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This hike offers magnificent views from all the designated points. Currently, until 5 June 2020, no shuttle buses are running and no cars are allowed past the barricades so this hike is very peaceful. It starts west of the Village and extends to Hermit's Rest so you can avoid the big crowds at the Village. Hike all the way to Hermit's Rest (about 8 miles one way) for a nice hike or turn around anywhere you desire. Again, this hike offers incredible views from the Rim and is less crowded than the Village. Bring water and wear a hat.

Always remember, what goes down, must come back up. Hiked in late May, and the rim is a lot cooler than the canyon, though where we got too (just over 4 miles in) it was still comfortable.

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Wonderful trail as long as the road is dry and you get to the trailhead. It’s been a long time since I was there and there now is only designated camping on the rim. Take water, camp on the plateaus half way down and then hike down and filter the Colorado River water.

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Got a question for those who have completed the Hermit recently. I last went down the trail on 1967. (Was a Geology student a5 NAU at the time). Back then, there was the camp dump which contained numerous bottles, cans and a broken down Model T. Additionally, there was an overhang in camp which could be used as a shelter. 2or3 old beds w/springs rested there. Reason I am asking is I am planning to hike the Hermit one more time come come next May. Too old to do it in one day, plan one day down, one to river and a third back up. Having to camp out for 2 nights the overhang would be handier than lacking a tent. Got some pics somewhere, if I can find them will add to post, so all you youngsters can see what was there 50+ years ago.

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Great views with several stunning viewpoints. The trail is clean and well-maintained. Weather was perfect in late May, clear and cool in the mid-60's, perfect for the incline in the latter half of the trail.

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Fantastic little trail! Leads you out to the most fantastic view of the Grand Canyon.

Far exceeded my expectations! Definitely lives up to the hype! God’s creation is truly astonishing!!

Great long hike

I did this trail as part of my rim to rim on May 15th, opening day for the North rim. The weather was perfect. Definitely use hiking poles they will save you from falling. I would suggest getting a much earlier start than we did but we couldn't get in the park until the gates opened. Take your time to stop and look around the views are breathtaking. Make sure you check before you start your hike to see where the water is on at. During the winner at the North pipes had burst so we only had one place where we could get water until we hit the very bottom Phantom ranch area. People who had not planned for this were not doing very well.

The rim to rim hike is absolutely stunning. It's an amazing adventure and endurance challenge. There is something spiritual about hiking the Grand Canyon. I planned for many months for this adventure. There's so much that goes into it and it is totally worth it. Everything from trying to figure out where to park the car, how to take a shuttle to the North rim, where to stay at the North rim, Phantom Ranch reservations, how much food to bring, what's the best pack to carry, how much water do I need, what water stations are on? Remember to check before you make this trip and be sure water is on. I ran into many hikers going up to the North rim that were out of water but there had been a water line burst and there was no more water for them and they were in a bad way. This is a beautiful hike but be smart and plan ahead.

Great trail with amazing views. Be sure to bring enough water.

Very simple trail but the best views!! I only hiked a couple km out of the whole trail. Make sure you have your camera!

Excellent! Way better than Bright Angel.

Great trail! Views are amazing. Went down to Coconino Saddle. A little more technical since it’s not a regular maintained trail.

forgot to turn off recording before driving home

Ive done rim to rim from south north and north to south. I think I prefer north to south. I recorded the hike in 4k - posted on my channel for reference: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFCcB03vM-nepESoPJ4KvA

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Amazing hike - recommend to start early, morning light on this hike was amazing. I recorded the hike in 4k - posted on my channel for reference: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFCcB03vM-nepESoPJ4KvA

Great trail. Perfect conditions and lightly trafficked.

We were here when the nps wasn’t offering their shuttle from bright angel and were hoping cars would be able to go to the end. No buses or cars due to covid though we saw several cars and a rv that ran the barricade and went by headed west as we hiked the rim. Awesome views and not one person on the trail. Definitely socially distanced! Wished we could have driven to the end and hiked out of there. Hope the nps will rethink their cars policy during the covid ordeal.

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We hiked in the AM, only vehicle in the dirt lot, easy trail through the woods, some mud, not bad. Lots of elk evidence, the point is amazing, highly recommend.

Don’t let the small amount of snow or minor exposure steer you away from this beautiful hike! My girlfriend and I started just before 1 pm, and it was about 45 degrees. A couple hours later down in the canyon, the temperature rose about 20 degrees. Coming from CO, the Grand Canyon was a whole new world for us, and we cannot wait to visit this environment again. I would guess a month from now would be ideal for temps. It’s a little cold now, but it will be better in April. What goes down must come up!?

Nice trail, gorgeous view on GC, a lot of steps but there were parts where we were able to run a bit. The trail descends first and goes uphill on the way back. Personally I prefer the opposite situations but this trail is worth the exception.

Gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon that are infinitely less crowded than the drive and park or shuttle viewpoints. Easily marked dirt path to follow with level ground throughout until you get to the rock point itself. Was here late February/early March and there was still snow on the ground which made parts of the path wet and muddy. Plenty of shade and what made this trail even more unique was getting to view (from a safe distance) a herd of elk passing through.

Some of the best views of Grand Canyon I’ve seen were on this hike. Allow yourself some Time...don’t start this one too late in day. Views form Skeleton Point are incredible!

More difficult than moderate. Very cool to see the different layers & colors as the trail descends.

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Hammered this out with my 9 month old in a backpack. Rocky and steep. Thought it was harder going up than bright angel is from the three mile rest house. Great views. Few people. This trail drops the amateurs quick.

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Not really a secret anymore. Lonely planet and AllTrails have blown this little trail up. However if you get in early you’ll have it pretty much to yourself. Beautiful views as everyone has written.

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