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It’s a great hike. Who cares if it’s short? Amazing views the whole way up and super fun to feel a little daring going up the iron rungs. Go early though to avoid other humans.

Such a bueatiful trail. easy. Some harder trails branching off, like bubbles and Jordan cliffs, but it if you want a bueatiful flat walk in Acadia, this is your trail.

Great trail! Good challenge

This was a beautiful trail, but I wouldn’t rate it as easy. Depending on which way you took, the first part of the trail is flat. The second part has you walking over rocks and on a wooden boardwalk. Would not recommend that section on a wet day.

6 days ago

i love Beehive because you get a rungs and ladders experience that is thrilling, but it doesnt last that long. you can experience a sensation that you are really being risky without much of a risk! the tarn at the end is pretty outstanding, too. bring a picnic and a hammock and relax at the end of the hike!

This was such a fun hike to take our time on. The views were beautiful and the trail was well marked!

Fun hike. A bit hard and scary but it was fun to do.

7 days ago

Fun hike; super hyped, really fast we kept hiking up to the lake near the bowl. Steep but not as challenging as we thought.

Beautiful and easy hike! Kid friendly!

Hiked on 5/8/18, the day could not have been better. Everything that can be said about the Beehive has already been said - would do it again and again if I could.

My friends and I spent 5 straight days hiking as much of Acadia as possible and this was by far our favorite trail. It's very challenging and at sometimes feels quite dangerous. You have to be pretty deep into a hike to make it to this trail but it's way worth it. We did it going down which was a total thrill. I wish I could have taken better pictures but we didn't feel comfortable taking out any cameras. Picture a crazy winding rock staircase straight down (or up).

Great hike! We enjoyed it and so did our dog!

Rocky trail with lots of uneven ground. Tough on the knees! The peak of St. Sauveur isn’t particularly breathtaking, but once you start walking along Valley Peak it’s pretty much an incredible view the whole stretch. The little detour for the waterfall is totally worth it, you can easily climb next to or to the top of it and sit in the shade to enjoy the view. We cheated and walked back down Man O’ War, which is a flat path (old access road?). All in all a pleasant hike through woods, steady incline, and beautiful views.

Short hike with amazing views. There’s several options to follow for a longer hike. Lots of fun stretches over rock with ocean views.

This is a great trail, but I disagree about it being suitable for dogs on a leash. It is very rocky and steep in places, really not suitable for dogs on leash. You may fall trying to navigate the dog and yourself. Off leash is better but since this is in the park, that is not an option. Best advice: leave the dog home for this hike.

13 days ago

Short but steep and technical. Not for anyone afraid of heights or not comfortable with using metal rungs.

Nice little trail along the waters edge. Not very hard or strenuous. A lot of the fun looking parts near the cliffs were closed off for habitat restoration. I can’t complain about that.

I don’t like driving to the summits of mountains for their view. I took this path up and found it to be a pretty technical/difficult hike. Lots of near vertical sheets of rocks you have to navigate up. I went at a slippery time and it seemed like if I slipped I could’ve been seriously injured. I think the challenge was worth it though and would say to just hike carefully. Don’t do this one on wet rainy days. Once you’re done you’ll feel very accomplished.

Good trail with lots of nice views. Mostly a lot of stair climbing which gets somewhat tiring. Would recommend as a nice small jaunt from the nature center.

Before hiking the trail I psyched myself out by reading too many reviews about the trail. It was honestly not bad at all. Just focus on the ladders and it’s not that hard or scary. The only part I felt any fear on the way up was when a group of teenagers decided to go backwards down the trail while I was on the rungs. Don’t go backwards down the trail you’ll be putting others lives at risk. Hit the trail early because it gets a bit easy. It’s a very quick hike to the top with awesome views the whole way.

Wow! Incredible views, a bit difficult in places, but totally worth it!

Very nice level walk with some rocks & roots. Great views of Jordan’s pond and was not crowded on a weekday in early May.

Very easy but extremely beautiful, please respect the park rules ( no swimming) and stop at the restaurant after for some delicious pop overs, you'll thank me later!

18 days ago

Pretty popular walk. I guess the appeal is walking across on low tide. Doesn't really do much for me. Views from the high point on the island are alright.

18 days ago

I like how the website says that this is the #2 of 133 trails in Acadia, but that it is "lightly trafficked". It is pretty busy. Parking can be tough on the trailhead on the park loop road. I think the views are nice, but I know a lot of people who hate on this trail.

18 days ago

Good if you have no other options. Can cut over on Murphy Lane to the Precipice trail and avoid some of the parking issues at Precipice trailhead. But the Schooner head path parallels the road and is unremarkable.

Mostly just a way from the campground to the cove. Prettty lightly trafficked.

18 days ago

Pretty easy hike with decent views on clear days. Parking is usually no issue at the trailhead shown here.

I would hesitate to call this moderately trafficked. Hardly ever seen more than 2 cars at the trailhead shown here. For the most part, it's in the woods, can be pretty buggy.

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