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Baxter State Park is over 200,000 acres of wilderness and public forest. Water: Water in Baxter State Park is untreated and generally unprotected. No running water is available, you must bring your own drinking water or purify water from the streams, ponds, etc. This can be done a number of ways, such as boiling for a minimum of five minutes or the application of seven drops of iodine (from your first aid kit) per gallon of water. Bleach (Clorox) may be substituted for iodine. If you use a filter be sure pore size is 3 microns or smaller. Facilities: Facilities are rustic. Roads are unpaved. Electricity is not available in the Park. There are outhouses throughout the Park for bathroom facilities. Food, supplies or gasoline are available in Millinocket or private campgrounds on the way to the Park. Firewood: Firewood is available at roadside campgrounds in the Park for a minimal fee. As a protective measure against invasive insects that could damage the Park's forest, Park campers and visitors are not allowed to bring firewood into the Park.

Easy trail, but be prepared to dry your feet out on the library porch with a magnificent view of Katahdin

28 days ago

Nice easy trail with good views. Loaded with blackflies in early season…bring the bug dope or head net.

A great day hike in Baxter State Park with great views and beautiful wildlife.

1 month ago

Ranks as toughest and most scenic hikes of my life.

1 month ago

Challenging on the way up and much steeper than anticipated. Took Helon Taylor up to Pamola Peak and then down/up the Chimney, which was much more intimidating for me than the knife. Crowds bottle necked at Pamola and took a while to cross the Chimney, but was expected. The knife was awesome and worth the climb up 100 fold. The trip down was pretty brutal on the feet and poles may have helped a bit. Overall, one of my favorites and definitely one of the most challenging in New England. 12 hours is about what it took me and I'm in average shape. One of the best hikes E of the Mississippi without question.

1 month ago

My brother and I did this hike back in August this year. The weather was great, not hot or cold, but it had rained the day before so it was a little muddy, and was very windy with strong gusts once we cleared the trees on Helon Taylor going up to Pamola Peak. Like others have mentioned, getting onto Knife Edge from Pamola was daunting to say the least. We both wore bouldering gloves which really helped when crossing Knife Edge. Be aware there is a scree when coming down from Baxter Peak to Saddle and can be slippery. We took Saddle down to Chimney Pond, which we hadn’t been aware is also another rock scramble in a dry wash - so be prepared. Eventually the dry wash turns into more of a trail. From there it’s an additional 3.5 miles to the trailhead. We made it back a few hours after dark, but had headlamps and trekking poles. What’s nice: there are painted blue trail guides so generally speaking the trail is easy to stick to.

Definitely was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting but the feeling of accomplishment can’t be beat! We had plenty of snacks and water and finished them all so make sure you bring plenty along. Our mistake was not stashing any food in the car to eat once back - there’s a “24/7” McDonald’s in Millinocket that we were hungry enough to eat, but was closed when we drove past and nothing else is open in that area after dark seems like, not even convenience stores.

Anyway - gotta say that this was a pretty great hike but not sure I’d do it again, but that’s not to deter anyone who wants to give it a shot! For me, it was a bucket list item and it feels good knowing I did it.

I have done this trail twice and it is amazing! looking forward to doing it again. You can't beat the views. bringots of water and snacks. It takes a while to do and you will need the energy!

2 months ago

My favorite. Lots of great scrambles. Incredible views the whole way up.

Well worth the effort to accomplish that hike. Lots of boulder climbing to the top. It was foggy but as the sun moved in and out of the clouds after we reached the top, we could make out views of Katadhin in the distance. It was pretty magical.

AMAZING. Definitely challenging but worth it. Be advised: the hike down the Hamlin Ridge Trail is rugged and strenuous. Also, once you get to the last leg and start dreaming of cheeseburgers, you still have three miles to go :)
Nonetheless it was totally worth every ache and pain.

One of my favorite hikes, 3rd favorite in Maine (first being Bigelows loop, second being travelers loop), difficulty is definitely over exaggerated imo, nonetheless make sure you stop by chimney pond on the way back down or your way up to Katahdin (depending which way you go) breathtaking beauty with amazing views of Katahdin, but please respect the park rules, no swimming in chimney pond allowed

It’s a great hike with great views. This trail has quite a bit of rock climbing. Even if you hike slow it’s still worth doing- bring a headlamp and finish in the dark. If you don’t like rock climbing there is a great waterfall about 1.5 miles in that’s easy to get to.

If you go to the top watch the weather report and be prepared for different types of weather. A few days ago we had sleet on the way up, sunny and 65 at the top, and heavy clouds on the way down.

3 months ago

This trail has moderate and difficult terrain. Please read the hiking checklist at baxterstatepark.org before you embark on a Katahdin hike. We saw several under-prepared hikers and you really need to be at full attention on this hike. The Hunt Trail's challenging boulder field turned several people around as there are some technical moves that are as difficult on the descent as they are going up. We hiked at an average pace and took 4:45 up, and about 4 down. That is with a couple of food and water stops. So plan your time accordingly.

The views at the top are some of the best in the northeast and well worth the strenuous hike and time commitment. Under tree-line there are a couple of tough boulder moves as well but nothing like the boulder field, where you ascend well over 1000 vertical feet in less than a mile. This takes by far the most time but is the most rewarding. When you get to "The Gateway" you still have about an hour but it's easy compared to what you just did. But descending the field is treacherous. Use extreme caution.

Just finished this hike in late September and it was amazing. challenging but also easy enough for the majority of people to successfully summit the mountain. highly recommend it

One of my top 3 favorite hikes. Knifes edge was awesome. Spent the night before in Millinocket, had a blast. Probably drank too much yet I still completed the hike. Will do again for sure

Love the trail. A lot of good mushroom pictures. Wish there was not high winds the day I was there was not able to go to the peak. Definitely worth the hike

This is not an easy walk down a boardwalk or bog bridges. Most the trail has tree roots and rocks. The views of the falls are accessible and worth the trip.

Incredible hike, be prepared for some good bouldering, highly recommended you take this trail!

3 months ago

Difficult but worth it!

This was my favorite hike I have done on the East Coast yet. Highly recommended. I would advise a little caution navigating knife edge but the experience was well worth it. There does exist a vertical climb/scramble thing that is about 40' of vertical on both sides of a notch on knife edge. Awesome though!

4 months ago

Great hike and scramble. I did this one in 3h 57m with some stopping, but don't let that fool you.
This trail is no joke, but can be done fast. Bring plenty of layers, once you pass the tree line and when you're on the top the winds can be strong and very cold. There is a good stretch of class 3 and class 4 scrambling. Leather gloves would be nice, I ruined my cotton ones.

Very challenging hike up the mountain. Be prepared for a lot of dangerous rock climbing. Not for people with a fear of heights

Hiked knife edge several times. My lifetime favorite. can't beat this.. Well worth the effort.

4 months ago

Outstanding hike, as good as it gets. Prepare to use all fours in spots. I completed this in early September. It was 75 and completely clear. I am so spoiled. It was tough on my knees, going up and coming down. The views are second to known. I went up the Hunt Trail and came back down the Abol Trail.

If you want a tough hike with a great view at the end, but you don't have time for Katahdin (and you'd like to SEE Katahdin at its fullest), South Turner is the Baxter Trail for you! Starting from the Roaring Brook parking lot, I was at the summit in 1.5 hours, with short stops at each of the three Sandy Stream Pond overlooks. However, I was treating the ST Trail itself like a workout, with few breaks. And wow, it did not disappoint! Once you get on the ST trail itself, you're basically ascending a 1.3 mile-long rock/boulder staircase--little in the way of switchback, just straight up the mountain. The final .2-mile jaunt above the treeline is less strenuous than the first part, but more strategic, as it's more of a sustained, true scramble. The views up top are spectacular. I went the morning after Labor Day, and the Roaring Brook lot was full of hikers, but once I left the lot, I had the whole trail to myself, out and back. My sense is that people who come to Baxter either want the reward of climbing Katahdin if they're going to climb a mountain (and they have the time), or they want the reward of wildlife and do lighter hikes on the lower trails, around the ponds, streams, and such. Do you want solitude in this vast, beautiful space, an unparalleled vista, and a workout--all in a morning? South Turner!

This is only for folks who are in great shape. You essentially climb Maine’s most difficult peak twice. There are easier ways to do this; the rangers at Baxter State Park do not recommend this “loop”.

We drove 8hrs from Vt just to climb this mountain and it was all worth the travel!

I am a day hiker in fairly physically fit. On August 25th my friends and i Climbed Katahdin in a perfect day via Helon taylor trail to Pamola peak then Knife Edge descend to Saddle trail, Chimney pond to the parking lot in more than 11hrs(cant even believe it took us forever to do it) without injuries(thank God). It was an awesome hike that needs 100% mental preparations specially when u cross the Knife Edge trail. If youve been in the white mountains, its more like Franconia Ridge loop but more tactical 80% of the trail(atleast the ones we did) with tremendous payoff of 360 degrees amazing views at Baxter peak summit! Every where u looked around those mountains gives u a different view of Baxter wilderness! It was an amazing hike for me! Even if u will hike up to Pamola peak from Helon or Hunt trail and skip the Knife edge or take Saddle, Cathedral, Abol trail on the other side of the mountain to Katahdin summit (skip Knife edge) u will still be mesmerized by the awesome view of Katahdin! So far my favorite hike in New England


4 months ago

I hiked the Abol trail August 17th with a group of six . 5 of us are right on the cusp of being 60. We all prepared for months and it paid off completing the trail in just over 8 Hours.

I came down Helon after Knifes Edge. It was a tough downhill!

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