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Named after the fabled lost gold mine, Lost Dutchman State Park is located in the Sonoran Desert, 40 miles east of Phoenix. Several trails lead from the park into the Superstition Wilderness and surrounding Tonto National Forest. Take a stroll along the Native Plant Trail or hike the challenging Siphon Draw Trail to the top of the Flatiron. Depending on the years rainfall, you might be treated to a carpet of desert wildflowers in the spring. Enjoy a weekend of camping and experience native wildlife including mule deer, coyote, javelina and jackrabbit. The park offers a variety of hiking trails, nature trails, picnic facilities, 72 campsites, a dump station, restrooms, showers, and group use areas. The visitor center sells maps and other publications. Before you hike, be prepared with enough water and proper footwear as the trails are steep and challenging.

Rattlesnakes. Please be careful here.

hard but very cool trail. top is unbelievable views....

The first part of the hike is deceiving because it's a constant 25% incline that lasts for awhile then you come into the valley (saddle) that is all flat rock then a very vertical climb to the summit. It's a different climb than Camelback but certainly more intense and more picturesque.

Gorgeous trail, phenomenal views. Hiked this yesterday, right after a monsoon the night before. The falls were lightly running.

I know many have said the trail is hard to find here, that was not my experience. There are a few instances where the trail appears to fork but it's rather apparent just by a quick glance which forks off the trail lead to dead-ends.

I did not encounter many standing cairns along the trail; however, there were many locations where it was obvious a cairn once stood but had been knocked down.

My only complaint about this trail would be the amount of insects, primarily gnats, my hiking partner and I encountered along the trail. The gnats made it challenging and unpleasant to stop at any points, for breaks or to simply enjoy the view, because they swarmed in thick clouds. By the time we got to the car, we had the remains of what appeared to be hundreds of dead gnats stuck to our bodies, in our hair, our clothes, and so forth. Bug repellent was no deterrent for those guys, either.

One final note, we did encounter a rattlesnake about a quarter of the way down the trail, on the way back out. It was perched upon a boulder, located directly beside the trail in one of the many thick, bushy areas that the trail winds through.

wow what a trail straight up into the Sky

great views only hike during winter summer kill ya

18 days ago

Hiked up to the falls. Nice trickle of water coming down. Pretty refreshing, since it was a hot and humid day.

if your going all the way up to flat iron get there early! beautiful views!