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Great trail to experience part of the canyon below the rim. Bring water! No ice on the trail mid-December. Mild weather

lovely and hard trail, I started early, well before sunrise, but could've started even later, in December sun is low, so there isn't actually a lot of direct sunlight on the trail. Took me 6:20, last 3 miles were quite difficult, but I was pushing it as well. I had wonderful weather conditions, bright skies, no snow or ice on the trail.

Came up from Phantom Ranch to the south rim via Bright Angel. This was exhausting after hiking down the day before but I made it in 7 hours. Gorgeous views. Careful with the altitude change if powering up. It sneaks up on you.

Took 3.5 hours to get down to Phantom Ranch. I’m a fast walker so I had to tell myself to stop and enjoy the phenomenal views. Slipped a few times. Definitely bring hiking poles. Amazing hike.

Hiked SK to PR to BA in two days Thanksgiving week. The weather was perfect. Awesome experience and so unlike anything I've ever done before. The Park Rangers say that less than 1% of the park's annual visitors hike to the bottom of the canyon and back. I am proud of this accomplishment.

went all the way to plateau point, well worth the effort. We started at 10am and finished at 4:20. Stopped for an hour at plateau point for lunch.

This is a tough day hike and I was starting to get cramped in the last mile. I probably could have avoided that by slowing down the ascend pace.

The view from the plateau point was gorgeous, and I would highly recommend going all the way.

Awesome trail, lightly trafficked compared to other hikes in the south rim. Saw just a handful of people on this trail around mid-day. Past the Horseshoe Mesa sign there is a excellent look out where the trail dead ends at one of the ends of the horseshoe; makes the whole things about 8.5 miles. It’s a steep one and really uneven/rocky.

quite crowded at the top but once you get past 1.5 mile house the congestion is less...pretty views...saw mules taking a couple back up.

amazing way to spend a day hiking.

My detailed review of the rim-to-rim hike which involved this trail for the ascent goes here: http://ashishb.net/all/rim-2-rimember-day-hiking-through-grand-canyon/

The best backpacking trip I've experienced! Took 5 days to do it. Started down south Kaibab and stayed first night at bright angel campground. Day 2 hiked to cottonwood campground and stayed the night there. Day 3 day hiked to north rim and back and stayed at cottonwood again. Day 4 hiked back to bright angel campground and stayed the night there. Day 5 hiked out via bright angel trail.

The weather was perfect! Never dropped below 45 and the Cottonwoods were turning yellow.

I have bad knees so the hike down the South and North rims were brutal and slow. Did the hike up and out from bright angel campground in a little under 4 hours.