we saw trumpeter swans with signets while we enjoyed a picnic. Be aware you are in bear country and take all the precautions. We saw 2 piles of bear scat on the trail and sang loudly and clapped most of the way to prevent the bears from approaching. Take bear spray. Hiked with mom and kids...it was beautiful. Take bug spray too....when we stopped to take pictures, we were swarmed and sprayed down. Great hike!

Beautiful hike with a gorgeous lake at the end! Well maintained and well trafficked. Had mom and kids with me and it was perfect for all ages. Be aware that you are in bear country. Bear spray and bear safety awareness is a must.

2 days ago

Fun hike but it is more like a mile long. My 9 year old lost his camera on the hike but otherwise it was great with nice views of Lake McDonald.

2 days ago

Disappointing destination.. little lake in the woods with a bunch of bugs

this trail was really difficult due to it being absolutely freezing and insanely windy and rocky. That being said the entire time you are faced with amazing views and I saw a family of mountain goats, with babies, on the way down. All in all one of my favorite hikes of glacier, but I'm a sucker for a challenge and beautiful views.

2 days ago

Made it in the middle of june. Trail without snow. But weather near the lake was awfull. Very beautifull trail. Not dificult becides the distance. Did not make it all, come back near the lake. It is not very popular but I dont know why. It was really amazing! My advise to do it!

Easy trail. Very crowdly. Not scenic views on the hike. But good lake in the end. We meet the bear and the deer on the trail :) So not bad but not fantastic. 4 - just for the wild animals!