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Baxter State Park is over 200,000 acres of wilderness and public forest. Water: Water in Baxter State Park is untreated and generally unprotected. No running water is available, you must bring your own drinking water or purify water from the streams, ponds, etc. This can be done a number of ways, such as boiling for a minimum of five minutes or the application of seven drops of iodine (from your first aid kit) per gallon of water. Bleach (Clorox) may be substituted for iodine. If you use a filter be sure pore size is 3 microns or smaller. Facilities: Facilities are rustic. Roads are unpaved. Electricity is not available in the Park. There are outhouses throughout the Park for bathroom facilities. Food, supplies or gasoline are available in Millinocket or private campgrounds on the way to the Park. Firewood: Firewood is available at roadside campgrounds in the Park for a minimal fee. As a protective measure against invasive insects that could damage the Park's forest, Park campers and visitors are not allowed to bring firewood into the Park.

We did this trail in July of 2016! Gorgeous day. Nice new trail; but I can't wait until it's broken in a little. The loose gravel was kind of scary coming down.

awesome hike!!!

Amazing hike!

What a tremendous experience! Also, to agree with some of the other hikers who posted, NOT MODERATE. This is a difficult trail. That said, I saw plenty of 60+ year olds at the top, but they were in good shape and experienced hikers.

17 days ago

This trail is Closed for the summer or 2017. possibly longer.

This was a great hike to bring my one year old on. Easy trails and a great view when we stopped for lunch at the falls.

Beautiful hike in the fall to enjoy the colors of
Baxter. The waterfalls are gorgeous and you can easily find a quiet spot for lunch and to enjoy the beauty.

1 month ago

Definitely a great way to reach Dudley and then the Knife Edge. Beautiful trek.

Intense and with gusts of wind shooting up the slopes, unnerving. Definitely memorable.

I have done this trail and under NO circumstances should it be considered moderate. This takes in the Hunt Trail hich is difficult, also Knife Edge which is very strenuous as well as Cathedral Trail. Both of which are listed as Difficult. This trail needs to be listed as DIFFICULT....so no one underestimates this and ends up severely injured or worse. This sentiment is reflected in most of the comments. - Diamond

Really fun trail! Tough scrambles in areas