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Very difficult scaling the 1 mile vertical from the river but the views on the way down are absolutely spectacular. It’s worth the effort. Start right and sunrise and you will be rewarded with some of the most magnificent scenery you could possibly see.

Hard- yes but worth every sore muscle. Absolutely amazing!!

My husband and I hiked this on Tuesday and I'm 55 and he's 54. We left at 6:30 with a temp of 36 degrees at the top, with clear skies and a light wind. Took us 3 hrs to get to Phantom Ranch - a total of 7.4mi by my Garmin. The views are spectacular as the sun rises. We both had Camel packs with water and tailwind. Didn't drink as much on the way down. Planned snacks as I would for an ultra. Took 45 min at Phantom ranch (got lemonade, recharged everything, changed socks & added water to the packs) before heading back to and up Bright Angel. Took us 5hr 1 min to get to the top - 11 miles - for a total of 18.4miles. Much less steep than the So Kaibab and "easier" to hike but much longer. Plan on appropriate snacks in addition to hydration. There is great beer available at the Bright Angel Lodge after you finish. You won't be sorry you did this hike if you plan and train well. It is truly an incredible experience!

We did 3 days and 2 nights. Just amazing and beautiful. Looking for to do it again.

What a hike! Seemed as though every bend brought new beautiful views. This is a must do for anyone that enjoys a challenge. Planning on making this hike a yearly tradition.

10/10/2017 We hiked North Kaibab down to Phantom Ranch in about 5 hours. The weather was cool and the fall colors in the canyon were beautiful. We played too long at the beach and didn’t leave until 3 pm. Didn’t have time to see much of Indian Garden just passed right through. Had to use our cell phones for light on the trail as the sun goes down around 6:15 this time of year. Made it out at 8pm. Wasn’t planning on hiking in the dark but saw the most spectacular star show in the sky!

I hiked this on 10/12/2017. Left the North Rim about 5:45am, and made it down to the Coconino overlook just before dawn. I stopped at Phantom Ranch for a little lunch break, and water refill, and then started up the Bright Angel Trail. Indian Gardens is a nice place to rest and soak tired feet in the creek before finishing up the last few miles. I wasn't setting any speed records, but the scenery was well worth taking my time, and the fall weather was perfect. I poked my head out of the canyon at the BA trailhead about 5:45pm, and enjoyed a much deserved pizza and beer over at the pizza place near the backcountry office.

My husband and I in our mid-50s hiked the Grand Canyon as a bucket list item. We hiked in October the weather was perfect definitely layer up. We took the S. Kabab down Bright Angel up and stayed at Phantom Ranch. The S. Kabab was a tough hike down hard on the knees. Make sure you take plenty of water and snacks. There's no water available on this trail. It took us 6 hours to get down. The Phantom Ranch was awesome! We met a lot of people. There were some people that had guides going down who took care of their food and pace for them. Also, bring other comfortable shoes so you can get your hiking boots off. Some people hiked a day stayed 2 nights at Phantom Ranch then hiked out. We only did one night. We took Bright Angel up we liked this trail better it's very scenic and cooler. It took us 9 hours out. There's water on the trail and more people. Both going in and out we took a lot of breaks and just slowly paced ourselves!!! Our bodies were sore but it was worth the awesome experience!!!

Left North Rim on Oct 9, 2017 about 8:30am and arrived at Phantom Ranch about 2:30pm....gorgeous fall scenery and weather. Overnighted in one of the cabins and left the following morning at 6:30 and got to South Rim about 12:00. Temperatures were very accommodating, portions of hike were quite challenging.

The hike was challenging, but well worth it ! Trekking poles came in handy. Hydrate and electrolytes are a must. The scenery was breathtaking and was a perfect time of year to do the hike. Fall colors were out.

Saturday we went down the North Rim as far as Ribbon Falls and came back up the same way, through Cottonwood Campground and the Manzinita rest stop (17 miles total). Scenery is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, but it's definitely a tough trail if you're not as experienced. Make sure you're taking in electrolytes when you hydrate, pace yourself accordingly and listen to your body!

Awesome hike. Took South Kaibab down to the Phantom Ranch back up Bright Angel. Do not attempt in hot weather. You will suffer on the way up. We started 5:45 Oct 2nd nice crisp cool day just before day break. Should have started even earlier. If you have bad knees do not take this trail. It absolutely stunning but you knees will suffer. People with good knees will have fun all the way down.

South Kaibab is just amazing all the way down. Stunning at every step of the way. Views are mind blowing. We wanted to make good time so only stopped at Ooh - Aah point. The stop for a few mins for pictures and to take in the view. All the way down we only stopped for a total of 15 mins. Made it all the way to the Phantom Ranch in 3 Hours. Stopped at the Phantom Ranch for about an hour. Now looking back this should have been a shorter stop. The weather was just nice and cool. (Now looking back we should have stopped in the shade somewhere loaded up on carbs and kept moving rather than going to the phantom ranch. We should have directly gone to the Bright Angel Trail from South Kaibab. The Bagels, cream cheese and jelly helped with carb intake that we bought at the Phantom Ranch but I felt we wasted time and it got hot going up. Next time we can just carry some sandwich's down and load up on the way up besides all the power bars etc. I thought we could get sandwiches at the phantom ranch but not too much you can buy there.)

The way up we took the Bright Angel Trail and it started getting hot for me even before Indian Garden the first stop on the trail up about 5.5 miles up from Indian Garden. The heat really bothers me. We were a group of 9 friends. I was in the first group so we were considerably ahead. The latter group had knee issues and were suffering in the back coming down the South Kaibab Trail. Of course we did not know that at the time. We stopped and ate put our feet in the cold water creek at Indian Garden. It was great stop.

After Indian Garden the real climb starts all the way to the top with 2 stops for water in between. 3 Mile rest stop and 1.5 mile rest top. The heat bothered me a lot up to the 3 mile point. It was not as big of an issue for the rest of the folks in our group. It was a very pleasant day but out in the sun it was hot. As soon as you got in the shade it was really nice. Even though it may be pleasant at Phantom ranch the middle section of the hike up gets hot because of the geography. I can't imagine the heat in summer. Heat is a big factor. Stopped for short breaks at 3 mile and 1.5 mile rest stop. The hike is obviously hard and one day down and back should be done by people in good physical condition and that exercise pretty regularly. The way back took us a total of 6 Hours 45 mins. A couple of my friend that were in better cardio and physical condition finished in 6 Hours 10 mins.
Our second group did not fair so well because 2 of the hikers had a very hard time on the way down. They should have turned back at Cedar Ridge or at least at Skeleton Point on the way down. It was a bad decision for them to go down. If you have verizon service it seem to work even in the canyon 80% of the way down. They ended up calling 911(Park Service for help but were told to sleep overnight. The park service was not going to pull them out unless they were dying or very critically ill. The park service said they could provide a code with a locker at one of the stops for emergency food and sleeping bag) Our friend decided to carry on in bad condition. At 9:30 PM me and another friend of mine had to go back down about a mile to help of our fellow hikers. She made it back with our help but could have been a lot worse for her. Thanks to Verizon service that we found out what was going on with her. Otherwise we would not have known at all. Make sure you have head lamps if you are starting early which is highly recommended if you are going to do the hike in one day. We needed it to go down and help her up.