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Loved this hike, especially the last ¼, super beautiful and unique terrain!

Friday evening, sunset hike just on the outskirts of town. Had the trail to ourselves the whole hike, has lots of turns and inclines. Hung out at the top a while taking in the view of the canals and the farm's green grass and water reserves. Was really windy which was nice.

What an amazing view from the devil’s bridge. Extremely hot so have plenty of water.

Beautiful, easy hike!

Great hike. Got a little to warm, we started too late. There is an awesome overlook about two thirds of the way up to take a quick rest before you summit. Crews were out working on the trail, it is exceptionally maintained. Thanks guys!

Absolutely beautiful area... no surprise being Sedona. It was actually pretty empty once we got past Bell. Don’t mistake this trail. It’s fairly easy but when the temperatures start to climb there’s little shade and make sure you have water. Also, get there early. The entire area fills up and it’s difficult to find a parking spot.

Awesome hike on Sunday April 22nd. Not too warm yet but getting pretty close. If you want to do this hike, do it soon otherwise best bet is going to be whenever summer ends... Who knows when that will be here in AZ!

10 hours ago

Talk about bang for your buck! Short easy hike through the creek with a breathtaking waterfall at the end!

Easily two of the most breathtaking trails I've ever had the chance to travel. A few things you should know before starting -- 1. You're in for a huge treat; 2. South Kaibab has very little shade; if you are starting anytime after 10am (unfortunately, I personally couldn't begin until noon and I highly recommend against doing the same), be prepared for a really hot hike, even in late April/early May. On the day I visited, it was an estimated 110F at Phantom Ranch (remember, it gets hotter as you go down), and it definitely felt that way during descent. 3. You need a ton of water AND electrolytes. Do not underestimate the importance of electrolytes; get some dissolvable tablets and put them in your hydropack/water bottles, or bring tons of sport drink. I learned this the hard way and, despite having enough water, definitely suffered from some dehydration complications, to which I was extremely fortunate to have some hikers at Phantom help me out with their tablets. 4. Bright Angel is longer, but has a lesser grade and offers more shade; I would highly suggest using this route for ascent (start early!); 5. I personally highly suggest hiking poles. They will save your knees during descend, and help you a ton during ascent.

These two trails gave an incredible experience that you'll never forget. Less than 1% of the GC's visitors each year actually descend into the Canyon and the Colorado River, and although you'll have to earn every step, there's a whole different world down there waiting to be explored. Be prepared, hike smart, pace yourself, and listen to your body.

It was a nice sunny day. My wife and I enjoyed the hike. The trail and tribute is great.

11 hours ago

This place is just beautiful! Awesome experience, totally recommend for everyone. It's not that hard, 3 days make it quite a resonable hike amount per day.

11 hours ago

It was a fine hike... marked well.

If you have to choose one day hike at the Grand Canyon, I recommend this one.

As reference, I completed the South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point the day before the Bright Angel Trail.

Difficulty: I thought the Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point was easier than the South Kaibab Trail (I might have also paced myself better). The trail flattens out before reaching the Indian Gardens point (4.5 miles). If you're used to walking long distances, the walk from Indian Gardens to Plateau Point and back should be a breeze. The uphill is very gradual, so if you keep a proper pace, you shouldn't need breaks. It took me a little over 5 hours to complete the trail (includes a 20 minute lunch break at the plateau and many short stops to take selfies and landscape shots). The signs at the Visitor Center for the trail overestimate the estimated completion time (8 - 12 hours) for experienced hikers.

Scenery: The ever-so-common views from the Rim Trail evolve as you walk deeper into the canyon. I would say the views are similar to South Kaibab up until you reach Indian Gardens. Once you reach this point, you are in an oasis. Because the trail is relatively flat after this point, you can actually look up and enjoy the scenery without stopping. The greenery with the canyon backdrop is just stunning. I was almost in tears as I walked from the campsite area to the Plateau Point. But oh man... Once you reach the Plateau Point... I couldn't stop myself from swearing. The hike is completely worth it. Spend some time at the point to enjoy a snack or lunch. Every degree of the 360 is beautiful. I'm pretty sure I took pictures of the same view about 20x.

Trail: The trail itself is a dirt path and easy to follow. Just follow the signs once you reach the campsite. There is a point where the trail splits to lead to the Plateau Point or the Phantom Ranch / Columbia River. Beware of the mule dung / urine. I assume there is at least 1 pack of mules traveling up and 1 traveling down each day. This means that there are multiple points throughout the trail that do not smell very good.

Tips: I learned an important lesson on my hike on the South Kaibab Trail the day before. Don't breathe in through your mouth. After hiking in more forest settings, I was not used to the amount of dust that kicks up in the dry setting. I made the mistake of breathing through my mouth the day before, and I ended up chugging way too much water. If your mouth stills feels dry despite breathing through your nose, keep a small amount of water in your mouth to keep your mouth moist. Stay hydrated, but don't chug. Your stomach won't like it.

12 hours ago

We hiked this trail at the end of April, but realized the weather would have been better a few weeks earlier. The ‘crack’ is at the end of the trail. An awesome swimming hole/cliff jumping spot! Highly recommend.

Popular Destination hike with lots of creek crossings 12? total creek xings most people like. Wade or Rock hop with poles helpful. Destination 7 Falls are HUGE and beautiful. Resting at base: a few people fell on butts due to camoflauge rock moss =:o. Most of hike is along creek bottom until grand finale cascading Falls. Check Visitor Ctr weather (flash floods) n bring lots of water.

My favorite Sabino Canyon hike❤️ upper hiking vistas into layers of canyons in Pusch Ridge Wilderness. Hike long or short time, it’s least crowded hike in Sabino.

When I discovered this trail a few years back it became my favorite. Love coming over the ridge from the cow pies. Thanks goes to the bikers who created this trail.


An easy trail from which to see nearly all the red rocks

14 hours ago

Hike Up from Sabino Visitor Center & tram down. Lovely shade along Phoneline in am.

14 hours ago

This little mountain was tougher than I expected!
The trail (road) is easy to both follow and walk on and there are no technical parts, but the constant incline is relentless though not particularly steep.
I started at the trailhead shortly after 6am and had ~60F at 3200’ and enjoyed shade 3/4 of the way to the top.
At about 5500’-6000’ I saw a bunch of deer.
The temperature at the summit was pleasant, but I had mostly full sun on the way down and it started to get warm. It was high 80ies when I made it back to my car around noon, and I went through 4 liters of fluid.
It took me just over 3 hours to reach the summit and I was back at my car in ~5h45m including breaks.
This hike felt every bit has hard as Superstition Ridgeline, though having 10 degrees warmer weather today probably made a difference...

16 hours ago

Very different terrain. Easy trail with lots of shade. Total time 3.5 hours. Great way to avoid the sun.

Great trail for trail running. I did part of the east end loop as well. Great views

Great workout, wore a 20lb vest to get that extra burn. Steep most of the way up and great view at the top.

16 hours ago

SPECTACULAR. Great workout and phenomenal views. You gotta do it!!

nature trips
16 hours ago

Holy crapoli! This place was so much fun. $20 to park your car in the state park but you can park just a tad North of the park on the side of 89A and walk down a cute trail at the top of the canyon that leads you straight into the entrance of the park and pay $3 each for walking in. We also saw some people scaling the side of the canyon to completely avoid the fee all together. It was awesome seeing everyone having a good time soaking up the sun. Nothing but smiles all over.

Eautiful morning hike with stunning views. Go early and take plenty of water. Crowds and busy trail that is very technical with boldering in some areas. View is worth it. Trail even on weekday is busy by 7am. Get out early to beat the heat

17 hours ago

WOW, lovely and impressive natural stone arch. Careful going up the last two stone stairways at the top, the steps are covered in dust making the slippery in places...have your hands free in case you start to fall. Don't forget the little side trail that heads back down under the Devil's Bridge, while maybe it is not as cool from below as seen from on top of it, it is worth checking out.

17 hours ago

I really enjoyed this trail. I guess that it is too short and too little elevation gain to be rated as "hard", but I have to say that there are a few sections that are full on scrambling.....you are for sure using your hands and feet to climb up steep bedrock. (Definitely not "just" a hike.) I got to the top of the trail at sunset, which is an especially lovely time of day to view the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Nice trail. I did it without a permit because the permit place was closed. I tried to call them before but they didn’t answer the phone. No one asked me for a permit.

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