Visitors traveling along I-10 in southern Arizona cant miss the prominent 1,500-foot peak of Picacho Peak State Park. Enjoy the view as you hike the trails that wind up the peak and, often in the spring, overlook a sea of wildflowers. The park and surrounding area are known for its unique geological significance, outstanding and varied desert growth, and historical importance. The unique shape has been used as a landmark by travelers since prehistoric times. One of the first recordings was in the 1700s by the Anza Expedition as it passed through the area. The park facilities include a visitor center with exhibits and a gift store, hiking trails, playground, historical markers, campground (with or without electric), picnic areas, ramadas, grills, dump station, restrooms, and showers. The group use areas, for day & overnight use, are available by reservation. Before you hike, be prepared with enough water and proper footwear as the trails are steep and challenging.

9 days ago

I loved this hike. I hiked it the day after Christmas so it was not so hot. It is saying dogs can be on this trail but I do not see how unless you strap your dog to your back to climb the cables.

This is a very unique hike. You first hike up to the middle and then it takes you down to the back of the mountain and then you have to hike back up to the peak.

Be patient while coming down, I almost lost my way while hiking down and was at a dangerous point near to the high elevation edge, thanks to my gut instinct I sensed the trail can’t be this slippery and walked back.

Always identify the right trail first and then proceed. Do take your hand gloves you will need it at many places. This hike is for the advanced hikers and I can say the views from the summit are terrific.

Very hard but very enjoyable

This is now my new favorite hike. If your up for a challenge, this is the one. It’s very rocky and you need gloves to protect your hands as well as in the cables. Toughest thing I’ve ever done, but so worth it. The views are amazing!

This trail was fun and challenging. my biggest challenge with this trail was my fear of hights, there is allot of slippery gravel and lose rocks so be careful. I attempted going down the sadle but had to stop half way though and come back as I was not able to complete it by with my fear of hights.

17 days ago

Scary is one word but totally worth it. Hard is accurate.

Great hike! Take plenty of water!

amazing views

great workout

One of the most fun and challenging hikes I’ve ever done, know what you’re getting into so that you can be prepared. It’s a lot of work but so worth it and moments in the experience gave us an adrenaline rush or two. Incredible 360 degree views at the top, would be gorgeous at sunrise or sunset. I’m in favour of bringing gloves, LOTS of water, and a snack for the top/on the way. If you have bad knees, maybe stay clear, and I definitely would NOT bring a dog up there or little kids. It’s rugged so make sure you’re going in good shoes, we passed a lady going up in Ugg’s and we weren’t surprised when we didn’t see her again on the way down. We had a 12 year old and a 15 year old and they made it just fine!

Just hiked this today to the top for the first time. UNREAL.

This hike is a total body workout !

Great sunrise view from the top.

trail running
30 days ago

Great for a quick run or hike up. Nice views from the top. Don't really need gloves as suggested. The trail and cables are well maintained.

Location is well kept. There was even a bathroom on Barrett loop before you start your adventure. Hike had various transitions of elevation. The man made rail and wire systems was placed at key locations for safety. Leather gloves is importing bring. All in all fun hike.

Very difficult and I wouldn’t recommend bringing your dog. There’s about 8 to 10 spots where you use cables to help you get up.

A hard trail for sure but great hike with amazing views,, didn't need the gloves like I was told I was going to. Very busy trail. Most likely I will do it again!! I drove off and forgot to turn app off for a little bit! Oops!!

Our hiking tribe Summit Soul Sisters loved this trail to the peak! Definitely a challenge, but completely worth it! We had a group of 7 and all managed and had such a blast!

Fun, fun, fun trail !!!!!! Half hiking, half obstacle course. We had so much fun on this trail today. The ascent starts almost as soon as you step onto the trail head. Very well marked trail. A little longer than the 2.7 mile round trip we expected. The ranger said it was two miles up and 2 back. We moved at a reasonable clip and made the hike in a little under three hours. The same ranger said some of the armed services guys make it up and down in two. Only way I was making that in two would have been with the help of a hang glider. ;) There ARE bathrooms near the base of the trail head. Definitely not a dog friendly trail as you get closer to the top. Have fun! :)

Don’t do it!! LoL... it is a VERY TOUGH CLIMB. There are cable wire climbs and not just one, two, or three. I lost count. It’s all a climb after you walk like 1.5ish miles up. I saw people turn around at the first cable wire adventure. It is tough on your whole body. Very steep hike all the way up. Amazing view, but if I was asked to go hike there answer would be Heck no! Kids should be hiking it, but that’s my opinion. I would be afraid they would fall....VERY STEEP. Bring a lot of water and be prepared to climb...a lot!

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