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The best view!


I almost done want to leave a review to keep this spot secret. It is kinda difficult to find because there are no signs of any kind, and the map the give you at the entrance center is a joke. I literally waited for the “dots” to line up on the all trials app. The trail it’s self is more forested on both sides and there are NO Canyon views along the mile or so walk, HOWEVER, when you do reach the “end,” you rewarded with an amazing view and likely will able to enjoy it to yourself.

It was my favorite place we saw at the park, granted we only had a few hours, but I feel like it would be hard to beat!

A lot of reviews say go to the “end” but never really say what the end is.. the fire road/trail will open up a bit and there will be a small lookout view before some picnic tables, keep going past them about 50 yards or so, and head out along towards a point. If you don’t see a large standing rock near the edge, your in the wrong spot.

14 days ago

Very easy, flat, dog friendly trail. Though probably not wheelchair accessible, my father who uses an electric scooter was able to go on this trail, as the path is flat and hard dirt (a few rocks but easy to get around). At the end of the trail on the overlook of the canyon, there are many picnic tables and grills. Easy parking at the trailhead (I just google mapped the trail and it leads directly to the parking area).

H to Kim. Remember not Jj

25 days ago

Beautiful introduction to Grand Canyon

28 days ago

Loved this trail! Very high traffic but beyond gorgeous! Many lookouts, photo opportunities, benches, and different historical stops along the way. We were lucky enough to see some elk and a javalina walking this trail! Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring water.

29 days ago

We parked at visitors center by Mather Point. Took blue bus, and switched to red bus to Hermits Rest. That’s where we started walking the rim toward our car. I believe it was a good decision to go that way because for the most part you’ll be going downhill. First two miles we hiked on the very rim. That first two miles are not on the map. On the map you would see paved greenway, but there is hidden gem trail as well, right on the edge of the rim. I would consider these trail as Moderate. It is mostly few feet wide with the rock wall on the right and 3000 feet drop on the left. Don’t look down!! Not suitable for kids and dogs. We walked back 11.22 miles from Hermits Rest. First 6 miles are the most enjoyable and difficult, almost no people, and last 4-5 miles were paved and repetitive but still very nice. Highly recommend.

1 month ago

Very simple walk with not too much to see until you reach the canyon. Well worth it though, when the view opens up it was my favorite. Make sure you explore all the way to the point past the picnic area. We were the only people on the trail, enjoyed breakfast overlooking the canyon, and felt like we were on top of the world once we got to the edge of the point.

Amazing! Beat the crowds! A must!

Beautiful, quiet, short trail ending with astonishing view of the canyon rim. We had the whole place to ourselves. Definitely recommend!!!

Great, short hike with great views at the end!

1 month ago

We took the red shuttle for a majority of the in between, but walked from the visitor center to the first red route stop. Got a little tired and repetitive by the end of the route. Nice views but highly recommend hiking into the canyon for a even more spectacular and surreal experience.

Best memory there simply walk along the trail and enjoy the beauty of nature.

1 month ago


Several spots to pull over and enjoy the view. If you want to avoid people you can pull over right on the side of the road along the way.

Definately a 10!

The BEST bang-for-your-buck hike! An easy walk that leads to panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. No crowds here! Once you get to the picnic benches, continue past them to a narrower trail that leads you out to the canyon. Also, there are bathrooms at the end of the trail.

2 months ago

3 months ago

Amazing views! Great little spots to walk off near the trail and get some great views :)

3 months ago

Unreal abd surreal. So many just stop at the visitor center lookout and miss so much. Take the short .6 mile hike from the visitor center to the geology museum or take the free buses to each viewpoint if you don't have time. if you have time hike the rim or even venture into the canyon on Bright Angel Trail as far as you are comfortable. this is one place that you are robbing yourself if you don't get out and take the hikes

3 months ago

Beautiful views of Grand Canyon, but very crowded.

this is the best hidden gem in the park! an easy forested walk leads to a picnic area, and then if you follow the trail to the viewpoint beyond you are almost instantly rewarded with panoramic views. this is a solitary, quiet place that would be amazing at sunrise or sunset! don’t miss it!

off road driving
3 months ago

If I could describe this trip in one word it is remote. 3/4 of the drive you could not see an sign of civilization. The views are incredible. The terrain changes so many times through the drive, you really get to see everything this area has to offer. We started on the 109 from Fredonia. Once you are on the dirt road, it starts out very groomed and wide. This continues for the first hour of driving. The gets a bit rocky as you get closer to the overlook. Some sections have some decent wash boards that will shake down your vehicle for any loose bolts. Once you've reached the ranger station. You're just under 6 miles from the overlook. This section is rough and slow. 2 Miles from the overlook there is a place to park for those without high clearance vehicles and 4WD. The last 2 miles are a crawl. I never had to engage 4WD, but it might be necessary for some. Once you've parked you have some of the most incredible views you may ever see. It is also silent, we could not hear anything. No airplanes, traffic, even people. It is truly a remote location. There are a few picnic tables and a restroom. The drive out required 4WD just to help get up some of the rocks. We were driving a 2017 Toyota 4Runner with larger tires and a small lift. It would be a challenge for anything that is not a pick-up truck or SUV. If you choose your line right I doubt you'd really need 4WD, but being this remote it's probably best if you have it. For the drive out we took the 5, which its a left turn after cattle guard just after the ranger station. This route takes you through Mount Trumbull and all the way into St. George, UT. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Our 4Runner has a 40" light bar that made the night drive a lot easier, it would have been a little bit harder without any auxiliary lights. This route starts out as a very well groomed road. Wide enough for two cars. We drove through some snow patches along the way. We were only able to drive this route during the winter due to the lack of precipitation in the area this winter. One big storm and this road would be a challenge and there are signs that warn of this road being impassable during winter. The road gets a bit narrow when you begin to decent out of the mountain. Once you're out of the mountains, it's smooth sailing along a wide dirt road for the last leg. This was an incredible trip, so much to see. I recommend an early start so you can take advantage of as much daylight as possible. It's a little over 150 miles in the dirt, so keep an eye on your fuel. The rangers are very friendly and truly have a passion for the area. They do an outstanding job at maintaining this spot for all to enjoy. This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon, and wont be my last. I am really glad I made the journey.

3 months ago


TOTALLY WORTH IT. Being a dog mom it is so important that my “kids” come with me on every road trip. Most National Parks are not dog friendly which is a huge bummer. However, this trail is 12 frickin’ miles long and it’s views are truly breathtaking. It’s a paved trail which makes it easy to cover lots of ground in a short amount of time. We got up close and personal with at least 8 elk on our 7 mile hike. We were on the trail by 8:30 on a Tuesday and basically spent the whole first half of the hike by ourselves, which was such a peaceful vibe. To get to the trail we had to park in the campground across the street from the Wiki/Kuibab Point Trail. There you will come to a lookout and look for the only paved trail across from the mule stables. We drove 22 hrs from Kansas to see it and I don’t regret the drive at all.

Great but definitely full of people. For a more quiet trail go to the end near where the Lodge is.

4 months ago

Perfect stroll along the Canyon rim with my dog. She enjoyed all the attention she received along the way and I was able to appreciate the views.

4 months ago

If you start very early parking is easy and the trail is perfect if you’re not able to take on the steep trails. Lots to learn along the way from signage.

5 months ago

Pictures do not do it justice

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