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I did this trail today (6/21) and it was great! It wasn’t too difficult (I’m not in shape at all) but there were lots of bugs for sure. I saw people turn around a mile or so in due to all the mosquitos (they didn’t want to use bug spray). I started at 7am to avoid people and heat. It took a total of 4hrs and 10min. On my way back down between 10-11a, I started seeing a lot of hikers. So if you like your peace and quiet, start out early. Also, there aren’t restrooms at the trailhead so plan accordingly. All in all, beautiful views at the top!

Very nice trail through the Trail of Cedars to Avalanche Gorge. Went in early June so lots of rushing water. Pretty cool area around the gorge. The trail to Avalanche is easy going not too steep and such a beautiful turquoise lake at the end. Very photogenic! Snow capped mountains surrounding the lake that time of year. Loved this hike!

Really nice easy going trail, saw deer right along the trail. I thought the tree burn had its own beauty with the blackened trees with fresh green growth coming up and the beargrass popping up. The contrast made for a beautiful trail. Many waterfalls along the way. Even saw a mule train that had been down repairing the bridge! Both St Mary’s Falls and Virginia Falls were amazing! We went early June so lots of rushing water.

10 hours ago

Beautiful scenery on this trail, it’s a steady incline and rocky trail but great views. Windy in spots and wear layers. We hiked it first week of June and a couple spots still had snow, one spot you can go above and hit a goat trail. I suggest starting in the morning as it got warm pretty fast and I was glad we did it in AM. Awesome views on top!!!

Final destination was breathtaking getting underneath that waterfall and enjoying the water after a nice little scenic hike was the perfect end to my glacier trip this time. We began this from the sun point trailhead and worked out this made the hike a touch longer but worth the destination!

Most of this trail was closed down for my visit hopefully construction will finish up for my next trip.

15 hours ago

6/20/2018 This trial taught me the importance of always double checking with the ranger station on trail status. We hiked the brutal uphill and got about 4.5 miles in when we found a posting stating the remainder of the trail was closed due to high bear activity. Always check! The beginning of the trail was brutal for about the first 2-2.5 miles. HIGHLY suggest you have hiking poles. Some of the trail is overgrown, but it is pretty easy to spot the trail for the most part. After about 2 miles you hit a burnt forest, so make sure you bring sunscreen and a hat. The trail is pretty isolated so you will definitely want to bring your bear spray along. I hope I can get back one day and finish the hike, of course checking with the rangers this time!

Beautiful views along the way and at the top. Heard about bear sightings from a few people along the trail. Fire damage to trees. Hiked on to Lincoln Peak. There and back took about seven hours.

Nice hike on this side of the park. The first part of the hike is through forest. Once you get to the base of the mountain there is no tree coverage. The switchbacks are steep - we had to take breaks along the way, and the view is the same the entire way up. Once you get to the ridge and make it to the top you have excellent 180 degree + views of the mountains. We packed a lunch and ate at the top. It took us 2 hours up (with breaks along the way) and 1.5 hours down. The descent is steep and was hard on my knees, so if you have hiking poles you’ll want to bring them.

We did this hike in the rain and it was still amazing. The view at the lake is breathtaking. There are also great places to stop along the way and appreciate nature’s beauty. The incline isn’t too steep going out but I’d recommend wearing hiking shoes/boots.

1 day ago

Harder hike for sure. Some of the trail is over grown but has berries to eat along the way. Take the bear spray on this one. The lake and waterfall are beautiful. Worth the hike.

Tough but worth it! Buggy in June.

Hands down one of the best hikes I have ever done. Gorgeous view the entire way. Hiked on 6/17 and didn’t start until about 1 pm. The trail was still closed about 3.5 miles up, but still absolutely worth the hike anyway. Thick vegetation make this a bear’s haven and makes it easy to walk up on them. I saw a brown bear with 3 cubs. She was pretty stressed considering people were blocking her in front and from behind trying to get pictures and a good view. The trail is wet in some places from snow runoff and there are even some the small waterfalls because of it. It was fabulous! This trail really shows off what Glacier has to offer.

It's definitely not the best trail in the park but we loved it. We were able to sit at the shore for a snack while checking out the breathtaking view. INSECT REPELLENT IS CRUCIAL!

Did this on June 17, 2018. Pretty much clear of snow except for a few patches on the back side of the saddle (easily passable) but it was really buggy.

Excellent hike 2 days ago for our first trip to GNP. Perfect weather, cool & comfortable. The views along the way are fabulous and the lake/mountains is a breathtaking reward before turning around & going back. Saw a young buck within 5-10 feet of us. Mountain goats in the distance, but super high up and difficult to make out without binoculars or a scope. People ahead of us saw a bear, but it scurried away before we got to that area. Wonderful adventure.

3 days ago

Less traveled and more beautiful even than Avalanche trail. Wonderful trail. We only did the half that runs along the river. Great bridge and spectacular views. Even able to get down to water. I loved this trail!

Beautiful since trail of cedars is at the beginning. We only went 1/2 way of the Avalanche trail and back. Way too many people and unfortunately some brought their dog. Awesome falls and creek. A must even if you can’t do the whole trip.

A nice trail to begin our Glacier NP vacation. A bit rainy and cloudy today, but the forest trail was not strenuous and gave us beautiful views of forest, streams, Avalanche Lake, multiple waterfalls, mountain peaks, and ice/snow fields.
There were also many types of plants and flowers in bloom along the way.Avalanche Lake is beautiful and well worth the hike.

A must do if your in Glacier.

on Redrock Falls Trail

4 days ago

Reasonable hike with kids, lots of great climbing at the falls.

As other reviews have said this is one of the best hikes in the park and definitely the best hike on our trip. Ran into two grizzly bears near the switchback so be mindful and pay attention and make loud conversation and noise. The bears moved on down the mountain towards the lake rather quickly after the encounter. We waited around 15 minutes and moved up the trail away from them about 50 more yards. On the way down after waiting we spotted the larger grizzly about 70 yards away eating grass and moved cautiously away down the trail. Please have bear spray I cannot stress enough how important it is, we saw so many people without it luckily i didn’t have to use mine. The bears were fairly close to the trail also and were right in the switchback in the bushes which made them hard to see.

Hiked this trail Wednesday 6/13 at 8:30am

5 days ago

Did this trail a few years ago, just loved it. Beautiful views.

Loved this hike from Logan Pass to The Loop. Stopped for lunch at Granite Park Chalet. Can’t wait to hike this trail again.

6 days ago

Looking to hike this in mid to late July with another person or small group. Normally would do this by myself but I’ve heard of a lot of bear and moose sightings in this area and rather not chance it. HMU if interested. 716 359 2077.

6 days ago

Looking to hike this in mid to late July with another person or small group. Normally would do this by myself but I’ve heard of a lot of bear and moose sightings in this area and rather not chance it. HMU if interested. 716 359 2077.

This is another must in GNP! The initially climb up checks that your lungs are working but after that, the hike was very pleasant! About .6 away from the lake you go through quite the snow field. The first lake is Little Iceberg Lake but the really showstopper is Iceberg Lake behind it. From listening to others that have done the trail before hiking it again today, the hike today didn't follow the path that it usually does. Instead of going to the left (looking at Little Iceberg Lake) as the trail does, you have to go right through the snow field to get to Iceberg Lake. Just follow the footprints! We saw big horned sheep in the hills throughout our hike. On our way down, deep in the meadow, we saw two grizzly bears in by the river.

My husband and I hiked this trail yesterday. We weren't entirely sure when deciding to do this trail but opted upon many the reviews that stated that Grinnell was one of the best trails in the park. It really is! We didn't take the boat ride because we wanted to take the time to really explore our hike and we are so glad we did. Grinnell was closed off with a rope (although, you can tell some opted to continue passed the warning sign and the rope), which was about 3.5 miles up. On our way up we spotted quite a few big horned sheep. We heard of 3 grizzly bears that were around the trail but didn't see them. Although the trail was closed at 3.5 miles, the glacier is still magnificent and the trek is completly worth it!

great hike...went early in the morning, while everyone else was sleeping at the campground. very nice hike, a little nervous for bear, since we were alone on the trail going in....coming back there were alot of people on the trail. Great views at the lake.

I loved it. the wildflowers were beautiful and the water at the end was cold but it was fun to jump in

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