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Split into the separate Rincon Mountain and Tucson Mountain Districts, the dry Sonoran Desert is still home to much life in six biotic communities. Beyond the namesake Giant Saguaro cacti, there are barrel cactus, cholla cactus, and prickly pears, as well as the Lesser Long-nosed Bat, Spotted Owl, and javelinas.

9 days ago

13 days ago

I've done this hike a few times and love the destination for its beautiful views. On clear days you can see Picacho Peak along with some distant mountain ranges. I've seen lots of animal life on this trail, including deer and javelina. When I went today a saguaro had fallen across the trail at one point. I walked right over it where the needles had worn away, which was an interesting experience.

Not a very hard trail but amazing views.

trail running
21 days ago

It's an mostly flat, easy hike with really great views of saguaros. Didn't see anybody else on the trail.

trail running
21 days ago

Nice short walk.

scenic driving
25 days ago

Great views. spotted a coyote.


28 days ago

Great views. Coming up from cove a bit slippery. I use 5 foot pole which makes it safer and avoid sudden slips.

1 month ago