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Took our 4 and 1 year old late July.We got stuck up there for awhile as a grizzly was spotted on trail and rangers kept us in group till it left. Beautiful lake and fun to see people jumping into freezing water with icebergs. My 4 year old did the whole thing herself.

yes, do this hike.

Warm right until you approach the lake then a sudden climate change, for us cold and rainy but fun with raingear. Plenty of water along the trail. Lives up to its name.

This was a great section of trail and a highlight from my 2017 backpacking trip in Glacier.

Upper two medicine was unremarkable. If you want a workout or just to say you did it, then do it! Otherwise, give this a pass. There’s better almost everywhere else in the park.

11 days ago

Long distance. Pack enough food and water. Encountered snow, hike along a stream, steep inclines in parts, not much shade in places. Cobalt itself is relatively small and sheltered. Take swim or have a nap before heading back. Grab a beer or ice cream at the nearby store at the end as a reward. You’ll need it.

12 days ago

Adored this hike on the most perfect day with a high of 60 degrees. Lots of wildlife. Once you reach the lake, the trot was totally worth it. We stopped for lunch and the way back was much faster. It was the perfect day hike length for my taste.

simply stated....gorgeous!

Favorite hike in GNP state-side!!!!! We LOVE this trail!!! Amazing views for the full hike! Clean fresh air that refreshes you all the way. Animals out and about. Rather steep but definitely worth it! It's actually probably our family's favorite trail to do in all of MT

Easy and beautiful trail that even small children can easily walk!

Very beautiful and fun little hike with a gorgeous lake. One of our family favorites!

Great hike. Beautiful view at the top.

Did this because we summited the glacier earlier than we expected. Very windy when we went by still so quiet and very few people. If you have time I’d say do it, it’s basically on the way anyways.

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Nice and easy, great views but I’d recommend hiking down to the lake though. See my other review.

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Really popular hike but if you have limited time I’d recommend doing this one over the others I’ve done. You will experience everything: glacier waters, amazing views, switchbacks galore, and most likely wildlife sightings.

I’ve done this one twice, one in early August and once in late August. The one I did in early August we were up on the ridge line and we saw a mother grizzly and two babies playing in the steam below. It was the coolest thing. The late August hike on the same ridge line we saw a massive bull moose munching away on greens down below. When we got up to the glacier I saw some Big Horn Sheep as well so keep your eyes open and bring binoculars!

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If you hike down you basically leave 95% of the tourists behind at the observation deck. The switchbacks might seem intimidating but if you take your time coming back up it’s so worth it.

We also ended up seeing a Mountain Goat right on the switchbacks on the way back up from the lake. It was really awesome laying out on the rocks by the lake very quiet and relaxing.

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What a nice easy leisurely hike. It does not feel like it is as much elevation gain as it lists on this. We saw moose, deer, and loads of wild birds. The lake at the end is just breathtaking. We did it in late August and there was still and iceberg floating in the water. Highly recommend!

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It’s beautiful and worth seeing just heavily trafficked.

Amazing views. The last couple miles of the hike was burnt Forrest so glaring sun but overall spectacular!

This area burned in the summer of 2017. The chalet burned down, but they are going to restore it over the summer of 2018. check in with the park service to check about deadfall burnt trees and trail conditions

The trail got really long on the way back, especially for my pregnant wifey.

21 days ago

Beautiful and the fishing is amazing.

This was an awesome hike and worth the loss of 5 toenails. I am getting bigger boots! Although on of the hikers in the group did the entire 17+ miles in her Keen sandals. Saw bears, goats, birds and moose. Definately will do again.

Loved this hike. Went all the way from Logan's Pass to Glacier - 17 miles. A variety of views and challenges. Saw 2 grizzlies at a safe distance. Also saw mountain goats, ptarmgans, and moose.

22 days ago

22 days ago

Compared to other hikes in Glacier, this one is just ok. I mean, it's beautiful, but if you have a capable group of hikers, then I'd look elsewhere for a challenge.

22 days ago

Bring your camera and a water filter - the views and water are plentiful and amazing!

24 days ago

Still some snow on trail . Be ready with your waterproof /snow shoes . Lot of logs on the trail also . Had to park just before the bridge due to blocked road . So add additional 1.9 mile from parking lot to trail start point .
Views are amazing ! No animals noticed on the trail .

Late August- We went really early and walked all the way around the lake. There were some people there but it was still fairly empty. When we headed back we saw tons of people going up. We did see bear prints in the mud on the far side of the lake which was cool.

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27 days ago

Looking to hike this in mid July with another person or small group. Normally would do this by myself but I’ve heard of a lot of bear and moose sightings in this area and rather not chance it. HMU if interested. 716 359 2077.

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