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Baxter State Park is over 200,000 acres of wilderness and public forest. Water: Water in Baxter State Park is untreated and generally unprotected. No running water is available, you must bring your own drinking water or purify water from the streams, ponds, etc. This can be done a number of ways, such as boiling for a minimum of five minutes or the application of seven drops of iodine (from your first aid kit) per gallon of water. Bleach (Clorox) may be substituted for iodine. If you use a filter be sure pore size is 3 microns or smaller. Facilities: Facilities are rustic. Roads are unpaved. Electricity is not available in the Park. There are outhouses throughout the Park for bathroom facilities. Food, supplies or gasoline are available in Millinocket or private campgrounds on the way to the Park. Firewood: Firewood is available at roadside campgrounds in the Park for a minimal fee. As a protective measure against invasive insects that could damage the Park's forest, Park campers and visitors are not allowed to bring firewood into the Park.

As of May 26, 2017, Baxter State Park has all trails open except Dudley.

Always my favorite. Backpacking up to chimney is amazing.

Nice easy hike to a scenic venue. Nice day w the kids!

The hardest day hike I have ever done and I have done every high hill on the east coast (to include Mt Washington 3x) and many out west. A couple of reasons for this. First this Mt is in a very isolated area. Literally in the middle of nowhere. Baxter state park is huge and very spread out. Despite that the campgrounds get reserved and filled up many months in advance. This is an issue as if you don't stay the park you have to get a parking permit (very limited numbers), take a shuttle from an outside campground (expensive and logistically a pain in the ass) , or hike in from the Appalachian trail (20 + miles).
We had to stay off park at the Adol Bridge campground, which is about 10-15 miles on a dirt road from the trailhead. The campground itself is pretty good. They have a free breakfast for people staying there, a small store and a place to eat. The people are very helpful and friendly. However, There is zero phone service and you are a long, long way from the nearest town. In any case we had to take a shuttle to get to the trailhead and they couldn't take us there until 9 am. This is very late to start on this hike. Our route was to be up Cathedral trail to the summit and down the Knifes edge. Cathedral is a easy hike for about 3 miles then goes straight rock scrambling to just short of the summit. Very tough, but fun. Do not attempt to come down this trail!! Up only. The weather was good until we got to the summit, it then turned sour with fog and rain. We very foolishly decided to still descend the Knifes edge trail. This turned out to be a big mistake. The rain made the trail almost impossible and to make a long story short we were lucky to make it down without someone getting seriously injured. I won't go into the details, I'll just say do not attempt Knifes edge unless the weather is clear and dry and you are in top condition. Myself and my two boys are experienced hikers and in the best of shape and I found it very tough and dangerous, see my pics. There was another much easier trail to get down, but we let our pride get in the way of good judgement. Don't make that mistake, IMO we were very lucky. In the end it took us 9 hours to hike 10 miles. I would love to do this again, but in sunny dry weather only.

This is the most popular route up Katahdin. Great hike. Took us 10 hours on the dot. Hit the trail at 7:20 am, checked out at 5:20 pm. Amazing views from the top. The weather changes quickly - be ready for anything!

8 days ago

Great trail from Roaring Brook up to Chimney Pond. Chimney Pond is breathtaking.

Went today on a whim. Great views! Our 2.5 year old was able to navigate over half the trails on her own.

Had an amazing day taking the abol trail to the hunt. Was feeling really accomplished and excited about all my bouldering up abol until I ran into four thru-hikers finishing their AT journeys and was very quickly humbled! Decided to take the hunt (AT) on the way down in homage to my new friends and more than once scratched my head at just where the white blazes were positioned on the boulders going down (you're suggesting I go where?!).

In total the hike ends up being 10 miles with a two mile trek back to the abol campground. Honestly, toughest hike of my life, incredibly challenging but worth every single minute. Ran into loads of kids (probably 12 and up) and senior citizens, so it's tough but totally manageable and safe.

This trail was quite wet even though it was not raining and i was grateful for my rain pants and jacket. The loop was nice with views of the pond fairly often. We did this loop and the big and little Niagara falls in the same afternoon. There were lots of blueberries and partridge berries to nibble on the way.

This trail was quite wet even though it was not raining and i was grateful for my rain pants and jacket. The loop was nice with views of the pond fairly often. We did this loop and the big and little Niagara falls in the same afternoon. There were lots of blueberries and partridge berries to nibble on the way.

I loved this little hike. It was wet when we started out but cleared after a while and it was a lovely stroll through old growth and mossy boulders along the trail edge. The trail was pretty heavily trafficked and little obstacles to climb over. It was a nice afternoon outing and we tacked Daicey pond onto the loop as well.

I'm glad to see this is no longer listed as "moderate" , as it is anything but, if for no other reason than the trail is incredibly remote and storms crop up easily. But there's a lot that makes it difficult. I've done multiple summits in Utah and Nevada but none of them compare to the strenuous joy of bagging this peak. My dad and I summited Katahdin two years ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life. From the Helon Taylor trail, it immediately gains elevation--there's a lot of scrambling and light bouldering for most of the trail, and very uneven footing. Take a break once you get above treeline--the views are spectacular. Negotiating the Knife Edge involves a class 3 scramble, sheer drop offs on either side. Be mindful of your descent. Your two best options (for a day hike. Otherwise, continue to Hamlin ridge and descend via the Chimney Pond trail) are either the Cathedral Trail or the Saddle Trail. Both are knee-crushing steep, but the Saddle Trail is the lesser of the two evils. Even so, be prepared for major quad burnout on the way down over slick rocks and boulders. As opposed to scrambling back down a ridge and getting on a trail, the trails in BSP are so primitive, these descent routes don't even out for a while. Get ready for butt-sliding and taking time to lower yourself safely. When you get off the trail, go eat a meal in the Appalachian Trail cafe, have a beer, and book a massage.

17 days ago

Without a doubt the hardest hike I've ever done. I can hike and walk, even with loads. However, rock scrambling boulders that are taller than me was extremly difficult. The mt weather was expected and i was prepared for +20 Celsius @ the bottom and hail at the top... But bouldering was tough.

18 days ago

Great hike! But beware! The black flies are horrible in summer months. We hiked it yesterday and were constantly bombarded by those little blood suckers. The newer build ups in the switchback portion of the trail are great and made this trail super enjoyable and easier to descend.

18 days ago