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Gorgeous, took just over 4 hours. Calves were shredded for days afterward.

19 hours ago

This trail was super easy with a slight slope going down. The only thing that would make this trail difficult is if you are afraid of heights because of the narrowing of the paved trail and the outlook. Love it. There is also an elevation medallion on top of one of the stacks of rock.

The best adventure I’ve ever been on!!! Started at 7:30 am was at north rim by 1 reached bright angel by 7:15 p.m
What a day!
11/17/18 life changing experience

Back to Erin’s comment above, thanks to your and other reviews, I studied the creek crossings via the satellite view option before hiking this trail yesterday and was able to hike thru without problems. Without having done that, yes, easy to lose the trail. The few tiny rock cairns are there but hard to follow. I agree with others that this is a very good GC hike, but be prepared for 11 hours as the Hermit is a bit rocky for comfortable running. Happy it’s off my bucket list. Next time I’ll enjoy this zone of the GC more with a backpack and couple nights in river or trail campgrounds.

scenic driving
1 day ago

Short hike to amazing views, we spent a couple hours here enjoying the scenery. Horseshoe Bend is a must see, but pretty busy spot.

We did this hike and loved it!!! You do not have to be an experienced hiker to complete this hike, but at the same time, this hike is not for the feint hearted, there are plenty of places where the trail gets narrow to one pass at a time. If you take your time and have good hiking boots, no problem.
I would not do this hike with little kids and flip flops. The hike opens (and closes) with a two series of steep switchbacks, after that it levels out as it goes out to the point.
Once at the point, you see that all the effort was worth it. The views are amazing and if you go out to the rocks on the point you get about a 300 degree view of the canyon in all of its splendor. You feel like it is surrounding you.
The return hike is tough, but plenty of places to rest and enough water will get you through it

It’s the Grand Canyon, so it has to be 5 stars. This is the easiest trail to do if you want to go “in the canyon”. When we were on it, there were many families, including kids.
As stated, it follows the Bright Angel Trail to the 1 1/2 mile house, which is simply a shelter. The trail is generally pretty wide so you never get that “going off the edge” feeling. We did it November, so the heat wasn’t an issue. The elevation loss was about 1,000 feet over the 1.5 miles (666 avg) which is less than ooh ahh point (878 avg) which indicates how much more gradual the decline is.
The views were great looking up at the canyon, but looking out not much different than the rim views. The total hike took us about 2 and half hours taking time for photos.

Amazing bucket list hike! Did this hike in 9 hours on Nov 17, taking lots of photo and snack breaks. Views were breathtaking! Temperatures were good, stayed cool all day. Personally I loved the South Kaibab trail because there were less rocks (soft dirt makes it easier to hike down), less people, and more views from hiking on a ridge. Bright Angel was a great trail, but so crowded, rockier, and the switchbacks over the last 3 miles were difficult. We also stopped at Phantom Ranch for snacks. I would definitely do it again though!
Btw we recorded the hike and it clocked us at 17.3 miles and 5400’

We only went up for 3.5 miles from Javelina Picnic area but it took us a long time because we had to admire and photograph all the beautiful flowers and grasses along the trail, not to mention the view. It’s inexorably upward but there are plenty of switchbacks. There is no shade, but in mid-November, the exposure was reasonable with a wide brim hat and sunscreen. It is a delightful trail.

Awesome hike. Tough at times but not too bad. Great views.

The trail is actually 6 miles, 3 miles down to the 3 mile rest house and back up. The trail was a nice mix of easy areas to moderate areas. The hike was great with awesome views. Lots of people even in mid November.

Nice easy trail. Plenty of views and shade.

Hike is a workout for sure and there’s no shade so bring water. The trail is easy enough to follow and offers some spectacular views.

this was the hardest trail we've done so far, to actually get to the old mine is seriously steep and Rocky,and far. we made it, but wow it was tough. but once there it was worth it.

on Ridge View Trail

2 days ago

very nice Trail. you can take it out to a ridge and it's really nice place to sit down

Most amazing hike. I am not a “serious hiker,” however I did train for 3 months to do this hike. We did Rim to Rim in one day, from North to South Rim via Bright Angel on October 20. Weather was PERFECT! Chilly in the morning (started a little after 6am in the dark), but warmed up very quickly. We took 30 hikers with us, from 16 years old to 60, but didn’t all stay together. A few things to note:
* It’s actually 23.9 miles. I verified with a Park Ranger.
* Water is available often, but I always kept at least 3 liters on me at all times, and that was during the fall. If you hike in the heat, you will need MUCH more! I would not do this hike in the summer.
* Electrolytes are not optional.
* You need to snack the entire way down the rim. Then stop to eat your packed lunch at Phantom Ranch. You won’t feel like eating much after that (even though you should) so almost all your calories & electrolytes needs to be in the morning. Salty tastes way better than sweet.
* There are NO garbage cans...you will need to pack out every tiny bit of garbage with you.
* I finished in just over 12 hours. It’s doable for the most physically fit in about 8-10 hours. The last of our group finished in 15 1/2 hours with a knee injury.
* The switchbacks on Bright Angel are not as steep as I expected. They are just extremely relentless and never ending. The last 3 miles will take FOREVER.
* Have a head lamp with you.
* Use every bathroom you pass. There are no “hidden areas” to squat behind. No matter where you go, you will be seen!
* This is not a loop, nor an out and back. You will need a driver waiting for you at the Rim you finish on. We met some people who didn’t think that through, and were trying to figure out how to get back to their car on the North Rim, which was about a 4 hour drive away!
* I was terrified to do this hike, but am so glad I did! You will not regret doing it, as long as you are PREPARED! Hike a few times each week, walk a lot, and do the stair stepper as often as possible.

This was a lovely hike down and back. Hiking in November is the best for this trail, as we never became uncomfortably warm. We are older than most reviewers, and in reasonable shape , took 3.5 hours in total.

I just put this together in google earth. Kind of gives you an idea of what the hike will be like.


Bucket list hike especially if done in 1 day. Wife and I did it on our 20th Anniversary and still talk about it a year later. Best views on the planet. September weather was perfect.

4 days ago

Great hike for first timers, takes some navigating but is easy to figure out. Highly recommended!

Awesome trail only got to 3rd mile marker will definitely start earlier next time!

Going down was much easier than climbing up but what the heck? Awesome views

Absolutely amazing hike. We went slow purposefully to stay 1 nite at each of the 3 campgrounds and soak it all in. The views and stars at nite are exceptional. I recommend hiking it in October as the heat isn't brutal. 23.9 miles starting at north rim and using BA trail to reach the south rim. A must do for all serious backpackers. Highly recommended.

This is not an easy hike. I would say more moderate. Although we went up the Douglas Spring side so we did the 1300ft of elevation gain in 2 miles instead of 4.

Beautiful scenery. We saw lots of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, and even a couple deer. I would love to go back when there is water in the spring. There is also a crested saguaro near a wash kind of close to where the dam is. We probably would have missed it if we weren't going the opposite direction.

5 days ago

An easy walk with stunning views the whole way! We walked from the visitors center to Canyon Village, then also walked another mile or so between two of the lookout points on the Red Line, which was much quieter and had even better views. This is a great trail with lots of interesting geology and history along the way.

Strenuous, gorgeous, intimidating and fulfilling.

Don't overpack and the last 3 miles on Bright Angel is the real test. Just completed this past weekend, 11/11/2018

5 days ago

The trail is an easy walk through the forest. Prettier than the Uncle Jim Trail with a few more viewpoints, but they are both similar. The trail itself is likely nicer in the summer with a few wildflowers, otherwise it is a form of getting exercise while getting rewarded at the end with a nice overlook. In November, it provides wonderful solitude. I had the trail and viewpoint to myself which I enjoyed. For more details and pics: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/13/grand-canyons-north-rim/

5 days ago

The distance described includes the walking on Ken Patrick Trail to Uncle Jim Trail. The trail travels through a sparse forest with a lot of fallen trees. It isn't that pretty in the fall/winter though you are blessed with solitude. No mules or people. An overlook of the Grand Canyon all to yourself...that part is great (and you can see the North Kaibab Trail that descends into the canyon). I imagine in the summer, the welcome shade and a few wildflowers would make it more appealing, though then you'll be sharing the trail with the masses. For more details: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/13/grand-canyons-north-rim/

Lovely walk through the trees on a well-worn path to stunning views of the canyon. Be sure to follow the app, as the trail isn’t listed on the maps given out at the Grand Canyon lodges. This makes it less crowded and a great find!

Started at 1300. Way down, too easy. Little slippery at spots but nothing too life threatening. Once we got down and did a 360 lookaround. Took the biggest dump of my life, wayyy off trail fyi. Then the way up started. Not too bad, considering I was in a Jim Beam fueled rage. Not the best trail to do tipsy. A bit more than halfway up I hit the hangover stage and it was absolute murder. It was worse than when I was hit by an ied. Pushed through and made it without completely dying. 10/10 would do again. Breathtaking views

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