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Arizona Map

Will push your limits if not prepared. Not a lot of time to appreciate the wonder if you’re moving at pace, but a whole different level of beauty when your spent and climbing out. Be ready and be sure but do this and you will be rewarded with a memory for life.

Loved it. It was my first hike ever. Worth the climb.

Absolutely beautiful views of the Canyon!! But we did it yesterday and it was 100f around noon and the heat made it really hard even for experienced hikers. Bring a lot of water and wet yourself (head and shirt) at the water points on the trail.

Super fun trail. We camped at the LCR the first night, then near the summit the second night. Fun if done in a loop with the 3.5 mile crossover trail from east to west baldy or vice versa. Water was fairly abundant, even near the summit along the east Baldy trail we found a flowing stream. The map on here doesn’t guide you to the summit, near the top we found that this trail map was incorrect. Easy to figure out in the end though through trail signs. Highly recommend

I shoved off, at 7:45am on a day with a forecast high of 101. I'm heat tolerant so was not concerned as I took plenty of fluids, about 3.5 liters. For hiking days like this, I freeze a Gatorade overnight so it melts during the hike and then tastes fantastic as a slush towards the end of the hike when I need it the most. I followed the north approach as I read it receives more shade than the southern approach. The first 1.9 miles is fairly steep with an average grade of 15%. Then on the First Bench a pleasant hike across a meadow prior to the final ascent. You will reach a sign post giving you the alternative to go left to the Sedona Overlook or right to the Canyon Overlook. I went right and the next mile is fairly flat and kind of boring but the final view is awesome. It took me 2:11 to reach the end (I'm on Strava so not a guess) of the 5 miles. I found a hiking pole helpful on the descent as there are some slick spots with a lot of loose pebbles. Finished the entire hike in 3:35. It was my birthday today, reaching 60. Damn it.

Did this as a day hike -- about 13 hrs. A long difficult hike but worth every minute. Unbelievable views, and the night sky is incredible. Don't forget to look up!

area where the alltrail is marked was marked closed on the path itself. I walked along the jeep route, was not great. also consider shooters in the area, also not great and kind of scary!

couldn't find where to park. help =)

Cool thank you

This trail was so fun! Breezy up top on a hot day, and a good way for a beginner hiker to flex your climbing muscles. My boyfriend is deathly afraid of heights (mostly coming down), but he was able to make it back down without hyperventilating.

20 hours ago

This trail is very easy and mostly flat. Bring at least 1L of water if you are walking this during the summer. There are refill points.

Amazing views. We completed this train on 6/22. It took us about 3.5 hours to get down and 5.75 hours to get up with 25ish lbs of gear. The hike back up was pretty rough but the views were absolutely stunning.

Great lollipop trail. We went clockwise one the loop. Climb was difficult and decent was steep. Great views, nice change of scenery, cool breeze.

23 hours ago

Incredible views. Easy paved pretty level walk. Fairly busy but many shops and stops to explore.

We did this trail mid June with 3 kids ages 17, 11 and 5. It was a beautiful hike down and numerous places to get amazing photos. The downside is it is VERY crowded and steep with sharp dropoffs. Sometimes this posed a challange with our group of 5. We hike quite a bit and my 5 year old daughter can complete a pretty strenuous 5 miles in the mountains where we live but we only made it to the 1.5 mile rest stop (3 miles round trip) The hike back up was over 2000 elevation change and took us almost 3 times as long and was exhausting. Glad we did it but wish we started earlier in the morning to prepare for the struggle back up. All my kids said they were glad we did it but not ready to attempt it again anytime soon. A parent tip: I kept a strap on either side of my pack with a padded large carabiner my daughter held onto as handels and helped her quite a bit catch her balance when she occasionally did slip or slide on the loose gravel. Also gave me piece of mind knowing where she was with such sharp dropoffs so I could enjoy the scenery as well.

1 day ago

This was my first time walking up Tumamoc. The path is a paved access road for official vehicles only.There are a few steep areas that are a nice challenge. My girlfriend and I left at 7:50pm for the cooler temps and for views of the city lights.

There are a number of plaques along the paved road with information and facts about wildlife and scenery. At almost all of the switchbacks there is a bench with a view if you need a rest or want to take in the sights. There is a small lookout area facing the city at the top.

Stunning hike! We started at 7 AM, which made for a pleasant hike up. Wouldn't start too much later than that as the trail was getting hot and crowded on our way down. There were stunning views throughout, and some welcome shade on trail.

more of a walk then a hike. family friendly trail. you can use this trail to access some other trails to make your walk longer if you so choose. there are a lot of mountain bikers on this trail. Be cautious. I gave this trail 3 stars because the mountain bikers make it hard to just enjoy the walk. I did like the distance and felt it was a good one for conversation with a friend I went with. I would do this one again if I had family with me or if I just needed to get outside away from "the city." I would consider this hike mostly flat.

also it costs $7 per car to get to this trail.

The trail starts out on a dirt service road. Be careful to watch the left side for the start of the trail proper. The marker was slightly hidden by a bush when I was there but look for the yellow fire hydrant. After that everything is marked very well. You start on the circumference trail then about .8 in is the Ridgeline loop. You don't really hit the absolute summit even though this was used as a summit in one year of the Phoenix 7 summits. There are great views of the Arizona Canal, a blue streak through the brown desert. The trail is mostly hard rock and loose medium size stone with patches of flat dirt trail. I started at 7:30 and was out at 9:30 (I'm not the fastest hiker) and it was getting bit hot. I won't start that late again during the summer. It's a very nice walk though with nice elevation change without being crazy like Piestewa.

paddle sports
1 day ago

So much fun! Great for any skill level too. Renting a kayak is the easiest option— a bus will pick you up at your desired location and take you back to your car. Take a friend!

Fun trail to hike or run! Beautiful views in all directions. Lots of elevation changes to keep your heart pumping. Gorgeous desert vegetation and landscapes and lots of reptiles if you look closely.

My son-in-law and I go there almost every Sunday morning. It is pretty easy with just enough rocks, turns and elevation changes to make it fun.

1 day ago

Really enjoyed our hike! Very easy and nice views. Not a lot of shade but enough for us to cool down when needed

Very nice trail! Not a lot of shade but enough to have a cool down when we needed one. Very nice beginner trail!

Lucked out on cloudy weather in the middle of summer. Came down Bright Angel Trail at 6pm and managed to get to Bright Angel Campgrounds around 11pm to stay the night.
Started hiking back up at 6am with an awesome overcast and slight drizzle. Kept a good pace until Indian Gardens...then the climb began. Great views as I climbed higher and getting a clear view from where I started that morning.
So glad about the change in weather, especially when it was in the 100's in Phantom Ranch a day before.

NOT DOG FRIENDLY. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Overall a fantastic trail but I would highly recommend leaving your pets at home for this one. Bell Rock is much more pet friendly.

This was an excellent hike. The trail is flat after a short walk down from Signal Hill. There was a lot of cactus debris on the trail, so we spent a good amount of time with our eyes on the trail. The views are fantastic and we did see some wildlife; lizards, rabbits and a diamondback right in the middle of the trail! There is no shade on this hike, so go early to beat the heat.

I really love this trail. Echo canyon is even more fun on the other side of Camelback Mountain.

2 days ago

Loved it! I recorded 8mi RT somehow. Didn’t realize this is the hike to “the crack” great cliff jumping at the end! The water feels great!!!
The hike itself I would say is pretty moderate. Has some incline, but nothing strenuous. My dog did it just fine. It was “monsoon” weekend. It drizzled the whole day with humidity in the mid to low 80s-ish. I would definitely do it again!

Backpacked in 33 lbs. scenery was beautiful nearly all the way down. It got pretty dusty in the air by the village to check in because of the soft sand/dirt. I wish I would have packed something to help with that.

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