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Montana Map

As of 7/15/18, this is a beautiful area but nothing breathtaking like the river canyons of Hamilton. It easy to see the area has been burned quite a while ago and some areas struggle to recover. You’re going to have to get your feet wet right away or hike an alternate trail on the West of Welcome Creek to find a log to cross on. Then the trail turns brushy for quite a majority of what’s shown on this track file. You stay on the East side of the river until you get to a log bridge with handle and the site of an old log cabin that’s gone. I had trouble finding the trail after the cabin site but it switches to the West side of the river and goes a bit higher above the river and is sometimes carved into the shale rock side. It’s actually less brushy here but I got tired of the trail and turned around.

A nice hike , be in shape and bring water. A very good hike but also a good work out . The views are amazing ! Well worth it.

This trail was good for doing with our children but overall I felt it was like a trail you could do in any forested area (but maybe I was just spoiled by some of the breath-taking from hikes earlier in the week)

We did this hike on Tues 7/10. We were completely surprised by and unprepared for so much of the trail being covered with snow but we hiked it anyways and were certainly glad we did. We did this trail with 4 of our children ranging in age from 1-8. The older two were able to complete the hike easily on their own with exception of one very small part of the trail (about 15 yards) where we were on a dirt hill between 2 snowy spots. I’d imagine this part will get easier and easier as the snow melts. The view at the overlook was so beautiful it was certainly worth it and we saw a few mountain goats. I highly recommend this trail

We did this hike on Wednesday 7/11. It was perfect for our family which included our 5 children ranging in age from 1 to 8. Definitely bring bug spray. We hung out by the lake (which is more like a pond) with the mountains in the background and enjoyed the peaceful scenery. I believe we crossed onto McDonald’s Creek trail too because we also walked along the river. It was really enjoyable.

23 hours ago

Beautiful hike , although when you start the switch backs at upper twin lakes the trail is moderately blocked with fallen trees. Once you get over tree line there are still substantial snow fields. We ended up bouldering a bit when we got off trail. There ARE cairns that we noticed on the way back down. But when you are in fields of rocks, stacked rocks are not super obvious. Regardless, stellar hike. Pack bug spray and most of the trail on the lower end is flooded with run off. Highly recommend water proof boots.

23 hours ago

I never hike and this one I did. It was definitely a challenge, but pretty the whole way and doable. We carried our 2 yr old as well. There’s fishing and a good spot for a break at the lake before you turn around and go back.

I hiked this trail, the deadfall has been cleared and the wild-flowers are out, especially at the start of the trail (by the bridge over the wetlands) and in the high mountain meadows. I saw raspberries growing and huckleberries ripening about 1/2 mile into the hike. Take bear spray, I ran into some scat about 3.9 miles in on the mountain meadow.

Narrow path with lots of horse poop. Be sure to wear long pants because the grass is long in places. The lake at the top is pretty, but quite brown and not very inviting for a swim. We saw bear and wolf tracks, which was pretty cool. The wildflowers and general vegetation were spectacular. The flies were bad (as I imagine they are throughout these parts in summer), so bring ya’ DEET. Not overly strenuous, we made it up in an hour and a half.

From the Blackmore parking lot it’s 12.4 miles. Really pretty with the wildflowers blooming. Only two small patches of snow to cross.

Make sure you hike to Virginia Falls - spectacular!! Not as many people

We did part of this trail, we started at the gunsight pass parking lot and went as far as we could which according to my gps watch was 8.6 miles, and 8 on my husbands apple watch, before we hit a big sheet of snow that we could not cross, this was above the lake before the pass, we tryed to test out a couple of feet, and couldn't do it, it is slippery snow and you can't really make foot holes with the running shoes we had on, maybe with clamp ons :/ most of the hike was scenic, we saw a moose that heard us from probably half a mile away and took off running. The trail was pretty overgrown, your legs are getting rubbed most of the trail.

Lovely trail. A bit heavy foot traffic but not bad. Take bear spray!! Not good for small children.

Beautiful hike!! Be prepared for weather changes. Sleeted and rained on us the whole way back off and on. Beautiful scenery! Snowed on peaks across from us. Lots of picture opportunities!!

Went in at sun point nature trail was about 6 miles round trip to Virginia falls. definitely worth the trip waterfalls all along the way. dropped in at sun point due to lack of parking at the other trail heads but still a great hike. easy for all ages took about 3 hours with short stops at the waterfalls.

1 day ago

This was a really fun trail to do, however when you get down to the lake there seemed to be an avalanche that made it hard for me to find the trail. I turned back because I felt uncomfortable being down there on my own, but it would have been doable. the trail down is very slippery and snowy. I saw people in running sneakers making their way down, but I'd really urge against that. the way up is pretty steep, but the views were so rewarding that it made the crazy weather and terrain all worth it. This trail will probably be cleared up closer to late July, but it's still doable.

trail running
1 day ago

Fantastic run! We had to turn back about 11 miles in due to a steep snowfield that was impassable still. but gorgeous run. Highly recommend.

1 day ago

Beautiful scenery and perfect for a quick workout!

We hiked it on a foggy day so you couldn’t see all the tops of the surrounding mountains. Felt like another world as a result! We didn’t see any moose but several hikers on the trail said they had earlier that morning. Just the right amount of people - not nearly as crowded as other popular trails in the park. Very flat, too.

1 day ago

Great trail with a huge payoff. A little route-finding and overgrown in places, but not bad. Canyon Lake is gorgeous! And perfect for a brisk dip. Recommend.

1 day ago

definitely a great hike with PHENOMENAL views. the road up is a white knuckle adventure so be careful. the directions were not accurate so check with other web sites for the correct route. short hike to the lake with incredible scenery.

Very nice, sparsely traversed trail. There are two lakes at the end, Moon Lake and Deer Lake. Both are beautiful. Many microclimate changes and overall just a pretty amazing hike. Bring bug spray for the horse flies and skeeters at the lake. And always, bear spray!

Did this hike Friday (7/13/18) later in the afternoon as a large two family group (8 yoa to 51 yoa). It was warmer and we wished we had brought more water on the trail as most of the trail is rolling and climbing through the forest with not much wind moving.

The lake was beautiful and provided some cool relief. My brother in law who does triathlons (competed in Kona) brought his wetsuit and swam the lake. Another check box filled in his bucket list.

This was a tough hike! Very fun! Lasted a few hours. Highly recommended!

1 day ago

Fun hike if you have time and energy! Getting to the lakes wasn't too hard, there are spots that can get tricky because the trail isn't marked too well. if you want to get to the top I would rate this as Hard. if you follow the right side past the first two lakes it will bring you close to a ridge line, you will have to be smart of how to get to it because there wasn't a trail. once on the ridge you will have to do some boldering for a good portion of the ridge. If you wanted to follow the lakes up then go through the pass you can, but make sure on the first to lakes to stay on the right side, the left side of those lakes are hard and steep! Going to the top will test you, but it is worth it!

Good trail to build the legs. All up hill beautiful falls at the top. I’m just a beginner.

As others said, pretty easy to stop and scratch your head deciding which way to go as there are many spots where the trail splits off two to three separate ways. Hard to tell with some of them if they are trails or areas that have been washed out. Seeing as it’s due to all the mining once done up here (a local we ran into gave us a quick history lesson along the way), we thought the many split off trails were pretty cool. We kind of just followed trails that looked like they’d lead to the top and made it in ~1.5 miles to the peak. Some steep parts but not anything too intense. Lots of fun history with all the little mines up here and a very close and fun hike!

had planned to walk this with my kids, but the weather didn't cooperate and when we got there we saw a sign advising us that we are in bear country and bear spray was recommended. I would have brought some had i known this sooner. so we drove instead. we mostly saw ducks and just a few other birds. the wildflowers were pretty. we're did walk out on the boardwalk and my kids saw an otter they said. the visitors center was closed due to staffing issues.

mountain biking
1 day ago

I did this trail when I was first learning how to mountain bike and really enjoyed it as a beginner!

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