Step out of your vehicle and into a place with natural beauty that truly inspires. Just a quarter mile from any of the parking areas to the beach, yet the rigors of everyday life are stripped away by the time your feet hit the sand. Although the walk is short, there are several different trails to the beach and lead you to the Cape Falcon overlook or to the Oregon Coast Trail. Be sure to pick up a map on the way into the park. All of the trails to the beach are through a mature forest; one trail follows the winding path of the Short Sands creek. This trail gives way to the spectacular view of the ocean and the creek meeting. This is your first glimpse of the ocean and Short Sands beach. The beach is nestled in a cove that provides you with a feeling of total privacy. Popular with surfboarders and boogie boarders, the beach is always alive with activity. Surrounded by the mountains, the beach at Oswald West gives you a sense of being transported away from the trials of everyday life. Lose yourself; find Oswald West State Park.

2 days ago

was EXTREMELY muddy in mid may, but one of the most beautiful Oregon coast trails I've visited.

Great hike. Beautiful scenes along the way and amazing views at the top. Took 3 dogs on the hike and they had no problem with the terrain. Not really muddy and there were a couple fallen trees along the path but they were easy to get around. Took us about 4 hours but we spent a long time at the top.

15 days ago

Super windy at the top, and super muddy. The end of it is amazing along with the nicely kept trail.

Great hike amongst the trees. Wanted to do the North startup point, but it was a bit hard to find along 101when your driving past view pullouts. Even drove past the south entrance, but a friend just happen to see it. They're pretty hard to spot. Driving in a fee 100ft until you actually see cars parked off to the side. Back to the hike. Incline hike right from the start. The path is a decent width, but there are a few areas that are pretty slim with only room for 1 person at a time. Be very cautious in these areas when its been raining. The path is straight forward until you hit a wide break point with a path to the right and left. Just make sure to follow the arrow tacked on the tree to guide you correctly. As you get to the top, the path to the very top is not marked nor does it stand out. A steep path up is next to where hikers tend to rest and soak in a partial view. The top view isn't as wide as i thought it would be so it can be tight if there are too many ppl there at once. This trail will continue to lead you to the north entrance. If you do continue, just know that you will have to have a vehicle waiting for you at that end as well, or prepare yourself to hike back to get back to the south entrance. I would definitely do this hike again. Hopefully on a more clear day to see the whole coastal line. Either way its still a great hike in nature.

Great trail. We did the south trail. But there's no page for that one. Pretty meadow then to forest view. Then more deep forest with less plants. Kind of a steep rock climb at the end to the top. Made me a little nervous but my fear of heights has worsened ha!

on Cape Falcon Trail

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