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In the words of Ron Swanson, "Crying is only acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon." This might be the most beautiful place in the whole world. Certainly not a hike, but trails are very well maintained and surprisingly not that crowded once you start getting away from Mather Point. Go any time of the year for different views and be sure to stay for sunset.

3 days ago

Beautiful scenery, didn’t see a single other person the entire day Route finding is essential as the trail is not very well marked and you can get cliffed out easily. Tons of loose rock the entire trail. It was July 16th,2019 it was 113 degrees at the bottom of the canyon, very little shade at parts and I alone drank over 2 gallons of water and still ran out, be prepared out there Wouldn’t recommend trying to go rim to river to rim all in one day unless you’re in extremely good shape and prepared

3 days ago

This is a great introduction trail to the beauty of the. North Rim. The trail had a lot of ups and downs and spectacular views of the canyon. Lightly trafficked, perfect in the mornings or mid day since the forest offers protection from the sun.

This is probably the easiest trail of the south rim of the canyon because it has a walkable path and water stations at the rest stops. The first rest stop and water toilet is 1.5miles from the top and the next is another 1.5 from the second. Going down is easy, very easy, but coming up is difficult. If you’re not fit, it can take a toll on your health, so please use caution. Make sure you pack plenty of water and salty snacks otherwise you can suffer from an epileptic shock triggered from just drink water. Rest when ever you need to. I cannot emphasise this enough. This trail was fun and the views are amazing. Next time I’ll try to get to the Indian Village, but you have to make a reservations I stay there overnight, so plan for that if it’s something you want to do.

This trail is great! It’s a little off starting from the top and Ascending when coming back. But the views are breathtaking. Bring plenty of water especially during summer.

The immensity and beauty of the Grand Canyon remains breathtaking at every step from start to finish.

I didn’t go to Phantom Ranch on this trip. I just dropped into the water, restroom, and picnic table near the river. Standard Grand Canyon conditions. Trail gaiters help keep the dust and rocks out of your shoe. South Kaibab descent is rocky but manageable. Some of the areas along the river are very sandy. It’s a pretty long stretch to Indian Gardens but after that it’s about 45 minutes to an hour between water stops on the ascent. As always, the Riff-Raff gets heavy above the 3-mile house. Lots of people who don’t know trail right-of-way rules. Other than that, the Bright Angel ascent is moderate to easy if you manage pace and rest breaks accordingly.

on Widforss Trail

7 days ago

Easy, well groomed trail with plenty of shade and great views. There are also online guides and brochures for some informational stops.

Here some feedback on the day hike of the trail loop South Kaibab (down) - Phantom Ranch junction - Bright Angel (up), yesterday July 11, 2019. Certainly it’s the hottest time of the year, with daily peak temps of 88F at the top and about 106F at the bottom. Took the 5:00 am bus, arriving at the South Kaibab trailhead at 5:10 am. With 64F at 7200feet it was a bit warmer than normal for the early morning. Around 5:30 great sunrise lighting a bit below Ooh Aah point. Passed the Cedar ridge at 5:40 am, Skeleton Point at 5:55 am and the Tip Off hut at 6:25 am. Crossed the first bridge over the Colorado River at 7:00 am and the second bridge at 7:10 am. Temperature at the bottom was pleasant, probably around 75F. Took a 10’min cooling foot bath in the Colorado River at the lovely River Resthouse beach, which was very enjoyable. Reached Indian Gardens at 9:05 am. Until here 70% of the time I was in the shade of cliffs. Until here, drank 1.5 liters of water and 12oz cranberry for a refreshing mix with water. Also ate 2 apricots and 4oz of walnuts. After a 30 min rest at the Garden, slowed my pace down to deal with the temperatures rising to about 90F and now being mostly in the sun. Drank 2 liters of water and ate 2 apples for this last 4.5 mile section of the hike. Reached the top at the Bright Angel lodge at 12:05 noon where it was 87F. Total hiking time was 5h 55min, plus overall 60 min for little stops to take pics & clips, to change shirt, apply sun lotion, toss out gravel dirt from the shoes, to snack and drink. The key is to start the hike early and move fast, then it is an awesome experience. I had a total of 6 liters in the backpack and used 4 liters (enough for a 150 lbs person). After 10:00 am in the deep valley it’ll get close to 100F or more and one shouldn’t be there to suffer that heat. You also got to have the leg stamina to do at least 5000 feet vertical down and up without any (!) problem. Regardless, my legs were somewhat tired at the end because of racing a bit against the heat clock.

Took S Kaibab to Bright Angel back up, was definitely a good combination of trails for the round trip. Took about 5 hours up bright angel. Trail took substantially more time to traverse after 3-mile rest house, good amount of shade near the end.

Go Early. We started at 5am and were able to see the sunrise. Great views on the way down. Hike can be strenuous going up. Definitely assess your fitness level. Glad I did it

Perfect trail for anyone. Did most of it twice in one day. Started early and other than bus driver, I saw no other humans out there for the whole trip. Went back about 8am to get the family. Definitely more people out there after 8 am but still enjoyable. Can hike (more of a walk) entire route, or on/off bus as you please. Restrooms at Hopi Point & Hermit’s Rest stops. Bus drivers are friendly and knowledgeable. Must do in my book!

personally I didn't get all the way to the "spring", and I'm not sad about that. I needed to get back. so maybe had I planned a nice lunch and longer day I would have. I am not in shape but am tough, did it in 5.25 hours with a 20 min lunch break at the tunnel. I highly recommend getting past the bridge because there is a section you are walking the ridge and it's amazing. there is some up and down after the bridge. i tapped out before the last big drop into the canyon.start early. there are plenty of spots to find a scrap of shade and just pace yourself on the way out. hurry down, take pics on way back up when you need breaks anyway. hiking poles huge plus. too Sandy for chacos. I didn't drink any water on the way down, drank about 2 L on way out... most would probably drink 4.

14 days ago

Beautiful hike, only saw about 10 people on 4th of July weekend! Don't forget to pick up the informational brochure at the start and keep an eye out for the markers. It took us a leisurely 4 hours with photo stops, the views at Widforss Point need at least a 15 minutes to take in. Look out for fossils on the ground there too!

Just under 5 hours. Very hot

16 days ago

A really great easy walk at the North Rim with some spectacular and less-than-typical views of the Canyon. Good chance of spotting some local wildlife as well, just keep and eye out for the horse droppings near the trailhead.

Nice little trail to get some solitude and a nice view at the point when you only have a couple hours to hike. Thumbs up! Forest peaceful, green, pleasant today. Saw a docile mule deer as well.

First time doing this was a night hike. 6pm to 2am, AWESOME trail. 2nd time was a solo hike, 6 hrs total. Amazing hike, great views complete solitude. Bright Angel was a bit more crowded. There are 3 water spots on the way up. The last 3 miles are a BITCH! HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you trained.

Fabulous hike. Abundant beauty.

Stayed at the Phantom Ranch. Great Rim to Rim hike!!

Completed this trail over a three day period just to enjoy the views. The climb out was very strenuous. We went May 2018 and weather at phantom ranch reached 100. So needless to say you don’t need “cold weather clothing” at the bottom.

I did this trail in March a few years ago. I did it in under 30 hours. All the way down to the Colorado river and back up. It was one of the hardest, most grueling things I’ve ever done in my life. It was actually a mistake! I thought that I would just be hiking for a few hours, but I had misinformation from someone how far the trail went down, by the time I got home from Midway, I am most had no water. So I had to go back down for water.i took the bright angel trail down. It was a spiritual experience. You will find your God on this trail. Amazing.

Easy on the way down, moderately difficult on the way up, overall not too hard if you’re even slightly prepared. 1.5 miles to first rest house, 1.5 miles to the second.

Did this hike with 2 of my closest university buddies, back on May 29th. Definitely a bucket list item, it took us just under 14 hours, Started from North rim at 5:15am and ended just after 7pm. Wet on the way down yes it was raining the day before. Trail was well groomed plenty of traffic, great to meet up with people along the way. The second part of the hike was very difficult and seem never ending. A must to get it off your list.

21 days ago

Great hike, up and down. Views of the Grand Canyon and forest. Lupine was in bloom. We started early, later would have been hot.

21 days ago

This hike was so great! We were on the trail by 650 a.m. and saw NOBODY the entire way up. Incredible views. Not too strenuous. It says 4-5 hours but we completed it in 3 hours. Trailhead is right after you pass the point imperial turn off. So glad we found this!

My boyfriend and I are both 25 years old. Enthusiast hikers and always up for a good challenge. We came prepared to hike the entire 16.7, but decided to officially do it all once we got to Skeleton Ridge on South Kaibob Trail. Rangers will of course never suggest doing it in a day but we came prepared! It took us 2.5 hours to get down to Phantom Ranch, we filled up with water and cooled off for about 15 minutes. We then headed back up. It took us about 4 hours to ascend to the very top of the rim via Bright Angel Trail. Up to Indian Gardens was not too terrible, there was a few switch backs -I believe called Devils Corkscrew- the real hard part was after Indian Gardens. From 3 mile house and up was even harder and from 1.5 mile house and up was the hardest. It was 6.7 down to phantom ranch and roughly 9 miles up via Bright Angel. Total 16.7 miles and we completed in 6 hours and 50 minutes. Bring lots of water. There are no water stops down South Kaibob, but Bright Angel has a few stops, which is nice. I suggest filling up at Phantom Ranch before heading back up via Bright Angel. Definitely hott out being summer time and I suggest starting no later than sunrise. We started at 5 am and it was perfect time.

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