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It was awesome! it's easy going down with gorgeous views, but dont underestimate! Coming up is the hard part. pay close attention to what the park rangers say. the weather is really unpredictable. wear lots of layers, take alot of water, food and salty snacks.

I’ve done the R2R five times and can’t imagine getting tired of it. If you’re thinking of it as a bucket list item, it’s worthy. Don’t skip Ribbon Falls.

Take dinner with you and eat at Plateau Point at sunset. If you’re ever able to be out there during a full moon, you’ll never forget it.

This hike is a perfect way to get a good work out and take in spectacular and vast views of the canyon without completely tiring yourself out or eating up your entire day. There was still some ice at the beginning of the trail. Those parts were quite slick, but they were less than 25 ft. I was wearing hiking boots, but my partner did just fine in treaded sneakers.

5 days ago

Unreal abd surreal. So many just stop at the visitor center lookout and miss so much. Take the short .6 mile hike from the visitor center to the geology museum or take the free buses to each viewpoint if you don't have time. if you have time hike the rim or even venture into the canyon on Bright Angel Trail as far as you are comfortable. this is one place that you are robbing yourself if you don't get out and take the hikes

Did it first with my wife when I was 66. Second time with my two daughters at 68. Spent three nights in the canyon and would do it again. I don’t agree that you have to be in tip top shape but it would help. Take your time, observe and enjoy. It’s not a race and as long as you hike out you WIN!!! That being said you must be careful with the heat and hydration.

The last 3 miles are tough!

Went from bright angle, down to the river and phantom ranch, and then went back to south kaibab. We were about to do the trail to plateau point, and started at 9:50 a.m. Changed our mind to do this trail when we arrived at Indian garden. It was about 1 p.m when we went across the bridge. Finally got back to south kaibab at 5 p.m. We were totally exhausted after finished the trail though, the scenery is great.

epic and awe inspiring — there is no substitute for experiencing the canyon and its river close up like this. that being said, be realistic about your abilities. have a set turn around point: if you don’t make it to Tip-off Point in around two hours, consider taking the Tonto trail across to Bright Angel. This alternate route saves about 1500 feet of elevation gain, and is still a rewarding hike. If you haven’t made it to Tip-Off in three and a half to four hours or so, the canyon has defeated you and you should consider turning around. My boyfriend and I did the full route — we started at 6:15AM and ended at 4PM. Like a bunch of other reviewers, we are fit(ish) but not ultramarathoners or anything, but we did prepare by hiking several 10-mile 3,000 footers until we got comfortable with the distance. We took the orange rim route shuttle bus from the visitor center to get to the trailhead, but the park also has a “hikers express” that runs from bright angel lodge. I highly recommend talking to a ranger at the backcountry information office before doing this hike! they have awesome maps of the trails and great advice. They are there to help you, even though it is official policy for them to never advise anyone to do this hike. Be sure to bring enough salty snacks and gatorade (we had about 1500 calories each and 1L of gatorade each plus water), and take breaks often. We were so intimidated by this route and by the reviews, but it was an amazing experience that I’m so glad we did!!

Sunday, myself and this beautiful girl, with amazing green eyes, spontaneously went up to the Grand Canyon for our first time. Walked the rim for about three miles and found Bright Angel and well, just did it. Awe inspiring views. The traffic was heavy, as well as mule manure with icy trails. Doesn’t matter tho because again, you’re like walking inside of the Grand Canyons belly. Mmm.
Believe me, I wanted to lay face down on the trail, simply throw in my white flag and pass on. However, when you got someone like her...guess what, you keep going!! She was/is a boss and kiiilled it.

Disclaimer: However, unless an experienced hiker, not recommended to do the hike down and up in one day.
-Shout out to the water boy at the hotel by Bright Angel, where we stuffed our mouths with amazing veggie quesadillas and burgers.
Stay true bruh, stay true.

off road driving
20 days ago

If I could describe this trip in one word it is remote. 3/4 of the drive you could not see an sign of civilization. The views are incredible. The terrain changes so many times through the drive, you really get to see everything this area has to offer. We started on the 109 from Fredonia. Once you are on the dirt road, it starts out very groomed and wide. This continues for the first hour of driving. The gets a bit rocky as you get closer to the overlook. Some sections have some decent wash boards that will shake down your vehicle for any loose bolts. Once you've reached the ranger station. You're just under 6 miles from the overlook. This section is rough and slow. 2 Miles from the overlook there is a place to park for those without high clearance vehicles and 4WD. The last 2 miles are a crawl. I never had to engage 4WD, but it might be necessary for some. Once you've parked you have some of the most incredible views you may ever see. It is also silent, we could not hear anything. No airplanes, traffic, even people. It is truly a remote location. There are a few picnic tables and a restroom. The drive out required 4WD just to help get up some of the rocks. We were driving a 2017 Toyota 4Runner with larger tires and a small lift. It would be a challenge for anything that is not a pick-up truck or SUV. If you choose your line right I doubt you'd really need 4WD, but being this remote it's probably best if you have it. For the drive out we took the 5, which its a left turn after cattle guard just after the ranger station. This route takes you through Mount Trumbull and all the way into St. George, UT. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Our 4Runner has a 40" light bar that made the night drive a lot easier, it would have been a little bit harder without any auxiliary lights. This route starts out as a very well groomed road. Wide enough for two cars. We drove through some snow patches along the way. We were only able to drive this route during the winter due to the lack of precipitation in the area this winter. One big storm and this road would be a challenge and there are signs that warn of this road being impassable during winter. The road gets a bit narrow when you begin to decent out of the mountain. Once you're out of the mountains, it's smooth sailing along a wide dirt road for the last leg. This was an incredible trip, so much to see. I recommend an early start so you can take advantage of as much daylight as possible. It's a little over 150 miles in the dirt, so keep an eye on your fuel. The rangers are very friendly and truly have a passion for the area. They do an outstanding job at maintaining this spot for all to enjoy. This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon, and wont be my last. I am really glad I made the journey.

Lots of ice/snow and people with tennis shoes on, I slipped many times in good hiking boots. A hike not for the faint of heart right now. But absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.

25 days ago

Stunning views!

25 days ago

INCREDIBLE! Be sweet to yourself and get there a little early to have a cup of coffee as the sun’s coming up. Got to the trailhead at 8 and it was absolutely freezing. The trail heats up quickly on the descent and I had to peel off a bunch of my layers and stuff them into my pack. The trail down in those first few hours offers the best, most dramatic views of the entire hike in my opinion. The wind was pretty strong near the top and the tail gets pretty narrow with steep drop offs at some spots, so it can be a little freaky but steel yourself- you can handle it

made it to the 2nd tunnel. amazing views the further you hike down into the canyon! loads of people and even mules. watch out for the mule poop!

made it to the 2nd tunnel. amazing views the further you hike down into the canyon! loads of people and even mules. watch out for the mule poop!

5/5 wouldn't do in reverse again. We started with bright angel and went to phantom ranch for a 30 minute break and then started on South Kaibab. We did it all in one day and while extremely taxing, what a view and what a rewarding experience. Doing it all in one day is really challenging but if you want a tough one then go for it!

What a magnificent view on a trail that masks its difficultly. I went with a good ol’ friend of mine on this journey and I would do it all over again. On the way down you are moving quick. It took us about 3 and a half hours to get down and visit the Colorado River. The way back is where it gets extremely strenuous and painful. We are both hikers with experience and in good shape. We were devastated hiking back up. You need to leave early around 8am to give ample time to get back. We wound up having to break out a headlamp as it just got dark as we approached the South Rim. The hike is doable in a day but for leisure I would recommend staying overnight.

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