Clear Creek Trail

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Clear Creek Trail is a 34.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Grand Canyon, Arizona that offers scenic views and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, camping, and backpacking and is best used from March until November.

34.2 miles 11912 feet Out & Back




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An extended backpack trip of four to six days deep within the Grand Canyon. NOTE: The starting point for Clear Creek Trail, Bright Angel Campground, is in a remote location away from a trailhead. The shortest, fastest way to Bright Angel Campground is from the South Kaibab trailhead following the South Kaibab Trail. The Road to Yaki Point and the South Kaibab trailhead is closed to private vehicles. Therefore, hikers must ride the free Kaibab Trail Route Shuttle bus, which departs every fifteen minutes from Canyon View Information Plaza. Carry plenty of water for the long trek to Clear Creek - the only reliable water on the trail. Clear Creek is a fascinating, off-the-beaten-track destination that deserves several days to explore.

10 months ago

hiked clear creek from bright angel camp ground. Great hike, great views, but traveled through the heat of the day. The sun was very hot, and just barely had enough water to make it to the camp ground. I was a little worried about a water source, but was very relieved at the sight of the green cotton woods, and sound of the running water. I only spent 1 night, and regret that decision, i wish we stayed longer.

3 years ago

Another of my favorite hikes. I did South Kaibab to Bright Angel Campground where I spent my first night then I went to Clear Creek and spent two nights there. My advice, spend at least 3 days there because you can hike down to the Colorado River one day, explore Obi Canyon another day, and then there's another canyon (don't know the name) you can explore that has a special surprise if you can find it (those who know understand why it's not cool to tell everyone publicly about it)... Also this place is home to Cheyvara falls, the biggest waterfall in the Grand Canyon. It was dry when I went in February though. Great backpacking adventure that I rounded out with a trip to Cottonwood and the North Rim before heading back to Bright Angel camp before exiting the canyon via the Bright Angel Trail. I put in 95 miles solo in 8 days and it was EPIC!!

5 years ago

Did this one out and back with a jaunt up Clear Creek to Cheyava Falls. Wonderful views from the Tonto Bench. Be careful crossing the shale dugway. It's a long slide followed by a long drop if you take a tumble. Wonderful trip. There are food cans at Clear Creek to help keep your chow safe from Ringtails. Keep a flashlight handy, they're fun to watch.