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Grand Canyon National Park pretty much speaks for itself; anyone who has been there will know this. For those yet to go, the Grand Canyon will consistently make your jaw drop even for seasoned veterans of the park. It is no wonder it is one of the country's most popular National Parks. With limited time, you can drive along the rim (Most people visit the South Rim, as it is more accessible from many other destinations and has more of the park's highlights). If you are feeling the need to get some exercise, walk along the Rim Trail as long as you want before turning around or taking one of the man free shuttles back to the lodge or the restaurant overlooking the vast canyon. The best way to appreciate the canyon is from the bottom, usually with a trip to the Bright Angel campground along the South Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel trail. DO NOT attempt a trip to the bottom and back in 1 day. Temperatures at the bottom can reach 110 degrees in the middle of the day, many people suffer from dehydration and heat stroke due to the dry climate. If attempting this (at least 2-day) hike, start very early in the morning to avoid the heat (do not hike between 10 and 2); By starting very early, you also get the added bonus of seeing the sunrise over the canyon walls, which will bring out some of the reddest rock you have ever seen. With more time to spare, there are several Native American reservations with tourist information, as well as several museums and ranger talks about the formation of this immense canyon, the history of its first inhabitants, and how the area is still changing today.

Wonderful hike with my wife. Took us longer than expected but we stopped to take a lot of photos and eat lunch!

17 hours ago

21 hours ago

Hiked a portion of this trail back in September. I started early in the morning, dropped down from the rim and headed for Phantom Ranch. It didn't take me long to get down and back out. There were a couple water points along the way.

3 days ago

This is a fabulous day hike if you're in shape and able to do it. It is a unique experience hiking in 40 degree weather at the top and 90 degree weather at the bottom, and having to hike down to start and up to finish. There are not many hikes in the world this long where you can do that.

I still prefer hiking in the mountains at higher elevation, but this hike was enjoyable. It is definitely the best hike easily accessible from the Grand Canyon shuttle system.

3 days ago