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This is a hike of a lifetime, the landscape and vistas are stunning. The trial is rugged so wear a good pair of boots. Rangers on the trail stopped hikers and inquired if they had adequate water. There is no water tap on the trail. I found it challenging in the midday sun but not hard. I would recommend going beyond Cedar to Skeleton Point, it’s only another 40 minutes. If you enjoy hiking and are in the vicinity, don’t miss this trail.

Beautiful hike with a great view

Fantastic day hike. Go early to beat the traffic and enjoy more shade.

We hit the trail about 4:30 am hiking down in the dark with headlamps. There were a few cars already where we parked and a few showed up shortly after us. Our goal was Ooh Aah Point by sunrise which we made easily. We hiked down to Cedar Ridge and enjoyed the scenery there for an hour or so before hiking back up. Because of our early start we didn’t encounter too much direct sun or heat, it was a very comfortable hike.

If nothing else- go to Ooh Aah point. Beautiful. First bit of the trail is covered in donkey poo.

If you are considering doing a hike at the Grand Canyon, please at least hike to oh, ah point! It is incredible, and you will feel such a sense of accomplishment upon completion!

We hiked this with our 5 kids ages 5-13. We went cedar ridge ate a snack, walked all the way out to the point,and hiked back up in just under 2 hours. Our family hikes a lot though, and our youngest can easily hike 7 miles. We regret not doubling our hike and going down to skeleton point. But you just never know how difficult it will be for your family until you try it! Every person had their own camel-bak of water packed with snacks. I think that is a MUST.

Awesome hike so we took it further to Skeleton Point. Took 2 hrs down and 3 hours to go back up. It was very hot that day. Drank 3L of water.

Excellent views at every step of the way!

Amazing! Definitely a “bucket list” thing! It was a hard hike out, fairly easy down though.

Was an Amazing experience, the views Breathtaking want to go back and hike to the Colorado River

Magnificent views and easier than I expected. There are some steep sections, but the trail is well maintained and never less than 4 feet wide.
Be sure to hike to the vantage point at Cedar Ridge.

This map actually takes you to Skeleton Point but there are two stops before that. Ooh Ah point is about 1 mike in. Great viewpoint! Next is Cedar Creek and from there Skeleton Point. This trail is ALL incline from the start. . Definitely a strenuous hike but we enjoyed it a lot! No snow anymore. If you have poles, bring them along with sunscreen, snacks, and plenty of water! Try to start early to mid morning.

Including resting and taking pictures, we made it to Cedar Creek and back in about 2.5 hours. Go the pace that works for you!

Very steep going down to the Colorado river.
Great views. Glad we were going down to spend the night. Did Bright Angels trail next day.

Not for the weak of heart. Lots of tourists taking kids down, not very kid friendly. The way down is deceptively easy as the route back up is much more challenging mid-day. But the views were unbeatable and an experience to remember.

I think this is the best hike on the South Rim (better than Bright Angel) due to the diversification of the views. It gets pretty crowded on the trail up until Cedar Ridge. The portion of the trail to Skeleton Point has less people. I think Cedar Ridge has a better view and better photo opportunities than Ooh Ahh Point. I went all the way to Skeleton Point (about 1.5 miles away from Cedar Ridge). The hike took about 4.5 hours (that is including some breaks). Going down the trail is easy. Going back up is definitely steep and will take 2x longer than when you were going down. I would bring a bandana to cover your mouth and nose for this trail. There is a portion that is a bit sandy/dusty and you don’t want to be inhaling dust while hiking.

What a great trail! We did it with a 8-year old. It was tough for her, especially towards the end, but worth every step. The views are absolutely breathtaking! It took us 5 hours in total, including 30 min at the Skeleton Point: 2 hours down and 3 hours back up.

We hiked up bright angel after coming down via south kaibab

All I can say is this trail broke me I literally thought I couldn’t make it every time I looked up
The elevation gain along with my heavy backpack was enough to make me ache so much. The last 2 hours going up I was about ready to call it a day and sleep on trail lol it was that bad. It also gets pretty cold near the top so bring a jacket easy access

For us it wasn’t icy but still some scary parts of the trail with steep drops. It took us about 7 hours to reach the top from the river and luckily there was lots of shade. The trail before the steep climb was enjoyable and pretty all the way up to about Indian gardens. Don’t think I’ll ever do this one again

We took a free shuttle back to the backcountry permit office

awesome trail! what does down must come up yes in this case its cery true. worth it though. the hike was a little stenuous but I love me some breaks made it back up in a 1 45 min not to shabby. you can see the colorado river from skeleton point.

Stunning hike!

Trail was carved out of a cliff side, and that alone is worth seeing. Some serious trail building work went into this one!

The river is visible at skeleton point if you walk to the left on the ridge at the end.

I’m guessing less than 20% of those on the trail actually went as far as skeleton point, but well worth it!

The views are amazing and much of the trail is well-maintained. Ooh-aah point is fairly crowded with people taking photos. O'neil Butte is an awesome landmark to stop at and just marvel at the canyon. The hike up is steep so save some energy for the return trip. March 22nd trail was mostly dry and no crampons needed.

This was my favorite trail at South Rim—gorgeous views at every step. Cedar Ridge was a perfect spot to reenergize before the trek back up. There are bathrooms at Cedar Ridge. The hike back up is tough—I needed some breaks and consider myself to be in good shape—but the experience is well-worth it.

Has anyone hiked this with kids? Considering taking my 5 year old

Perfect for a day hike! 3 points/landmarks on the trail to keep you motivated to keep going! We went down to skeleton point and back up which is 6 miles. You can’t see the river but it is beautiful! It took us all day but we took our sweet time. We parked down the road at one of the overlooks and walked on the paved trail to the trail head.

Hiked this the other day. Perfect weather. I found it the hardest on the way up as it got hotter. Beautiful scenery made it worth it. Probably one of the harder hikes I’ve done due to the elevation the whole way back up to the top.

Fantastic hike. Really gives you a sense of the scale of Grand Canyon when you hike down into it and the views on this hike do not disappoint. Fairly strenuous but not super long. Wife and I finished down and back in just over two hours with some stops to take in the views.

This was pretty hard for us! Well worth it tho. The hike took us about 6 hours. We took our time, rested as needed and did stop to eat twice. Give yourself time and bring plenty of water. Lots of traffic although people are courteous of one another. Hiking sticks are recommended. Be sure to wear the right boots and equipment. Enjoy and remember to stop and take it all in. Be safe.

This was hard, but there were kids doing it. And it was totally worth the trek. It was cold when we started, warmed up half way through. Pretty traffickied, but everyone was accommodating to each other.

Beautiful hike! Not easy.

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A wonderful and beautiful trail well maintained. Make sure to bring water and sun protection.

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