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on Mesa Arch Trail

15 days ago

Great sunrise spot. The glow of the sun on the arch is beautiful. The view of canyons behind the arch is also lovely. The trail is very short and takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the arch and easy to follow. Going in mid November was great to miss the crowds but there was still about 10 of us at the arch for sunrise

Worth hiking this trail to the end as it provides views on the other side of the mesa too! For more details and pics, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

16 days ago

Simple Trail with a few signs indicating surrounding vegetation. Nice view of canyon through arch. For more details and pics visit: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

One of the most amazing views is at sunrise. Definitely worth getting up early for!

nice views

Nice trail .05 mil look amazing

on Druid Arch Trail

21 days ago

Great trail a little scrambling at the end but worth it. Some great scenery views from the arch.

29 days ago

Pretty middle hike, some stairs but other then my that smooth. Beautiful views, must so you can see both sides of the canyon at the same time!

A nice view overlooking the canyons. Easy hike

30 days ago

A classic. If your expectations aren't too high, then it's worth it!

We did this hike in late October, so it was cool enough to be pleasant. Wouldn’t want to do this hike if it was over 70 degrees. We’re in our mid-sixties, and felt the hike was not worth the view at the end. We almost needed a rope to scale one of the boulders, and had to use our hands pretty frequently to either hoist ourselves up, or lower ourselves down. Also, the Jeep track isn’t much fun, dry, dusty and not very scenic. We much preferred Chesler Park and Squaw to Big Spring Canyon! They’re long, and fairly difficult in places, but the views are way worth it!

1 month ago

Full day hiking over varied terrain, over red rocks, down washes, and climbing up some ladders and rock scrambling near the end of the hike.

The rest of the park was fairly crowded, and on this trail we were largely alone on a very good day for weather in mid-April. The setting and peace you can get here is the main draw. Views along the trail are not completely amazing, but this land is energetic to be in no matter what. View at the end is expansive and there is a rock formation that can be climbed safely if you are careful.

This is a good intro to the area. We walked this trail at the end of September in midday sunshine with temps nearing 90 with strong winds. We had no trouble following the cairns. I don’t understand why others had a hard time. Hats off to those maintaining them—we found them evenly spaced about 30-40 feet apart where no trail was apparent. A word of caution: whatever the weather in the area, you’ll get it in spades on this hike. You’re traversing completely exposed rock at the highest elevation in the area. Although it was hot we hiked through very strong winds that left me thinking I wouldn’t want to be out there unprepared in extreme weather—you won’t find cover anywhere. That goes for sun exposure as well. That said, we really enjoyed the walk. The trail was fun but I highly recommended heading to the Elephant Hill area for a truly spectacular experience.

Great hike with interesting sceneryalong the way. Some hard patches as well as some fairly easy stretches. Bring lots of water. Vegetation is dominated by juniper, piñon, live oak, and other hardy species. The scene of two different colored rivers mixing is cool. Great echoes yodeling (yes it’s worth it) at the overlook.

great views!

1 month ago

Great views and an easy hike

1 month ago

Incredibly memorable. I did this in the clockwise direction starting with a super steep descent. The trail was really varies and interesting the whole time and the views are amazing.

Super easy, great views, no boots or poles required.

Awesome, more "secret" hike in canyonlands.
It's a steep climb in and out, but the views are awesome! The kiva is currently roped off, but you can get close to it. It's a bummer someone ruined the experience for the rest of us by vandalizing it.

Be sure to read the brochures in the guestbook box about archeological site protection. Respecting the trails and sites are key to being able to enjoy these hikes for years to come!

The arch wasn't nearly as impressive as the hike leading up to it.

Epic views and a wonderful hike with light scrambling. The last mile of the return was a little tiring.

2 months ago

me and a buddy did this trail and the views are Absolutely beautiful. the kiva itself is still roped off but the views are well worth the hike. we were the only 2 on the trail and at the end it became hard to see the next carine but if you look hard enough you won't have a issue.

I'm not sure why this is rated difficult. Fairly easy hike that was a little difficult to find. There are a few spots you do some light bouldering.

Easy hike. Excellent views, but a very crowded hike.

Great place for a photo under the arch... short and easy.... could be crowded.

I did the upheaval dome then continued on with the sycline loop. Note the warning sign in the photos at the beginning of the trail. That was a fair warning for what’s ahead. The trail wasn’t that hard to follow except for a couple spots, but the rock scramble in the back of the loop was pretty difficult. I added a photo of that area although it’s hard to get an idea of the difficulty here. Definitely not for anyone afraid of heights or lack of mobility and strength to climb. It seemed like it took me about 20 minutes to get through that area. There was only a couple holes with water and wouldn’t want to drink it. One was a good place to soak and cool off.

on Mesa Arch Trail

2 months ago

Simply spectacular!

It’s a great arch, and a pretty dull trail. Worth a stop.

Amazing views over Canyon Lands national park across the full length of this trail. It’s pretty busy, but easy enough to get off and find a secluded spot. A must if visiting Canyon Lands

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