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Crater Lake lies in the caldera of Mount Mazama formed 7,700 years ago after an eruption. It is the deepest lake in the United States and is known for its blue color and water clarity. There are two islands in the lake, and, with no inlets or outlets, all water comes through precipitation.

Would definitely do this trail again. Short but steep on the way out. Don't forget your swim suit - the rock jump into Crater Lake is a high point of the trail. Start early to avoid some of the crowd.

This is a very easy trail and is worth every step. The "moderate" rating comes from the very short, moderately steep climb at the end of the hike (I think it's overrated). The lower trail runs steadily alongside a quietly babbling creek which restores some of the inner peace which is lost at Rim Village. Saw only one other hiker on the trail and actually traversed the lower trail from north to south, then reversed course south to north before climbing back up to the upper trail (recommended). Very relaxing.

The hike itself was pretty easy, the smell of pine was refreshing, and the falls were beautiful. The "lightly trafficked" description above was a major understatement today however (late August). Plenty of people on the trail from start to finish, and a small stadium crowd at the falls was a detractor.

21 hours ago

23 hours ago

nice easy trail, the pinnacles were cool but not earth-shatteringingly awesome. Worth the 6mile detour for sure though.

Good view of crater lake, pretty easy hike.

Great view from the top. Lake is bigger than I remember.

2 days ago

Amazing view of the caldera. Well worth the effort

Great hike. Make sure you bring your bathing suit because the water is fantastic. Hike back up is not so bad as long as you pace yourself.

3 days ago

Loved this trail. The trail is steep but short. I hiked this trail in the summer, and I definitely recommend it. If you are hiking in the summer you should leave early and get to the trail by 9 otherwise it's too hot. Definitely recommend swimming in the lake.

4 days ago

Too crowded, everything cost money and every view is cluttered with tourist!

5 days ago

Well maintained trail, gradual switchbacks, partially shaded. Not strenuous, hiked it with my 65 year old mother. Bathrooms at the bottom. Water is excellent and refreshing, don't leave without jumping in!

5 days ago

Nice hike with a great waterfall at the end.