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Awesome, more "secret" hike in canyonlands.
It's a steep climb in and out, but the views are awesome! The kiva is currently roped off, but you can get close to it. It's a bummer someone ruined the experience for the rest of us by vandalizing it.

Be sure to read the brochures in the guestbook box about archeological site protection. Respecting the trails and sites are key to being able to enjoy these hikes for years to come!

The arch wasn't nearly as impressive as the hike leading up to it.

An easy hike with amazing 360 degree views. I recommend adding the Joint and Druid Arch for a perfect day hike.

Epic views and a wonderful hike with light scrambling. The last mile of the return was a little tiring.

me and a buddy did this trail and the views are Absolutely beautiful. the kiva itself is still roped off but the views are well worth the hike. we were the only 2 on the trail and at the end it became hard to see the next carine but if you look hard enough you won't have a issue.

1 day ago

Excellent loop trail. We did this in around 5 hours (including the Chestler Park loop for about 11 miles).

I'm not sure why this is rated difficult. Fairly easy hike that was a little difficult to find. There are a few spots you do some light bouldering.

Easy hike. Excellent views, but a very crowded hike.

Great place for a photo under the arch... short and easy.... could be crowded.

I did the upheaval dome then continued on with the sycline loop. Note the warning sign in the photos at the beginning of the trail. That was a fair warning for what’s ahead. The trail wasn’t that hard to follow except for a couple spots, but the rock scramble in the back of the loop was pretty difficult. I added a photo of that area although it’s hard to get an idea of the difficulty here. Definitely not for anyone afraid of heights or lack of mobility and strength to climb. It seemed like it took me about 20 minutes to get through that area. There was only a couple holes with water and wouldn’t want to drink it. One was a good place to soak and cool off.

on Mesa Arch Trail

2 days ago

Simply spectacular!

3 days ago

Hiked, four wheeled and dirt bike over the years. Enjoyed the area

It’s a great arch, and a pretty dull trail. Worth a stop.

Amazing views over Canyon Lands national park across the full length of this trail. It’s pretty busy, but easy enough to get off and find a secluded spot. A must if visiting Canyon Lands

Good short hike between heavy downpours. Interesting to see, but note worth rehiki g it.

By far, one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

The drive to the trailhead was about 3 hours from Moab, with the last 30 miles on dirt road. Due to heavy rains the previous 3 days, spots were very muddy but passable with an AWD crossover vehicle. I would highly recommend contacting the Hans Flat ranger station for road conditions. If wet, you will not make the trailhead in a two wheel drive, low clearance vehicle. It took us well over an hour to cover the 30 miles, but in a decent 4WD, you should be able to cut that time a bit. Also note, there were about 3 spots where the sand blows across the road and dunes build up and get deep. So again, check with the ranger for road conditions.

Once we made the trailhead, we lucked out when we met a NPS Volunteer who had been holed up in his camp for the previous few days due to rain. He was eager to hike in with us, and we ended up with a guided tour through the canyon to the Great Gallery. He was had a wealth of knowledge of the history of the panels, canyon, and geography.

The hike itself is not very difficult, and even with the river running it was still fairly easy to find you way. There are a few spots where there are additional smaller pictographs, petroglyphs, and dinosaur tracks to spot. We didn't follow our notes since we had an impromptu guide, but reviewing them later they are pretty accurate.

The pictograph panels along the way were almost a teaser to what laid waiting at the Great Gallery. What you will see there is beyond words for me.

We only saw two other folks out there that day enjoying the great weather just below the trailhead.

This is definitely a hike and an experience I will never forget!

We started at 4:00 and didn't get back to the car till 7:00, there were so many different views and the sun changed the rock colors as it set. Passed a two couples while we were walking out, but only one other photographer at the point and not close. So a lovely, secluded walk. Don't be discouraged by the flat bit at the beginning (were grateful for that walking out in the quickly fading light). Be sure to take a light if you go near the end of the day. Cairns on the point itself were helpful, but many places to explore beyond where the marked path ends.

on Mesa Arch Trail

4 days ago

great place to see sunrise

Short, easy hike for a great reward at the end! If you have good, grippy shoes you won’t have an issue with this hike at all. Since majority of the hike is just up a huge rock.

Ok so first off, the views were outstanding and totally worth our experience on the trail. Another review gave us the directions to the trail head- parking at the alcove parking lot and walking back up the road to the section of logs. The trails begins directly behind the logs. Follow the path all the way to the sign that enforces no vandalizing the kiva. From there there will be cairns guiding the way. We had a hard time finding some of the cairns but overall they were extremely helpful. The only misleading thing was there were cairns going past the kiva all the way around the other cliff side. We weren’t paying close enough attention, missed the kiva, and kept walking around the cliff side assuming we still had further to go. Once we reached the other end of the cliff the sun was setting and WOW. The views from that side were just amazing. On our way back down the cliff side we found the kiva and realized where we messed up. But by this time there was no daylight left and we somehow got off trail sending us down the cliff side on scrambling rocks and dirt. It was extremely scary. I’m only saying all of this because I don’t want someone else to make the same mistake and end up out there after dark unprepared (as we were).

6 days ago

Short hike, good view.

6 days ago

Nice and short for a great view.

13 days ago

Did this over the weekend. The trail head on the rim is at 6232, Murphy Campsite A is at 5248. Views 5 stars, Trail on the flats 5 stars, condition of switchbacks 2 stars, but worth it.

14 days ago

Hiked Elephant Hill to first 1.2 miles of the Chesler Park loop. 8 miles totall Good work out with rewarding views of the Needles formations. Pretty hot in late September. Bring lots of waters and snacks. You won't want to turn back early.
( you'll need to drive a narrow dirt road for 2 miles to get to the trailhead parking lot but easy for 2-wheel drive, just go slow on the curves looking for oncoming vehicles)

15 days ago

Very fun hike, I accidentally deleted my recording, took us around 4 and a half hours at a very leisurely pace, with some extra exploration and lunch. It was fun seeing the canyon from below, saw some old ranching artifacts including a fascinating equipment to get water up the hill to some old water troughs.

Great hike


18 days ago

We hiked this trail on a Saturday in September. A lot of scenic overlooks and a variety of terrain and vegetation. It took us about 3.5 hours including a stop for lunch. There’s a bit of scrambling up some rocks at the midpoint (as mentioned in some other reviews), but we didn’t find it too bad.

Remember to take your picture, and let other people have their turns :)

A favorite! The views don’t get any better and the kiva is great to see. Just don’t miss the fork in the trail to get up to it.

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