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Arches National Park Driving Tour [CLOSED]

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Arches National Park

Arches National Park Driving Tour is a 28.3 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Moab, Utah that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and scenic driving and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 28.3 miles Elevation Gain: 3,077 feet Route Type: Point to Point

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly


nature trips

scenic driving








historic site

no dogs

This trail is experiencing full or partial closure due to COVID-19. Please see the open trails nearby for alternate hiking options. Drive through Arches National Park and see the highlights along the way, with a few stops for optional hikes to see more This driving tour will take you to every major sight in Arches National Park and then some. Start at the Visitor Center to learn some background about the park and the area's history before driving along the main road through the park. Stop at Park Avenue to walk through a canyon with wild rock formations on either side, stop at several turnoffs along the way to see such wonders as The Three Gossips, Courthouse Towers, and Balanced Rock. Hike around The Windows and walk through some arches there while you see Double Arch up close and personal. Then venture further into the park where you can hike to Delicate Arch, the most famous arch in the park and the one featured on Utah license places. Finally, end with a hike through Devils Garden where you will see some of the best arches in the park all within a short walking distance along a paved path. Go as far as Landscape Arch, the longest arch in the world, or finish the entire 7.2-mile loop by seeing Double-O Arch and walking back along The Primitive Trail If you see everything in this guide, you have seen everything in Arches National Park and will have the memories (and the pictures) for a lifetime.

1 month ago

Great drive, ton of hiking trails to park near and hike. Beautiful views all around

2 months ago

Views for dayz. The drive takes some time, especially if you are behind a tourist tourist. For pictures, information, and more about this park and more follow me on Instagram @nathan_vanengen

3 months ago

This road is ruining this park, making it far too crowded. Have found Canyonlands more enjoyable as of late as result.

ohv/off road driving
off trail
4 months ago

great drive

5 months ago

Arches is the bomb

scenic driving
5 months ago

This is our third drive through Arches this year. It's a wonder to see in all seasons. While it was cold, we got some good snow capped views of the La Sal mountains.

Park Ave in Arches....awesome

scenic driving
8 months ago

Wonderfully kept park with amazing sites along the way. Highly recommend!

8 months ago

Wow. What an insanely beautiful place. Didn’t have to time to do any actual hiking but the drive tour is amazing. No matter what you you turn Arches National park just delivers. Would recommend getting there early. It gets crazy

no shade
9 months ago

This drive tour was a great way to see the highlights of Arches. We arrived around 9am, so we drove straight to Delicate Arch to hike that first. Then we drove to Devil’s Garden to hike Landscape Arch, then back towards the front of the park to Double Arch and Balanced Rock. Trying to take it all in and with breaks, our family (with kids aged 8, 9 and 11) spent about 5.5 hrs at Arches to hit those 4 highlights.

10 months ago

What a beautiful trail! Gets hot so go early in the summer.

10 months ago

You must do this once in your life. Nothing else like it in the world

Wed May 29 2019

You can see a lot from the road, so if you have mobility issues, this will let you enjoy the park.

scenic driving
Thu May 16 2019

I recommend to drive all the way to the end of the park and work your way backwards, since a lot of congestion occurs by cars stopping on the way in. Devils Garden and some excellent arches at at the end. We actually did this twice. A beautiful drive.....:18 miles from the Visitor’s Center to Devil’s Garden not counting side roads.

Wed May 01 2019

Loved it. Beautiful arches!

Thu Mar 28 2019

did this two years ago and it was beyond magnificent.. especially if this terrain is new to you!

road biking
Sat Mar 16 2019

Rode on the park road from Courthouse to Windows one way. An amazing experience to do this on a bike -bicycle. It's not an easy ride for a non-rider lik eme. I did have to push the bike about 1.5 miles along this trail (as the elevation gain was just over 1,200). But, it was all worth it to see some of the sites you miss when driving through! I also did two short hikes along this trail- Balanced Rock and Windows Loop.

Mon Mar 04 2019

very busy, great tourist attraction

scenic driving
Tue Jan 29 2019

Absolutely adore Arches, whether in the car or out of the car it is spectacularly beautiful!

scenic driving
Tue Aug 21 2018

Utah and especially this area is awesome. very unusual landscape and views. Definitely would like to go back and take in more. It's been 5 years.

scenic driving
Tue Aug 14 2018

Completed over two days but hits most of the high points and you get a pretty good appreciation with this drive. Obviously you’d wanna do the longer hikes (devils garden) early on in the morning but you also wanna do the shorter ones early to avoid the crazy crowds because of how accessible those ones are so you have to decide

Tue Aug 14 2018

It’s beautiful! Make sure to stop at the different turnouts. It’s worth a little delay.

scenic driving
Thu Aug 02 2018

You get to see it all on this scenic drive. Didn’t take long to get up to Devils Garden Loop. It is a very scenic driving area. Just watch your speed in areas!

scenic driving
Wed Jul 11 2018

We did this drive on 7/6/18 and I enjoyed it. We didn't make it out to the Devils Garden end, but will do that another time. I was blown away by how crowded this place was. Crazy amount of people. Could not even find a parking place at the Windows area. And was disappointed to see the amount of people climbing all over the rocks at Double Arch. I think the park service needs to re-evaluate where they let people go. It was not cool in my eyes. You could not get a picture of the arches without people in your pic. I will return here some year at an off season time, and hope to see less crowds. There should be a limit on vehicles allowed in too, there clearly is not enough parking for all the cars they let in. Not even close. The line went on forever when we were leaving. Great pics to be taken, but I think some things should be done to manage the crowds.

Sun Jul 08 2018

Pretty drive

scenic driving
Sat Jun 30 2018

nice drive.

Wed Jun 27 2018

Great drive

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