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Did this because we summited the glacier earlier than we expected. Very windy when we went by still so quiet and very few people. If you have time I’d say do it, it’s basically on the way anyways.

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Really popular hike but if you have limited time I’d recommend doing this one over the others I’ve done. You will experience everything: glacier waters, amazing views, switchbacks galore, and most likely wildlife sightings.

I’ve done this one twice, one in early August and once in late August. The one I did in early August we were up on the ridge line and we saw a mother grizzly and two babies playing in the steam below. It was the coolest thing. The late August hike on the same ridge line we saw a massive bull moose munching away on greens down below. When we got up to the glacier I saw some Big Horn Sheep as well so keep your eyes open and bring binoculars!

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We have hiked this trail twice and it is always an incredible experience. Very challenging, wear sunscreen, a hat and layer clothing, bring trekking poles and wear good hiking shoes, bring sunglasses. You will go from hot to cold and we also got rained/snowed on on the top. Big temperature changes from the bottom to top and weather changes fast. Pack a rain jacket and wear clothing that doesn't make you feel cold when you get wet. Definitely bring bear spray, we saw grizzlies and black bear and the rams are very aggressive. Try to stay in a group or take the guided ranger led hike up. Definitely a hike you will never forget! Pack plenty of food and water.

Hike was nice, just wish the glacier would have made an appearance for us.

2 months ago

Lots of Moose at the lake every time I have hiked this. Easy hike. Bring bug spray!

3 months ago

Beautiful hike! We hiked this trail after hiking to Grinnell Glacier. This trail is easy and beautiful all at once. It passes through dense forest. Beautiful lake with a beautiful beachy area. Great views from the lake. Bring water and a snack, carry bear spray. Make noise on the trail.

Amazing trail, we hiked it a total of three times. Bring plenty of water, sandwich and snacks. Make sure to pack a light rain jacket or a wind breaker, it gets much colder up near the top than it is on the bottom. We went through all weather on the way up. From hot to cold. Wear sunblock and carry bear spray, we saw grizzly and the rams were aggressive too, even though we gave them lots of space and never approached them. Try to stick with other people. Amazing views the entire time. It is a challenging hike.

Crowded but awesome trail

Magnificent trail. I’ve hiked all of New England- Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and a great deal of the West. Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. Nothing I’ve seen in the States has come close to comparing to this trail. And it’s a surprisingly easy hike for how incredible the views are. If you live in the states it’s a hike you’ve got to experience.

3 months ago

An amazing hike - we did it mid-July and the upper section of the trail still had snow in a couple of places and a waterfall falling right on the path. There was a warning about "snow danger" in place too even though none of the snow patches could have possibly been dangerous in any way.
The views are absolutely stunning throughout the hike, and the lake with the glacier at the top are just beautiful. We saw some bighorn sheep too.
Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes we've done!

3 months ago

My favorite hike of all time...so far! Accidentally took the ranger led hike down to the shore of Grinnell Lake, not knowing the glacier trail head was by the boat dock. Did see a black bear cub and we all were a bit nervous because we didn't know where the mother was located. Finally got back to the trail head after the 2-hour ranger led hike and started hiking up towards the glacier. Only got about halfway up the trail before heading back due to time, but the views were simply amazing! Moose, deer, bears, big horn sheep and other small critters are up there in late June. Beautiful!!!

4 months ago

First, Glacier National park is a treasure. Be prepared for sights and colors and sensational scenery!! This was the most incredible hike to a vanishing glacier. Start early in the morning. You will be stopping frequently to snap photos. Also, you will get wet. I hiked this in July and there was still snow patches and water to travel over and under!! Bring a water filter system so you can drink glacier water. I saw many animals... a Wolverine, for one. Bring bells and bear spray. Be prepared and you’ll have such special memories of this hike!

Absolutely stunning views. We went in June and part of the trail was still closed for snow.

4 months ago

My favorite hike of the visit
End of August 2017, a bit warm and some smoke due to fires but air quality during our hike to Grinnell was fine
Saw moose in lake Josephine , grizzly meandering across trail, and many big horn sheep !
The views are spectacular both from the trail throughout and also at the glacier/ lake This is a must do hike

4 months ago

Hiked May 2016. The view was worth the trip, absolutely beautiful! Many Glacier was my favorite area of the park!

5 months ago

First few days of August my brothers and I did Redgap Pass to POIA. The trail up to POIA is pretty heavily wooded, passing a shallow marshy lake. Right off the bat we came into contact with a bull elk that moved off through the bush. This section of the trail had an unreal amount of scat on the trail that wasn't bear other wild animals. When we made it to camp we realized that another camper had pack llamas, which was where all the scat came from. Stick your head right through the bushes at tent site and you have incredible views of POIA lake and the valley. Next day was from POIA over Redgap Pass and back to Helen Lake, a little over 15 miles. You will definitely earn it on the way up to Redgap. Also take note that there was only 1 legitimate fill up for water about halfway up from a small waterfall. The views of Elizabeth lake, Crowfoot Mountain, and the Ahern Glacier were incredible from atop Redgap Pass. Second night was at Helen Lake, definitely the most dramatic views from camp. Third night was at Elizabeth lake which was the nicest campground setup we saw. Ample "tree benches" and food prep area. All of the campgrounds had an outhouse. We did not see any bear on the trip but we did see another cow elk near Helen Lake, and then a large bull moose at Elizabeth campground. We exited out through the Ptarmigan tunnel.

6 months ago

A truly beautiful hike with amazing scenery. It's not a hard hike to do, however towards the end of the hike there is a serious amount of snow that made it basically impossible to make it all the way to the glacier. Still a great hike.

Hiked: Mid-October 2017
Weather: recent snowfall and VERY windy
Wildlife: goats, elk, grizzly, deer
Boats were not operating at time
Bathrooms and picnic tables at the trailhead

Arrived about 11am. Enjoyed getting the heart pumping with a brisk walk bc boats were done for the season. Lots of canopy coverage at this point. The trail becomes slightly steeper, but definitely manageable. This is about the time you look back and get gorgeous views of the lakes.

At this point in the hike, other hikers pointed out a bear much further walking up the trail. We continued on to warn hikers in front of us about the bear, which we thought was black. We were about 1.5 miles from the end when we viewed the grizzly bear at a safe distance. Waited about an hour before turning around bc the winds were supposed to be even worse that afternoon and the bear was still eating about 100+ yards from us, but about 50 feet off the trail ahead. Hey... a bear’s gotta eat and I can definitely relate! Still sad I didn’t finish a hike I had planned for so long, but the journey was still wonderful.

Will definitely be back to complete this hike in the future!

Great hike with amazing views. Did the hike without the boat rides. Did this one Mid June and snow still present towards the end of trail. Lots of beautiful wildflowers. Nearing the glaciers, going around a bend were fresh grizzly tracks. Keep bear spray accessible. Did this one with 2 kids 14 and 12 who were absolutely amazed at the views & not focused on distance.

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!❄️ without taking the boat, it’s more like 12 miles round trip.

7 months ago

one of top trails in Glacier Nat Park - get on the trail EARLY and carry bear spray! can shorten hiking distance by taking boat across 2 lakes. Lots of wildlife!

This was an amazing hike, the views literally never stopped. When we reached the Glacier I almost cried it was so beautiful. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything that spectacularly beautiful in my life. The hike is not hard, a little over 2k elevation gain spread out over 5.5 miles to the top. It was a little steeper at the end but you're so excited you barely notice. We brought shoe spikes (like yak trax) which was really nice with the fresh fallen snow and ice in the AM but definitely not required. The temp differences from start to finish are pretty staggering so bring layers. We had a winter jacket in our packs and that made our time at Glacier super pleasant compared with others who barely moved due to being frozen. Pack bear spray (don't even consider this hike without it) although we didn't encounter one we did meet a woman who had been followed by a grizzly just moments before we passed her. We were charged by a huge ram on the way up that we accidentally surprised but he only did it for a few seconds and then stopped but the spray would have worked on the ram had we needed it. The rams blocked our path on the way down too but it was all part of the thrill of the hike. We waited about a half hour and then they moved on. We had lunch just over the bridge on the way to Lake Grinnell (a quick detour) on a little sand bar facing the glaciers and mountains and it was breathtakingly beautiful. I highly recommend that. Overall there isn't a hike anywhere that packs in so much beauty and excitement in my humble opinion.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike. Went up early. Last mile or so was snow and ice and very windy at the top. Hat and gloves were appreciated. Not a challenging hike but an amazing one.

Amazing hike.

We took the first boat ride which was supposed to be a ranger led hike, but that portion ended up being cancelled due to the smoke. I was nervous about running into a grizzly, but there was enough safety in numbers on the way up that it wasn't a problem (plus, we didn't end up seeing any grizzlies after all). We saw lots of big horn sheep, even right along the trail, as well as a ptarmigan. Another couple that we ran into on the trail said they spotted something that sounds like a Canadian lynx about 20 yards from where we were, but we didn't actually see it. The smoke was challenging and obstructed the view of the lake that is usually visible from the trail. Despite the challenges, this was a tough but rewarding hike!

It was fabulous even though there was smoke from nearby fires.

Busy trail because it is so awesome!!!! Glad to see so many people taking on this hike. Stunning views the entire way to keep you distracted from the 2000+ elevation gain!

8 months ago

This trail is located in Many Glacier, the most beautiful part of the park (IMO). It features incredible views right from the start and once you're up at the glacier, looking back down is stunning! If you're looking for a camp spot and Many Glacier Campground is full (which is usually is in peak months) try hewing Blackbones Campground. Its about a 10-15 minute drive, is beautiful, and always has spots.

Check out more details here: http://livelifemobile.com/taking-on-grinnell-glacier-trail/

Was completely overwhelmed by the breathtaking sites and sounds on this trail, and surprised by its difficulty but attribute that to problems with adjusting to higher elevation. Bring lots of water, or refill at the falls - the water there is delicious. Trekking polls would have been helpful for the descent.

We did this hike Monday of Labor Day weekend. Given that the boat was full, we expected to have a bit more safety in numbers walking through black bear habitat, but there was only one other solo hiker, and a slower group. We had to commit to a time for our boat return given the busy weekend, so we opted for the earlier departure, which ended up giving us a little less than an hour at the lake (plus one hour to hike each way). The hike through the forest was stressful because there were only two of us, and the foliage was thick, but luckily we didn't see any bears. Once at the lake, only the upper portion of the main lake is visible - the southeast side of the lake is covered in willows. We did see one moose and were surprised by how tiny it looked across the lake, given that the lake is not very large.

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