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Beautiful views during this hike, especially if you go during autumn. I would highly recommend. Foggy days you can’t see too much when you get high enough, but a neat experience!

the vast majority of this Trail is a flat gravel Carriage Road. We broke off the trail to the right toward the lake around 2/3 of the way through the loop. The shorts spur took us across a few boardwalks and down to a rock scramble next to the lake. We traveled approximately one mile over numerous large boulders. This added a bit of strenuous hiking to the loop. Overall, a gorgeous walk during Peak fall color.

16 days ago

Wild blueberrys everywhere

Wonderful views on this hike! I would call it rock climbing or bouldering instead! Such a thrill and adrenaline rush being on the edge of a cliff climbing high up. Some of the rocks and iron rungs were icy, so I would not advise this during the end of fall season. Dangerous but worth it! Would definitely do again in the summer time!

21 days ago

Probably a 2-3* for serious hikers, but a beautiful fall color hike before 'tea and popovers' at the JP House.

My favorite of Acadia. A fun trail with the ladders and so beautiful.

Spring trail to Penobscot Mountain was an amazing trail. It was steep, but not terribly challenging. I hiked t to the top of Penobscot, which offered amazing views of Somes Sound and Jordon Pond. After hiking down the intersection of Deer Brook, I was feeling good so I decided to take the trail to Sargent Mountain. It was steep, but it was a lot of fun. There is an alpine lake about halfway up the trail, which you can stop for a swim. The summit of Sargent offered amazing views. On the way back, I took Sargent East Cliffs trail down to Deer Brook again. This trail was steep and very rocky. I decided to go for a challenge and took Jordan Cliff Trail down to Spring Brook. I was glad I did this. It was beautiful and had a steep drop on one side. I would not recommend going down Jordan Cliffs since there were spots where I had to go backwards down ladders. Luckily, I did not run into anyone going down. The entire trip ended up to be over 5 miles and it was worth it. At the end I stopped for Popovers at Jordon Pond house too! :)

I did the Dorr Mountain Ladder trail in August 2018. It wasn't very challenging, but there were many stone steps leading up. The view of Champlain and Cadillac was amazing. There are three ladders on the trail, all in around 0.3 miles of each other. I did not take the loop off Dorr mountain but instead took the Gorge Path to cut over to Cadillac summit, which I would recommend. After, I hiked down North Ridge to the Island Explorer stop at the bottom. It was around 7 miles in total. I would recommend it.

23 days ago

A great hike with fantastic views and a fun climb. Just make sure you wear appropriate shoes and follow the instructions at the trail-head and do the hike in a counterclockwise direction, otherwise you end up blocking sections of the trail for people that are going up.
I would stay away if you're afraid of heights but, otherwise, this is a must-do in Acadia!

24 days ago

Nice and feasible, even in the snow

Steep assent with lots of stone steps and a few iron ladders. Nice views along most of the trail.

Great trail with amazing views like others have said, however I'd note that it's best to take the trail up from the Loop Route, then up to Beehive Summit. With the ledges and iron rungs, It could be challenging to descend the eastern face from the summit

The trail is incredible but I would not advise for the winter. We did this trail on a cold day and the day before it rained. In many places had ice which made the path slippery. Even with the metal ladders I do not consider it a difficult trail but it requires care and a little effort.

Great hike. The ascent/decent on the SW side of the divide I would definitely consider moderate with some rock and boulder scrambling but the rest is easy.

1 month ago

Hiked the Beehive trail and connected to the bowl to make a big loop. Beautiful, crystal clear lake. You'll want to bring something to swim in!

Incredible hike with and incredible views. Towards the top you have to hold on to rails that have been put in the rocks. I don't recommend this trail for people who are afraid of heights

So beautiful.

Love this trail with beautiful view

Incredible views. Nice cardio getting to the top. Had to use a few metal rungs here and there.

This was a fun hike. There are great views. We simply did the loop counter-clockwise from the parking area along the highway. Be aware that once you reach the top of the South Bubble, the trail continues down the face of the Bubble; it is steep and a lot of bouldering is involved until you get down to Jordan Pond.

amazing trail..

Great views at the end, but be prepared for some butt-burning stair climbing in order to get there! Possibly a better view than Cadillac Mtn! :)

This hike will get your heart racing...but it is worth the amazing views and the pride you have for yourself for completing it! Must do this if visiting Acadia!

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1 month ago

I suggest the rating could be easier except walking on the planks might be tricky for some.
And heard some comments especially those ‘older’ than me that the rocks were a little tricky to traverse.
Great views, walking around a lake or water never gets old!!.

This was beautiful! I’d rate it more easy than moderate since it’s relatively flat the entire way. I liked the parts where you got to walk over the boulders. The view is waterfront the entire way. Took about 1 hour, 20 min. (For context: I’m 55 and athletic, but a relatively inexperienced hiker).

Some reviews make this sound way scarier than it is. I also get queasy with heights. Yes you need to watch your footing and climb some rungs but it is a fun, short trail. We went as the sun began to rise, it was totally empty (week of Oct 14), took us about half hr to get to the top and we had time to settle before the sun peaked out above the ocean. Definitely recommend this over the crowds on Cadillac Mountain (which we also did) for a sunrise!!!

Amazing views and a great hike! Nice climbing activity at some points and good surprises along the way, such as a small lake.
The beach was a beautiful place to park the car, would definitely recommend to check it out while there.

This was such a fun hike. We took about an hour to reach the summit but this was only because we stopped to take a lot of amazing pics. The colors during autumn made it so much better. Definitely worth it.

Nice and short, not too strenuous. We hit the summit in a half hour. Several of great photo opps with the fall colors

1 month ago

Views are awesome on top. Going up / down from / to Echo Lake Beach provides the experience of climbing some iron ladders:-)

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