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    Member Since August 2018


    Torino, Piedmont, Italy 

    I live in TORINO , Italy. Me and my wife , we like to hike in mountains and Colorado is so nice!

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    hikingnature tripsmountain bikingscenic drivingwalking

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    ENRICO BERTA reviewed Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail

    3 months ago

    Very nice hike. Just pay attention to scrambling rocks near Timbeline falls and return. Can be slippery. Sunning views. We did many times.

    ENRICO BERTA reviewed The Incline Trail and the Barr Trail

    3 months ago

    Very unusual hike, so interesting. Nice work to remodel the stairs. Recommended in early morning to avoid crowd. Perfect system for park in Manitou and take shuttle bus.

    ENRICO BERTA reviewed The Keyhole and Longs Peak via Longs Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    We reached only the Keyhole, but was fantastic. Stunning view, with a marmot near Keyhole. Out of car 7.30 AM, back at 4.00 PM. Got rain and hail despite a nice weather until 1 PM.

    ENRICO BERTA reviewed Huron Peak via North Huron Trail

    10 months ago

    Very nice trail, with excellent views, especially of the three Apostles.Pretty easy for most of the part, but more challenging on the ridge. Very well maintained trail. Recommended 4wd for reach the top trailhead. We start from the lower trailhead because our rented car has a very worn tires.Nice wilderness area to see walking.

    ENRICO BERTA reviewed La Plata Peak North Trail

    10 months ago

    The most difficult I ever done. Started with my wife at 5.50 AM . After a pleasant way in the forest, the trail steep immediately. The real challenge is the last 1.5 mile, with talus scrambling and continues loosing the trail. Same thing going down. The view from the top was excellent. We stay about 30' on the top. The descent took more then the climb, because slippery small rocks. We reached the car at 15.00 PM. Very hard and challenging hike, but it worth. Not recommended for beginners and need some training before to go. Me too recommend to pay attention at the location of the start of the trail, especially in the dark. I think a little more info should be posted at this place.

    ENRICO BERTA reviewed Mount Massive Trail (via South East)

    10 months ago

    Got park area at 5.20 AM and leaving at 5.40 with my wife.Pretty cold 30 degrees. Trail start easy, with easy crossing of two streams. The sunrise from Mosquito was stunning with forest start to live. The trail goes up alert 3 miles ,well marked with some steep sections to the saddle at the ridge. Wonderful views all around . The trail remain easy to follow on the ridge paying some attention. Two mountain goats in sight! Passed the false summit quickly we reach the top. Stunning views, even with the smoke from wildfires. Because the nice weather we stay on top for 45 minutes. Back to the car at 15.05 PM. Wonderful hike, strenuous but it worth. We did almost 14 peaks, but this is one of the best at all. We never forget