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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

Enjoyed ourselves immensely. Could not of asked for better Maine-iac weather. Fog thicker than a wall, in 60mph winds (warm for October) made us soaked but it was a truly different experience even without a view (had to make the best of, end of tropical storm Nate)

Perfect trail to bring my pup on!

Loved this easy hike - we thought the ‘boardwalk’ was fun and the entire trail is very picturesque. Saw folks of all ages and several people had their dogs along. Reward yourself with a delicious popover at Jordan House!

1 day ago

1 day ago

The view is amazing up at the top. I STRONGLY agree with some other posters in that coming up South Bubble was a difficult climb for me (fairly fit 56 y.o.).
There were two or three spots near the top that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to continue, yet the thought of going down the way we came was not in the realm of possibility. Going back down Bubble Trail after scrambling up South Bubble seemed like a breeze.
The view was definitely worth it!

This is the best hike.. so far I have done.. loved it .. will do it again.. it’s tough and challenging at some parts during the course ..

awesome trail with some gorgeous views...high steps and rungs. Challenging in places but worth the effort!

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2 days ago

First I'll say this hike has amazing views, and as you ascend they get even better - totally worth conquering your fear of heights for.

Second, I'll touch on the difficulty...this is not what I'd call a hard hike exactly. The steepness is probably what gives it that rating. You do need to be able to scramble and climb a bit, but nothing too difficult if you're in decent shape and flexible. I'm not a fan of heights really, but I've learned to calm myself and focus on climbs like this - there was only one part where there was no iron rungs to pull yourself up that was really exposed, but even then - just take your time, focus and it's not a problem. Having said all that, I've hiked Angel's Landing, so these heights were not quite as scary. If you're a little weary, I'd make sure you do it with a friend to assist you if needed.

Lastly, this hike is FUN! If you like climbing and a little scrambling, this is much more fun that a normal hike.

Definitely recommend for anyone in moderate shape!