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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

11 hours ago

Great connector path; not crowded at all. Very peaceful.

Super easy hike cool photo ops with moss covered rocks and trees. Nice bridges and paths through the woods.

I mean the lake is beautiful. But the view doesn’t change the entire hike. It’s just a trail that goes around the circumference of the lake. On one side there are raised boardwalk planks that are only 2 boards wide in most points which makes it hard to fit by when people are going the opposite direction. Really boring hike.

Another great Acadia hike. Parked at Thunder Hole, walked to the trail head in the next parking area. Many great vistas and rocks to walk on under and around. Lots of families on this trail. Great views at the summit of Champlain, Dorr and Cadillac all together.

Easy hike/walk around Jordan Pond. Parking was easy early in the morning, however was filling up by the time we finished. The lake views are wonderful with such clear water and the Bubbles in view. Heard the loons, but they kept out of sight.

18 hours ago

Hadn’t planned on hiking this, but since it led back to where I parked ... was definitely better than walking on the Loop Road shoulder.

Decent views; very crowded

My first hike in Acadia. Thought I would knock out the loop and head elsewhere. Welllll my 3mi hike turned into 10.5mi because the trails connect so well.

Felt like I was hiking back down forever. Great views though.

We took Homans path to the Schiff path to the summit and the Northridge Trail down. A spectacular hike that took about 4 hours with some stops to take in the views.

Beautiful view.

If you're looking for a short hike to view rocky coastlines this is definitely one providing the most bang for your buck. It's a figure 8 loop trail; half through lush forest and half along an ocean cove. Views at the end of this trail are breathtaking. Rarely crowded, located on the "less popular" side of Acadia NP.

Easy, flat trail, fantastic views every season.

Loved this trail! We started out at 7 am and it was already getting busy. We went up Precipice, then down around to Orange and Black. The boulders at the beginning had to be gone through again on the way down. My legs were jello on the way down. I hike a lot of moderate hikes much longer than this, but this is very steep and more climbing than the Beehive and more than I expected. Short but challenging hike with an amazing payoff at the top. Do not take younger kids or attempt if you are afraid of heights. .

The view from the top is fabulous! There are two beautiful lakes to see. No guardrail, so hang onto your kids!

Amazing hike. I did it with my two younger sons. Would recommend not to do the hike if you have anybody under the age of 10.

Gorgeous views of a classic New England lighthouse. Easy, short hike with lots of rocky nooks and crannies to explore.

Great hike doesn’t take to long and a nice climb with kids. The views are great.

Acadia's Park Loop Road is the perfect introduction to this 47,000 acre park. Much of it is one-way traffic.

An easy, level hike. Jordan Pond is one of THE most popular Acadia attractions: get there early. If parking fills up at the Jordan Pond House use the boat landing parking lot just down the road. Excellent hiking every season.

This was my first time doing the Beehive Trail, let alone any sort of vertical scaling. As someone who is only 5'2", there were parts of the hike where I really had to assess how I was going to climb. The iron rings really are there to help you, but some of them were a harder reach than others. The climb itself wasn't very physically taxing for an intermediate hiker like me. It was more mentally taxing because of the assessing and bravery required, as you'll be at the edge of the mountain. It's definitely doable for those who are a bit hesitant; I even saw 6 year olds climbing up. Once at the top, I recommend continuing to Gorham Mountain and Ocean Path trails instead of attempting to climb back down. Overall recommend for a memorable hike and definitely not for the faint of heart! And be sure to get there early for a good parking spot during the summer season, we got there around noon on a Saturday and had to park quite far from the trail head.

Easy hike with 360 views for stunning sunrises and sunsets!

Excellent hike any season! Get there early. Parking lot at Gorham trailhead is small; I recommend parking at the Fabbri parking lot just down the road. Last hiked this in May/June 2018 as part of an Acadia Ranger-led excursion. Cadillac Cliffs spur trail is well worth the sightseeing opportunities!!

Well marked trail. Trailhead off of Rt 3. Easy, short, historic hike to the Atlantic Ocean.

Non-stop views!! It would be an easy hike up and back down, but I would recommend extending the hike into a loop by continuing on the North Bubble trail down the mountain and up Connor's Nubble. This trail is more challenging (though still moderate, a much smaller peak) and offers a diversity of terrains and views. You'll end up along Eagles Lake and finish through a beautiful marsh and lush forested area before arriving back at the bubble parking lot. One of my favorite Acadia hikes! The whole loop will take about 2-3 hours

Ok, so here you have the real review. It was a pretty vertical scale, but with handholds and metal rungs nicely spaced for short girls and smaller brave kids. I have a serious problem with heights, so it does play a-bit of head games with the likes of us. But all in all, a very doable climb. I am not an athlete by any means and I was able to enjoy the climb.

This was such an enjoyable walk around the pond. Nice loop open to the pond and into the trees. Then we stopped to have popovers and ice cream at the Jordan Pond House. Totally recommend it. Great afternoon!

Great hike, lots of “stairs”, beautiful views at the top.

Nice way to access a beautiful, rocky, hidden beach.

Loved this one! My kids (9/11) and me loved the ladders so the short but super step ascent goes by quickly. Great views (we saw bolt eagles) on the little cliff loop trail to the north I would always add (its not in the recording shown here) and the way back is not hard and nice as well.

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