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Lost Dutchman State Park, in the Sonoran Desert 40 miles east of Phoenix, is a beautiful place named after a gold mine famous in tall tales told during the wild west days. Visitors can see the mine in the Goldfield Ghost Town. Several of the park's lead hikers into Superstition Wilderness and the nearby Tonto National Forest. The Arizona State Park offers a lots of hiking trails, picnic areas, over 70 campsites, bathrooms and showers, and day use areas. The visitor center has lots of helpful info. Come experience native wildlife like mule deer and jackrabbits and beautiful native plants. Depending on how wet this years seasons were, you might be in for great views of tons of desert wildflowers along the nature trails come spring. Make sure to bring water and good footwear.

Challenging trail, very physically demanding. You will definitely get a workout with this one. One of the few trails that I ever come close to running out of water on so bring plenty. Wear your hiking shoes/ trail runners etc. don’t wear regular running shoes as you will just be inviting injury. The views are spectacular and well worth the work getting there.

Great hike! Just enough of a challenge for a novice hiker. Good workout and beautiful views.

One of my favorite hikes. somewhat busy lots of other dogs on trail as well. noticed no one else went all the way to the lone tree. we were the only ones that kept going. that was my favorite part. the tree. sitting underneath. if you geocash there is a hidden surprise somewhere too :)

This hike is pretty difficult! If you like a challenge the view is definitely worth it! The view is mesmerizing! I would highly recommend being in shape and bring LOTS AND LOTS of water!

Loved this hike more than I thought I would. The hike is a beautiful hike with a variety of vegetation along the way. It is definitely less travelled then the all known Peralta Trail in the Supes. The views all around were gorgeous and at one time we hit a plateau that made me feel as if we were on a Star Trek episode and where the terrain looked like it belonged on another planet.

Beautiful trail! Waterfall wasn’t running but worth it nonetheless. There are lots of little trails that branch off from this and might lead you astray, but careful attention to the cairns and in general should help you find your way. The dirt road was a breeze, and the trail wasn’t too busy.

Went today after we got some rain in the last 24 hours. Dirt road was well maintained, and while the trail was fairly easy, it was enough distance and elevation to get a decent workout. No waterfall, apparently it has to rain a lot to get the waterfall going.

Great topography!

Wow, I know I was warned that this was hard but THIS WAS HARD! Beautiful scenery as you scramble/ boulder up 2,000 feet. Definitely worth it but not for those with a fear of heights!

Plan this hike after some rain has fallen in order to enjoy the falls.

Always a good and challenging hike. Didn't lose my toenails this time thanks to a more conservative shoe choice. Definitely a hard hike. It's actually relatively grueling until you get to the basin, and then basically just a lot of bouldering and climbing after that. Going down (for me) is a lot more of a pain in the ass. Take your time and enjoy the ride.

Remember the whole THREE POINTS OF CONTACT rule when making your way up and down. Utilize the tree branches/roots where possible--they are lifesavers. As always, bring plenty of water and have fun!

3rd outing

I’m a novice hiker and almost 70 years old. I am not used to the gradual ascension. Take plenty of water. Don’t be afraid to rest as often as you need. There are lots of friendly people of all ages on the trail, including toddlers and dogs. The views are incredible! I WILL do this again and again. I especially want to see this in the spring time.

6 days ago

Perfect trail for getting legs in shape for the longer more challenging trails. Slight incline up and down. Added the loop on the way down to add a little more distance. Moderate traffic. Mostly gravel and easy trail that is well maintained.

A trail for the adventurous! It’s true to the rating hard but worth the climb. Allow about 5 hrs start to finish and bring plenty of water

Last week I accomplished this amazing journey... today I would like to do it again but today I shall journey Peak 5057 to Hieroglyphics and Carney Springs. Superstition Mountains are amazing and I am proud to of hiked the Ridgeline. Take a map class and don’t go off trail, we climbed up Flatiron and down Carney Springs. The views are amazing!!! Go when the weather is cool and take 5 liters of water....

The view is amazing.

I am an avid mountain biker who is new to hiking. This trail was perfect for me. Nice incline for a challenge and not too technical. The views were beautiful. I definitely will do this one quite often.

To get to the First Water trail go past lost State Park 1/8 of a mile turn right. Follow the dirt road about 2 miles to the parking at the end and start the walk there. Check the map but head out of the trailhead. Restrooms there. At the first fork take the left which is more of a straight ahead: First Water trail. We hiked out 30 minutes and viewed some of the prettiest collections of suguaro and other cactus we have ever seen.. Very scenic rock formations, cacti, just beautiful.

Great hike. Perfect weather and light traffic.

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