Hiked in late July. A very nice hike, especially if camped at Avalanche Creek, as we were. Can be lots of people, especially along the trail of the cedars boardwalk at the beginning.

An excellent hike. Hiked in late July. Challenging and long, and start early as there will be people, but the scenery and views along the way are excellent. After reaching the chalet we continued the loop along the granite park trail, which is shorter but steep back to going-to-the-sun road. Definitely recommend.

By far my favorite hike ever. I did this hike at the end of July in 2019. I parked my vehicle at the St. Mary visitor centered and shuttled up to Logan Pass to start on the Highline trail as early as 7am. I took the Highline trail up to the Chalet and then took Swiftcurrent Pass over to the swiftcurrent Inn and was able to hitch a ride back to my vehicle. Was a very long day but well worth getting on swiftcurrent. BEAUTIFUL.

It is a very beautiful place when a glacier lily blooms.

Beware - Roads still closed for this hike as of May 8, 2020.

We checked in for our backpacking permit and we had the afternoon to do a short hike. The ranger recommended this and I’m happy she did. Within the trail we saw a brown bear, moose, deer, and plenty of squirrels running along the trail. If you have an hour or two around Many Glacier this is a must.

One of the most beautiful easy hikes in Glacier. Very little elevation gain and nearly the entire hike is shaded so it stays cool even in the dog days. The views of Avalanche Lake are worth the hike every single time.

By far, one of the highlights of my trip!

Great hike, saw moose across from where we were at. Beautiful view

This trail was great, went in August 2019 and the weather was perfect, trail was dry. We did go early and parking was terrible. We thought we got their early enough but we had to circle the parking areas multiple times for a while it seemed. We ended up getting lucky that someone was backing out of their space. So go even earlier then you would think. A lot of the trail is through the forest beside a river, it was gorgeous and then when you reach the lake it opens up and you can sit and enjoy the views. Great hike and pretty easy, was crowded.

Did this 2 summers ago. Absolutely incredible hike, going to glacier lookout is a must.

I only wish that I knew what I was doing as a photographer back when I went in 2016… Because the views at the end of this trail were stunning. They were a lot of people on the trail so it is definitely heavily trafficked. But my goodness the views were amazing.

Very easy trail that I did after the avalanche Lake hike

Hiked this in July, a park ranger told us we might see a moose and sure enough we did! The trail is a little hard to follow, just make sure to look for signs. Definitely want to wear pants and bring bug spray

Soooooooo worth it! The trail is very navigable, the earlier in the morning you go the better I regards to traffic. The views are unbelievable!

Stunning views throughout. Bring layers and enough water and snacks. Prepare for a lot of people later in afternoon. Weather permitting climb to Glacier lookout.

Peaceful easy trail with great sights and wildlife information placed throughout.

Breathtakingly gorgeous!!!

Beautiful waterfalls but busy trail

Did this 2 summers ago. Great hike! I’d love to do it again someday. Lots of people though.

completed on 07/06.Great views.

Very nice hike. Honestly the waterfalls are beautiful but if you traverse to sun point afterwards the view is fantastic of the lake and mountains surrounding. The best parts of the hike are the beginning and end. The middle portions are quite exposed due to the wild fire. It was pretty heavily traversed when we did it at the end of July and the waterfalls were a little crowded. Just like any hike in Glacier it is best to get there early.

This boardwalk trail on the western side of Glacier National Park gives you the opportunity to see species that require more water, such as the western arborvitae. It has as a significant gorge in view from the boardwalk. It was a very busy and short trail with limited parking.

Mid-August 2019: This was one of the greatest hikes of my life!! it started at Logan Pass, all was calm, the sights were beautiful and there was a little bit of everything. We hiked on 1.5 ft wide cliffs, across mile-high water falls, and had all around extraordinary views the entire way. It was a long hike, you'll want food & water but it is MORE than worth it. Just before you get to the Chalet, take that sharp right (the path that leads straight up). My fiance and I tried to view the glacier overlook but unfortunately a storm rolled in. We turned back a couple hundred feet from the top in fear that we would be stuck by lightening but overall, the trip was absolutely not wasted, the trail was mind-blowing, and I can't imagine a more beautiful trail. Also, I suggest parking at The Loop in the morning before the first shuttle, taking the shuttle to Logan Pass, then hiking back to your car to make it a ~ 14 mile through hike! Works out great + no rush!!

One of the nicest trails I've ever done in any National Park. Spectacular mountain views and plenty of wildflowers, if you go at the right time of year. I went at the end of August, and saw plenty. It's defiantly worth making this part of a backpacking itinerary.

Absolutely worth it! My bf and I are not the most fit couple but we love to accomplish a hike on our trips. We challenged ourselves and this trail did not disappoint. We took our time and there are a lot of beautiful spots to stop and drink water. My knees are not in perfect shape so and am glad that I brought my hiking sticks. Take lots of water and snacks. Saw a bear at the lake!

Breath taking views. If you start from Logan pass it’s a climb down and you can finish off by resting by the glacier water run off.

Trail is pretty narrow and you are in prime bear country so keep your eyes and ears open so you don’t surprise one. Not difficult. I suggest taking the side trail to look at Fishercap Lake. You’re also in moose area and saw one feeding off the lake once we got to Redrock lake. (Sept 2019)

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