Step out of your vehicle and into a place with natural beauty that truly inspires. Just a quarter mile from any of the parking areas to the beach, yet the rigors of everyday life are stripped away by the time your feet hit the sand. Although the walk is short, there are several different trails to the beach and lead you to the Cape Falcon overlook or to the Oregon Coast Trail. Be sure to pick up a map on the way into the park. All of the trails to the beach are through a mature forest; one trail follows the winding path of the Short Sands creek. This trail gives way to the spectacular view of the ocean and the creek meeting. This is your first glimpse of the ocean and Short Sands beach. The beach is nestled in a cove that provides you with a feeling of total privacy. Popular with surfboarders and boogie boarders, the beach is always alive with activity. Surrounded by the mountains, the beach at Oswald West gives you a sense of being transported away from the trials of everyday life. Lose yourself; find Oswald West State Park.

We started at the South Trail trailhead and intended to hike to the crest and return. Missed the turn to the crest and turned around when it was clear we had missed it. We decided to hike up the coast trail to the ocean and enjoyed it. Spectacular view from mountain crest.

I love this hike! I would agree with other users that it shouldn't be labeled "easy" because there are some challenging spots and the drop offs do make it more dangerous for dogs, kids and elderly hikers. I did run in to several groups so sometimes this trail can be crowded. Worth the views at the top though!

Absolutely gorgeous coastal view from the top. Would definitely recommend starting early - we had the summit to ourselves, and by the time we got back to our van the car park was packed.

Nice trail. Lots of roots that tried to trip me all day. View from the top is incredible. More traffic than I was expecting, but folks were great and mindful of fellow hikers and Mother Earth. I saw one piece of a candy wrapper on the ground and of course picked it up. Nice to see such a clean trail. Make sure to go on a clear day.

It takes about 15-40 minutes to get to the top from the beginning trailhead. That's if you're running, briskly hiking. There is a slight scramble

I loved the texture of the trail. The roots over the trail offered a small challenge while I was able to keep a steady pace. I enjoyed a snack with other hikers at the top. I'd definitely go again!

Perfect hike for a few hours but I'm not sure about "easy." It was moderate for our creaky knees and the drop offs would make me nervous if I had small children.

23 days ago

This hike is amazing to get a great view of the Cape Falcon cove. Can be VERY muddy in the spring...or if it rained recently. Great trail. There is a side trail when you get close to the end point that leads to a secret side cove which I recommend.
Love this trail on the coast!

Completed on 8/26 on a hot sunny day
A lot of overgrowth on the first mile starting from North Trailhead. Moderately steep climb for most of the trail up to the summit. A lot of roots and loose dirt on trail but still safe. You can scramble up the peak near the end or take a longer less steep trail around to the top. Great views and one of the best coast trails I've been on. The hike down to the South Trailhead was quick. less overgrown, and less exposed to sun. I took the highway from South Trailhead to North Trailhead. There is a pedestrian walkway for most of the walk but a section with no walkway that can be somewhat sketchy since your so close to the road.

Great hike with spectacular views at Point. Saw whale close to Point.

1 month ago