View trail guide video for this hike in 4k on YouTube, search 'grinnell glacier shotbyhunter'. Alltrails cover picture for this trail is taken from the video. Recommend starting from Many Glacier hotel as shown in video.

awesome hike. saw a moose. did this hike in 2018.

We did this trail in August of 2019 with our three kids ages 4, 6 & 8 (at the time). This was a very fun, gorgeous trail for all of us. Kids loved seeing the lake at the end and went in the water despite how cold it was! When we first got to the lake we did see a black bear across the way! Loved this hike!

We did this hike in summer of 2019 with our three kids ages 4, 6 & 8. We did have to go over ice/snow the kids loved this hike! We saw lots of mountain goats and some other wildlife & very beautiful! We made it to the top of the lake and then trail was shut down due to Bears. It was a very crowded trail.

The hike back is a bit meh compared to other glacier options, not bad just a lot of tree covering. BUT the end is so worth the journey. Incredible views. Check out the mine above the lake too! Super cool. Saw five! Grizzlies on our overnight trip, many deer. The whole experience was incredible.

Best hike of my entire life. Glacier is incredible and this hike showed me everything it has to offer! This is a must do! Go the whole way back to the glacier. Watch out for bears and moose of course :)

Hiked in late July. A very nice hike, especially if camped at Avalanche Creek, as we were. Can be lots of people, especially along the trail of the cedars boardwalk at the beginning.

An excellent hike. Hiked in late July. Challenging and long, and start early as there will be people, but the scenery and views along the way are excellent. After reaching the chalet we continued the loop along the granite park trail, which is shorter but steep back to going-to-the-sun road. Definitely recommend.

By far my favorite hike ever. I did this hike at the end of July in 2019. I parked my vehicle at the St. Mary visitor centered and shuttled up to Logan Pass to start on the Highline trail as early as 7am. I took the Highline trail up to the Chalet and then took Swiftcurrent Pass over to the swiftcurrent Inn and was able to hitch a ride back to my vehicle. Was a very long day but well worth getting on swiftcurrent. BEAUTIFUL.

Great for mountain biking and dirt biking

It is a very beautiful place when a glacier lily blooms.

Long day as I combined Iceburg and Cracker together. (2 years ago this July) The water of this lake was such an interesting color best described as a milky blue. Beautiful area.

Tough but 150% worth it! My wife and I with three children ages 18, 15 and 12 hiked the Garden Walk. I failed to heed the many warnings about “fickle weather, adequate water and proper footwear”. Despite hail storms, freezing rain, near hypothermia, the views and vistas are the best in my 40 year hiking history!!!!! I kept them going by stories of hot food at the shelter hut, but only if you bring your own water (: Everyone complained but 10 years later, it is still are all time favorite family story to tell !!!!! Do not miss it. I’ll be back for my third hike, every 20 years Posted by J Camper

Beware - Roads still closed for this hike as of May 8, 2020.

This section of trail has it all...wildlife (moose and mountain goats), a scenic pass, a high mountain campsite, lakes, etc. While the route does include some double backing, it is a good route to consider within the GNP backcountry permit system. You will need to take a boat out at the end, which will bring you into Canada. You can then take a shuttle back to GNP.

Spectacular hike - one of the best anywhere. Long but doable if you start early.

We really loved this hike and the views were beautiful. Starting at the Logan’s pass visitor center then to the overlook, it was really crowded up until that point and then there were only a few people we passed that went to the lake. We saw a lot of marmots, and the trail is well marked but really does drop pretty steep and coming back up was no joke for us! Worth it though. Down at the lake was beautiful but tons of bugs so bring bug spray. As well as bear spray for sure. We saw children doing this hike and so it’s definitely doable for families. Just arrive really early to park or take the shuttle which is recommended. It was mid August when we went and it was pretty cold, we had layers and hat on, even started out wearing gloves.

We checked in for our backpacking permit and we had the afternoon to do a short hike. The ranger recommended this and I’m happy she did. Within the trail we saw a brown bear, moose, deer, and plenty of squirrels running along the trail. If you have an hour or two around Many Glacier this is a must.

One of the most beautiful easy hikes in Glacier. Very little elevation gain and nearly the entire hike is shaded so it stays cool even in the dog days. The views of Avalanche Lake are worth the hike every single time.

By far, one of the highlights of my trip!

Great hike, saw moose across from where we were at. Beautiful view

This trail was great, went in August 2019 and the weather was perfect, trail was dry. We did go early and parking was terrible. We thought we got their early enough but we had to circle the parking areas multiple times for a while it seemed. We ended up getting lucky that someone was backing out of their space. So go even earlier then you would think. A lot of the trail is through the forest beside a river, it was gorgeous and then when you reach the lake it opens up and you can sit and enjoy the views. Great hike and pretty easy, was crowded.

Did this 2 summers ago. Probably my favorite hike ever. Must do!!

Did this 2 summers ago. Absolutely incredible hike, going to glacier lookout is a must.

I only wish that I knew what I was doing as a photographer back when I went in 2016… Because the views at the end of this trail were stunning. They were a lot of people on the trail so it is definitely heavily trafficked. But my goodness the views were amazing.

Very easy trail that I did after the avalanche Lake hike

Hiked this in July, a park ranger told us we might see a moose and sure enough we did! The trail is a little hard to follow, just make sure to look for signs. Definitely want to wear pants and bring bug spray

Soooooooo worth it! The trail is very navigable, the earlier in the morning you go the better I regards to traffic. The views are unbelievable!

Absolutely perfect hike. Starts off hiking past multiple lakes that remind you of Switzerland followed by some hiking through the forest. Then you hike by the side of a very large lake with incredible mountains all around. The entire time, you can see where the end point is, as there’s a waterfall coming out from the glacier. As you continue to go up, you can start to see a smaller turquoise lake with the most perfect scenery all around. The end gets slightly narrower but a couple of friends and I (23-24 years old and in shape) decided to jog the last mile or two up and felt safe (I’m very scared of heights and was okay but my dad who did it a year later thought it was too narrow for him.) But the end is what’s worth it. You show up right next to a massive glacier. My friends and I actually swam out a few feet to stand on the floating ice and while my entire body went numb, we thought it was well worth it. One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done.

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