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Nice, short and easy hike. Some great views but viewpoint 2 seemed inferior to 1. More up and down than we expected.

Short, easy hike. But worth the views

Wow! Easily one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. There was lots of variety on this hike and unbelievable views from many different angles of each canyon. We started at 8:45am in May and completed in 5.5 hours. This hike had it all...nice elevation gain, scrambling, some slot canyons that were only 2ft wide, and wide open flat area inside the needles that felt like another world.

Wonderful day hike. Make sure you take enough water. The last 0.25 miles is a steep scramble, but well worth it.

hot bring lots of water but worth it

9 days ago

I did the 11 mile lollipop shaped version from elephant hill trail head (ask at the visitor center for a map). I did it counter clockwise and was so glad. the 'joint' was amazingly cool and refreshing. I started before 7am and drank all 4L of water I packed. Start early!!

Had the trail to ourselves the whole time with great views in every direction. Limited parking for hikers think there was only 3-4 spots available so if you get there early you won’t have any issues.

First hike of Canyonlands for this Canadian. I initially thought hey- great loop location so I can check out other trails along the way. But wow did this ever WOW. The views of The Needles are magnanimous. The enormous size of the park is captured into perspective when doing the Chesler Park Loop. It’s amazing, great for all ages and levels of experience. Just prepare to take your time if you go in +25C weather- don’t time budget at risk of heat exhaustion.

This review is by two 70+ year old hikers. We loved this beautiful trail and we only saw two other hikers. But it is not an easy trail and the slick rock scrambles about 2/3 of the way are not for those without leg or arm strength. While the trail is well marked with rock piles it measured 7 miles by a pedometer and a GPS and will take 3 to 5 hours depending on the amount of pic taking, picnic stops, etc. Bring lots of water!

13 days ago

Easy and quick- pretty arch especially at sunset!

Easy walk but super crowded at sunrise. Definitely get there 30 or so minutes before sunrise if you want that photo. Best spot is on the far right side of the arch.

I don’t like being around a ton of people when I hike so I sat on the edge a ways up and got some great photos. Some of the photographers eventually left and I got my photo.

Trail head is not marked. I drove by it a couple times. Park your car near the logs and walk to it. Trail is well marked once you get going. It’s basically all downhill. I followed All Trails and it looked like I went too far to get to the Kiva but I didn’t. Follow the person’s comments in the review below. Pass the tree hanging on the side of the mountain and there is a switchback. Great views. Probably wouldn’t do it again but liked the hike.

Easy trail with a great view of the Canyon at the end. Did it after I lost the Gooseberry Trail.

16 days ago

Not the easiest wander. 1300 drop-which means after 10 Miles you have a 1300 climb out. But , honestly, worth it. Lizards, birds, cactus. A great way to see the south without the crowds of arches.

AMAZING views. Relatively easy hike, just follow the cairns! We found plenty of chances to wander off trail (it's mostly on bedrock) and climb up to cool vantage points. We ended up having to make a quick return from the end due to a thunderstorm bearing down on us, but still had a blast!

Really fun hike, a bit hard to find the trail at times. We found no need to continue all the way to overlook #2 when in between #1 and #2 there's a perfectly good high viewpoint that gives you a great view of the impact feature as well as the rest of the park!

mountain biking
19 days ago

Unbelievable experience. I took a guided mountain biking tour over three days, averaging just over 30 miles a day. I’m a casual biker, so there were some technically challenging hill climbs and switchbacks that I had to take a break on. This was a bucket list ride in my opinion!

22 days ago

Easy walk and did this as an evening trail. Perfect sunset which brought out beautiful hues of purple throughout the canyon.

Luckily not a lot of people at this time, got some great shots of the arch!

This is a great trail and has some amazing views! Getting up to the loop at times seemed more of a difficult trail, but there are places to take a quick rest if need be! The loop was great, marked well with cairns! Completed the trail clock-wise.

We started this trail around noon, which made for a very sunny, hot hike. We stayed on top of re-applying sunscreen, brought plenty of water, and did just fine.

Glad this was one of our lasts hikes though, definitely got some blisters. Completely worth it, but good socks and shoes are a must!!

Also, this would be a good trail to download before completing. Cairns mark the trail well, but having another way to confirm you’re on the trail is helpful at certain points.

22 days ago

This hike will test your endurance! Most of the elevation is in the first mile. Although a shorter hike (distance), make sure to bring enough water. It is fully exposed in the afternoon, and with the hot sun and the return ascent back up, we drank much more water than we usually would on a hike that short of a distance.

25 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail. But it is not for the faint of heart. The mileage shown here is inaccurate, probably due to the extremely tight switchbacks going down the canyon. The NPS map says 5.4 round trip.

The majority of the elevation gain/decrease is in the first 1.3 miles of the trip. I don’t love hiking down as my knees aren’t the best. But the view as you hike down is unbelievable. It actually took us longer to hike down than up due to the fact that we stopped for photos and were cautious about the terrain.

Once down, the wash was enjoyable and mellow. It took us an hour and 20 to get down. An hour going down the canyon and 20 in the wash. We got back out in an hour total. 20 in the wash and 37 minutes hiking up the canyon. I was surprised at how fast we made it up given how long it took to get down. But it was strenuous. And at the end we had the greatest sense of accomplishment.

Super easy walk, perfect for a lazy day (combined with some other walks). Views are really amazing.

26 days ago

This is a DIFFICULT 5.8 mile hike. You have to crawl up rocks at one point. I enjoyed the hike but it took us 6 hours at a slow, enjoyable pace stopping to eat lunch. Moderate hikes are usually great for us. This is rated moderate but I disagree. Also, I drank 3 L of water during this hike. Four of us hiked this trail and we are in our late 50s and early 60s. April 23, 2018.

27 days ago

Great views from the top of the butte

Long drive out to it. Great little hike and was able to see both East and West side of Canyons. If you are weary of heights trail takes some getting used to but is very do-able. Several stairs to climb up and down. Just go slow

Amazing hike. Superb views. The trail is marked really well. The elevation is not a problem either.

I was planning on doing the Chesler Park Loop, but took a wrong turn, due entirely to stupidity, and ended up at Devil's Kitchen. I did not do the loop by continuing back to the Elephant Hill Trailhead on the Elephant Hill 4X4 Trail, but backtracked the way I came and went up to the Chesler Park Overlook. It was a great hike with spectacular scenery, but from the overlook, Chesler Park looked like it would be a lot of fun to hike as well, so next time I will read the signs correctly. The way I did it, it was about 10 miles, and according to the map, it would have been shorter to do it as a loop, so I think the distance listed on AllTrails for the loop is off by quite a bit. But I am the guy who can't read a sign. There is quite a trail network in the area, and if you follow the signs, you won't get lost.

1 month ago

Trailhead begins further back on the road from the parking spaces. You’ll see it covered over with piles of logs on the side of the road. Trail is mostly exposed to sun until you get to the overhang with the kiva. There isn’t really scrambling involved, just a couple of steep spots that could be slick in the event of rain. The cairns are easy to follow and the view is worthy of a long sit. It seems like this is a popular place for sunset photographers (we saw at least 5 professional cameras set up), so be ready to share the space.

Easy, fantastic views, neat biological soil communities along the way. Even after sunrise, Mesa Arch is breathtaking.

This is a beautiful Trail! The view the whole time on the Trail is Amazing! My mother in law did this hike and she’s 70 years old. She loved this hike!

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