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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

All of the positive things reviewers have said about this trail are true--lovely, a nice workout but manageable for lots of skill levels, great elevation and views but no serious precipices (for those, like me, who aren't good with ledges, dropoffs, etc.).

Having hiked both the North and the South Ridge Trails on Cadillac, I thought I'd offer some comparison/contrast for people wondering which one to hike.

The North Ridge is of course shorter, but its steep spots are a tad more frequent and steep than you experience on the South Ridge--so you trade some distance for some more spurts of climbing. However, there are plenty of scenic little rock plateaus on the way up the North Ridge, which provide not only frequent opportunities to catch your breath but also to take in nice views of the harbors and islands. If you're looking for more constant ocean vistas throughout your hike, the North Ridge is the way to go; five minutes in, and this is already your experience. It takes longer to clear the trees on the South Ridge.

To say it simply, both trails are superb, but the North Ridge scratches my vista itch, the South Ridge my arboreal itch. If you like hearty but not harrowing hiking, and you have the time, do both!

We used this trail to get us up to the South Bubble and then continued to summit Pemetic and Cadillac. Amazing scenery of Jordan Pond from the start and at the Bubbles. Very fun!

Like other reviews, I recommend doing St. Sauveur first and then Acadia. Really great views of the Somes Sound!

We used this trail to summit Cadillac and then used the South Ridge to descend. It was a difficult and technical climb, but that is what makes it fun. I would not recommend going down this way, and I definitely would not do this trail if it was wet. There are some points on the trail where if you fell you would be seriously injured, so wear good shoes. The crowds at the summit took away from the serenity of the experience compared to mountains like Pemetic that are less crowded. I would definitely do this hike again!

We took Pemetic Northwest from the Bubbles to Pemetic summit and then used Pemetic North to descend. Our favorite summit in the entire park because of the amazing views and it is not very crowded. It is not an easy hike, but it is most define the worth it!!

Great little hike! My husband and I brought our dogs and it was easy for them! Had beautiful views of the ocean at the top! Had no idea on the way down there would be access to a beach area! It was nice to just sit and take in all the views before heading back on the trail! Dogs do go swimming in the beach there so be careful of off leash pets.

I did this hike with my mom after doing the North and South Bubbles. It is a short hike, but a great challenge. We somehow missed the ladders on the way up, so I guess you have to really look for them. The summit is very nice. Great views and not crowded because the only way up is hiking. One of the best trails in the park for sure!

Great little trail! The bubble rocks were beautiful to look at as you walked the loop. Not hard unless you have problems with lots of rocks be sure to wear proper hiking shoes for foot and ankle purposes

This trail was absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t say hard but challenging. I recommend you wear proper hiking shoes for foot and ankle purposes. My husband and I took our two dogs and it was not hard for them at all except for one part before the summit where there is a bar/ladder that we had to assist both. The scenery on the way up was stunning and breathtaking would definitely hike it again!!

This is the best trail in Acadia, if you are not afraid of heights. I would recommend starting from Sand Beach and hiking to the Beehive then going past the Bowl on your way back. We started at 8 am and by the time we left at 9:30-10 the iron rungs had a line, which would make the experience less fun. Also, make sure you have good shoes that can grip well. I saw lots of people struggling in shoes with poor treads. Overall, my favorite hike in the park!!!

Nice hike. Perfect for beginners, kids, dogs. It's pretty quiet for Acadia, only saw 2 others using the trail. There's also some options to make it longer if you want more.

The scenery is indeed pretty and the trail is typically level and in most cases a fun journey. However, for the legally blind, low vision, or disabled it is not a picnic in the park. There is no notice on signage entering the loop about the landslide on the western side of the loop nor information about the one mile of split elevated log trail that must be traversed. This is a serious breach of information needed for those in the blind community or disabled. I also suggest that parents with very young children might want to just take the east half of the loop and skip the western portion. The west side of the trail is not recommended for the low vision or disabled.

Goat Trail is a lot of fun along the coast. Make sure to stop and hang out at Deep Cove. We saw a couple of harbor seals on our hike. The Duck Harbor Mountain trail is not for the faint of heart. Lots of scrambling and trail finding along the way. Great view from the top though.

Great hike and climb with even better views, but definitely recommend hiking south to north Bubble clockwise. A pretty steep climb up south Bubble from Jordan pond, wouldn’t recommend descending unless you want a more advanced hike. A good climb up and the views are worth it.

Great views from the rock climbing portions of Sand Beach.

Great trail! Not many people an this trail.

Nice dog friendly trail!

A fun little walk with your dog!

Did the trail as the map shows. This takes you up some steep steps and a few ladders. Definitely go all the way and see the summit. Amazing views, one of our favorite trails we’ve ever done.

Okay so let’s be a little real here. This is more of a climb than a hike. I have summitted some pretty tough mountains and terrain in the white mountains and have been an avid consistent hiker for the past 3 years. I’ve had some pretty tough physical challenges but this one is a mental challenge if you have a fear of heights. I thought from the topo map and seeing pictures I could do this trail. I’ve bouldered. Besides, there are metal handles and ladders? How bad could it be? You do not know until you go. My fiancé summitted and loved it but he has no fear of heights. I was queasy with the first “test” of a metal grate and narrow footing on the side of the mountain. Do your research and watch go pro videos on YouTube that you can!

My fiancé said the views are amazing and it’s worth the climb hence the 5 star rating. It just depends o. What you are looking for.

Despite the mental challenge I will eventually come back and conquer this one. I think it’s good to always try to push yourself but this one could test your limits quick.

Beatiful trail with outstanding views from the top - but should be listed as “moderate”, not “easy”. It is constant uphill, pretty steep (wooded trail) and with many large steps.

Most of the stream was already dried up, trail parallels the stream most of the way

Cool little path down to the ocean and beside beautiful hunters brook

This was a fun trail. Some steep rocky sections we were not expecting. We have a big dog and some of the steep sections were a little challenging for him.

The ledge trail itself wasn’t that great. Keep going once you get to the top and there are plenty of amazing views within a short hike.

4 days ago

Not “easy”. More like moderate. Nice views at top

Did this loop with my three kids, 6, 9 and 12 years old. Amazing views, fun and exciting boardwalk and rocky section and a little beach halfway that’s great for skipping stones. I wonderful family hike.

Doing Mt. Sauveur first and then Acadia is for sure better. This way you have the slightly challenging but fun hike to Acadia up and the easy way via steps down. The views are great. We started from Sauveur parking lot and used Ledge Trail to get to the loop. Took about 2.5h plus many photo stops.

Great views. My 82 year old mother did it. Take a right at fork for more gradual ascent but steeper down. NPS was working on the trails installing steps on the steeper part. Interesting to watch their work. It took us 45 Min if actual walking.

Easy trail that mostly follows the main park loop road. Lots of little stopping points and lots of amazing views.

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