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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

Picked West Face Trail down from Cadillac (3 hrs) after hiking up on north ridge trail (3 hrs.). This was thought to be a shorter trail, mod difficulty and w/ bus stop at trail end. Wife and I sixty somethings active walkers but not prepared for difficulty of West decent. Tremendous feeling of accomplishment and exhaustion after this decent haha. In addition to the usual precautions and those mentioned by the other contributors, start this hike with minimum 3 hrs daylight or good luck searching for blue markers in the dark. West light fades fast behind nearby mtn!

1 day ago

1 day ago

Loved this trail. Went with my 63-year-old mother and took my husky and we had a great time. The West Side is definitely more work (bogwalk and rocks here) and the east side is a breeze with wonderful photo ops so plan which aide you want to tackle first. Total it probably took us almost two hours at a nice stroll with lots of stops for pictures. It was a rainy day so the few portions of rock walking and bogwalk were a tad slippery - I would recommend aiming for a dryer day. It was foggy but we have excellent pictures and it actually gave Jordan Pond a beautifully unique scene. I would absolutely do again and am very happy we took the time to do this loop!

1 day ago

The trail has a spectacular view of the Bubble Mountains and Jordan lake, especially in Autumn. It is an easy nature trail with several viewing spots.

2 days ago

Great hike.