Under the Rim Trail

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Under the Rim Trail is a 21.1 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Bryce, Utah that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until November.

21.1 miles
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The preferred direction is to take the 9AM Rainbow Shuttle to Rainbow point, hike to Right Fork Swamp Canyon, camp overnight, hike to Right Fork Yellow Creek, camp overnight, hike out in the AM and take the Park Shuttle back to your car - reason being, you lose over 1000' elevation hiking north, and this way you don't have to schedule a ride back to your car as you're hiking back towards it (also there's more running water on the north end of the trail)

2 days ago

I only did the lower half of the trail, going down Swamp Canyon from UT 63, and then heading south. Simply amazing. Little trafficked, maybe because of the ear signs at the time. Went through different landscapes and forest thicknesses. Well worth it!

2 months ago

the preferred method is to take the free 9AM Rainbow Shuttle (435-834-5290 to reserve) from either the Shuttle Station or the Visitor Center to Rainbow Point, hike 12.4 miles north to Right Fork Swamp Canyon (with water 0.8 miles from RFSC near the Swamp Canyon parking lot), camp overnight, hike 10.5 miles to Bryce Point, and then take the free Park Shuttle which runs about every fifteen minutes from Bryce Point back to your vehicle (though some people prefer to camp a second night at Right Fork Yellow Creek and hike the last STEEP 2.8 mile section out to Bryce Point in the morning, which then makes this a two night hike, with overnights at RFSC and RFYC). the reasoning for this is: A. Rainbow Point is 9000'+, Bryce is 8000'+, so returning you lose elevation, B. the north end of the park above RFSC is wetter than the south end so you're hiking towards more reliable water for the second day of the hike, C. if you shuttle out to the end and hike back, you're hiking towards your car in the busy end of the park and thus do not need to schedule a ride as you would hiking towards Rainbow Point. Backcountry Permit Fee is $5 per person for seven days, bear canisters are required and provided free at the Visitor Center (Bryce's trees are not suitable for hanging bear bags), AND PLEASE obtain your permit the evening before hiking instead of the morning of the shuttle out as the Visitor Center opens at 8am, the morning Rainbow Shuttle leaves at 9am, there is often a line and the shuttle won't wait (though worst case scenario, you could take the afternoon 1:30pm Rainbow Shuttle to Ponderosa and start there, shaving 4.8miles off the first day hiking to Right Fork Swamp Canyon - questions? call the VC 435-834-5322

7 months ago

Three of my friends and I backpacked Under the Rim from Bryce Point to Swamp Canyon and back. The first night we camped at Right Fork Swamp Canyon, hiked back towards the trailhead the next day, camped the second night at Right Fork Yellow Creek, and woke up at 4am the next day so we could do a sunrise hike out of the canyon! This was, by far, one of my favorite backpacking routes. The trail is a great workout with decent elevation change, the usage is very low once you get away from Bryce Point, and the canyon views are absolutely breathtaking. I recommend getting up early and watching the sunrise/staying up late enough for the stars at night. I really hope to come back to this trail and experience again the peace all four of us found here.

We backpacked in 44L of water with us as the rangers were unsure of water levels at Yellow Creek when we called ahead. There ended up being a decent enough stream that you could definitely filter water out of, but if you're going much past Yellow Creek and/or backpacking I definitely recommend bringing at least 4-5L of water/person/day (more if you're going to be using the water for cooking). Some reviews have said that this trail is poorly marked but, along the route we did, it was very clear. I can't speak for past Swamp Canyon but if you're only going that far you shouldn't need a compass. The visitor center rents out bear canisters for free (you must have a bear canister if staying overnight) and will provide you with a free backcountry map!

11 months ago

We hiked about an eight mile stretch of this trail. We entered at the Auga canyon connecting trail and dropped directly into the bottom via some impressive switch backs. Then we headed North until we hit Whiteman connecting trail. Great hike, we want to go back and finish the entire trail. This was during the 4th of July and the park was packed on all of the short trails that we hiked. We only saw one other person the entire time. Will definitely go back for this one alone.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This is magical.. every so many miles the landscape changes from rocky, forested to sandy and sagebrushy. Elevation gains and losses happy often. YOU MUST CAMP at Yellow Creek!! Best spot in the park along the trial in the Rainbow Point area. MUST DO if you are in Bryce. I lived in the park and hiked it all.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An absolutely beautiful, secluded trail. The trail is barely marked at all so night hiking isn't the best since the trail is more for sightseeing rather than getting from point a to b. I'd recommend an actual topo map and compass since the trail is so void of markings. This trail will make the sound of a river the most beautiful sound in the world to you, just remember to bring iodine tablets.

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