loved this loop!! its beautiful and lots of interesting things to see. acadia never disappoints! very glad I didnt have my dog. it would have been a difficult trail for him, a 2 year old german shepherd. he could have done it but would have been sketchy in parts

These two peaks kicked our butts. Gorgeous views from parts of the trail but the rocks get slick and we weren’t prepared for the scramble up Acadia going counter-clockwise. We are still glad we went this direction because we wouldn’t have been able to get our dog down the scramble very easily. I know it says dogs allowed but our very agile 75lb collie had to be boosted up a few spots.

One of my favorite trails. Very easy to access the trailhead. Directly across from Echo Lake. It didn't take too long to do, but was well worth it. Once completed my girlfriend and I decided to swim in Echo Lake, which was an amazing end to and amazing hike.

Beautiful wooded trail, small waterfall midway. Kids loved it (15,8) narrow in spots with steep banks.

This hike is for those is search of beauty. It is only sleep at the very beginning and the has a ladder near the top. Once you leave the tree line you have spectacular views from every vantage point. I had heard the park was closed. I called the park and the recording didn’t say the park was closed, the signs and recorded message said the Acadia facilities were closed. Was pleased to be able to hike in my favorite place ANP.

One of my favorite hikes. Although Acadia is technically closed (thanks COVID), this trail is available on the outskirts. Some blowdown from recent storms but manageable even with our dog. This trail does have a one point towards the end that dogs would need assistance with (steep rock with rungs), so unless you’re able to physically lift them, use the road to finish the trail to summit. Ice wise the trail is clear. Bring a windbreaker, much of the trail is exposed and pretty windy.

Good hike for a family. Calf buster at the end. Nice view. Right across from echo lake to go swimming after. Perfect Acadia day.

19 March 2020 hiked today, perfect conditions for the season! 99% mud and ice free with the few spots of ice clearly on its way out. the mud and ice that were present were easily avoided. I went up St Sauvuer first, then up Acadia. I would recommend this direction (counterclockwise). I know I would have been uncomfortable going down some of the rock scrambles down Acadia if I had gone the other way -- instead I scrambled up. and then you are treated to going down stairs at the end of your loop! great hike, will definitely do again

Fabulous hike through forest then opening up to exposed granite for much of the second half. Sunny path with beautiful views of ocean and islands along much of the trail. Most of the ice is gone. Did not need spikes.

Great hike. Be warned that it’s pretty much impassible without some form of spikes in the winter. Half of the hike is very exposed so I would recommend having something to break the wind. I’d also suggest hiking the loop portion in clockwise fashion.

I recommend this trail for those seeking beautiful views, a strenuous workout, and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with the completion of a trail of this caliber. The trail is lengthy but the benefit of its length is that during the hike one will encounter distinctive forms of scenery throughout the entirety of the trail. The trail may take longer than expected given various obstacles including large rocks that require climbing over and occasionally, a lack of trail markers. There are numerous forms of wildlife that one can expect to see with this trail. Given the amount of time that it takes to complete this trail and the challenge level, I recommend starting the hike early as well as packing sunscreen, sunglasses, an adequate amount of water, and a map.

Snowy day but we did It anyway. Great trail, well marked even in the snow. Starts gradually, and then it gets rocky and moderately challenging. Lots of roots in the beginning and some wash out here and there but that’s expected. Some rock scrambling. But there were many carins to ensure our path was easy to keep on. Would love to do it again in the fall. Yacktrax helped a lot with ice.

Awesome mostly because we were crazy enough to do it in a driving windy rain storm. Not another person on the 5 miles we hiked in the area. Great photo ops.

7 months ago

I went the north Cadillac trail up and this one down. Next time I would do it the other way around. Very steep and high stones to descend, really slippery when wet and you have to go a littler which partly flooded the trail. Some nice views at the top but not as amazing as north Cadillac.


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