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Hiked SK to PR to BA in two days Thanksgiving week. The weather was perfect. Awesome experience and so unlike anything I've ever done before. The Park Rangers say that less than 1% of the park's annual visitors hike to the bottom of the canyon and back. I am proud of this accomplishment.

2 days ago

3 days ago

went all the way to plateau point, well worth the effort. We started at 10am and finished at 4:20. Stopped for an hour at plateau point for lunch.

This is a tough day hike and I was starting to get cramped in the last mile. I probably could have avoided that by slowing down the ascend pace.

The view from the plateau point was gorgeous, and I would highly recommend going all the way.

quite crowded at the top but once you get past 1.5 mile house the congestion is less...pretty views...saw mules taking a couple back up.

amazing way to spend a day hiking.

My detailed review of the rim-to-rim hike which involved this trail for the ascent goes here: http://ashishb.net/all/rim-2-rimember-day-hiking-through-grand-canyon/

The best backpacking trip I've experienced! Took 5 days to do it. Started down south Kaibab and stayed first night at bright angel campground. Day 2 hiked to cottonwood campground and stayed the night there. Day 3 day hiked to north rim and back and stayed at cottonwood again. Day 4 hiked back to bright angel campground and stayed the night there. Day 5 hiked out via bright angel trail.

The weather was perfect! Never dropped below 45 and the Cottonwoods were turning yellow.

I have bad knees so the hike down the South and North rims were brutal and slow. Did the hike up and out from bright angel campground in a little under 4 hours.

Very challenging but difficult hike! Be sure to move off trail or on the hillside(away from the cliff) when mules are coming your way! Water stops are only at Indian Gardens and Bright Angel Campground/Phantom Ranch as of 11-25-17. No water available at rest stops beforehand but vault toilets are open. Not a lot of crowds during November except for backpackers. Warning: If doing this in a day, bring a headlamp and start early!

Day hike on a beautiful day late November. Walked down to the Indian gardens and back in 5 hours. It was a cloudy day with 50-60 F temps so we ended up having more water than we needed. Found the hike down the trail more challenging than uphill because I'm scared of heights! But so glad I did this and could've made it to plateau point but had to drive back the same day. Overestimated the uphill hike it's definitely do-able with moderate conditioning prior to hike

This was my first time doing the R2R. I just want to say it was so amazing! Loved every moment backpacking through the north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Amazing waterfalls my group saw along the way was spectacular! I would totally do this again.

13 days ago

Our last hike in Grand Canyon. We did it as a day hike, but it was november so probably easier. We were a bit tired from two previous day hikes down the river but it was very manageable. Unlike South-Kaibab-to-bright-angel and Hermit-trail, we were exposed to the sun for most of the hike. Still, being november and having planned accordingly, that was not a big problem. You see the tower for almost all the hike which is funny. The view on the river is very different than closer to the village - it's worth going. Also, I suggest you try to find some vintage point as you go back up - the best views were actually not from down at the beach but before (close to the end on a butte, and also about halfway - sorry it's hard to describe where exactly). At the trailhead, it said you need to do some pathfinding, that the trail is not well marked and not well maintained. I have no clue why they say that - sure it's not a "highway" like bright angel, but it is very easy to follow.
Despite doing these other hikes that I mentionned, I felt this was still worth it!